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The most basic male lead is normally someone that is strong, has a good sense of justice, and is “manly.” It seems like every American show has the same basic personalities for the male leads. Asian dramas on the other hand have many different types of male leads. My favorite out of them all is the sweet and adorable male lead. It’s sounds weird in theory, but truly these types of people seem the most endearing to me. This article will simply be some recommendations with amazingly sweet male leads. 

Something in the Rain

Something in the Rain is a more realistic approach to a noona romance. Jae In plays a mature and sweet younger man who fell for his best friend’s older sister. Even though this drama has its annoying moments, the obvious chemistry between the two make everything okay. My favorite part about their relationship is the fact that he doesn’t mind being the person that isn’t “in charge” of the relationship, like how many other male leads are. 

Kimi wa Petto

Kimi wa Petto is a classic. It’s such a sweet drama that is so much more than it seems. Its the relationship between two people who aren’t able to show their true selves. Momo always tries to be strong, but once he meets Sumire, he’s able to rely on someone for once. Together they change and create something so special, they became each other’s safe haven in their otherwise restless reality. He is one of my favorite characters because he is not afraid to show how weak he is; he shows everything to Sumire. Both dramas are great, so let’s forget about the Korean movie…

Beautiful Vampire

Beautiful Vampire doesn’t have a very deep storyline, but it was short and pretty interesting. It doesn’t have very good reviews, but it’s a fun movie that’s easy to rewatch.  So Nyun is a light hearted and quirky guy who looks like a playboy. He ends up as an innocent dork who falls for her despite the fact that she is a vampire.

I Have Three Boyfriends

I Have Three Boyfriends is a short and sweet lighthearted web series.  This one is a love square that includes an adorable younger coworker. The relationships aren’t very deep or well developed in this mini series, but his character is definitely intriguing. Geon Woo has the personality of a second male lead but he ends up with the girl.

Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door is a drama that hasn’t been that well received. It has a low rating on MDL, but I think it’s a 9/10. It’s a simple and lighthearted drama that deals with mental health in a sincere way. The female lead Dok Mi is scared to leave the house and can’t interact with others, but the childish and adorable Enrique Geum helps her to realize what she’s missing. 

Bonus Dramas: First Kiss, Login to You,  Ghostderella, Tofu Personified, Missing 9

Note: They’re mainly web series, since that’s where most of the adorable male leads are.

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P.S. the people in the article cover are Park Hyung Sik, Kei Inoo, & Yutaro Goto

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