Taiwanese Fall Dramas and Movies 2019

Hello, again, fellow MDL’ers. Let’s take a look at the upcoming Taiwanese dramas and movies for this season. 

Note: There are probably dramas and movies that I have missed. Some of these release dates may change in the future. Taiwanese Dramas take forever to finish airing; therefore, I will be adding dramas that have also finished airing that month.

All is Well

Network: TTV
Episodes: 20
Release date: Aug 30, 2019 – Sep 20, 2019
Cast: Blue Lan, Joanne Tseng

Synopsis: 34 years-old Guo Hao Sen is a wine merchant with vast interests. Not only is he adept at pottery and glass craft art, but he also teaches regularly and has an extensive oeuvre of work managed by Venice art vendors. Though gentle and mild on the outside, his overly cautious and polite demeanour makes it hard for anyone to get close. Thus, no one really knows the truth behind his identity… until one eventful day, a black limo arrives at his doorstep. That is when Hao Sen reluctantly plunges off his tall ivory tower into a dark web of deceit and money games.

Let’s Go Crazy on LIVE

Network: SET TV, TTV
Episodes: 16
Release date:  Sep 8, 2019 – Dec 22, 2019
Cast: Ben Wu, Chloe Xiang
Synopsis: No Synopsis Available


Yong-Jiu Grocery Store

Network: CTS, SET TV, iQiYi, LINE TV, Vidol
Episodes: 10
Release dates: Aug 16, 2019 – Oct 18, 2019
Cast: Derek Chang, Christina Mok
Synopsis: The main lead, Jun Long, has left home to study in Taipei, only to return to be the keeper of the family grocery store after his grandfather has gotten ill.

HIStory3: Make Our Days Count

Episodes: 20
Release date: Oct 1, 2019
Cast: Wayne Song, Huang Juan Zhi
Synopsis: A popular guy on campus, who adored by many, falls for an introverted guy who keeps to himself.

The Teenage Psychic 2

Network: HBO Asia, PTS
Episodes: 8

Release Date: Oct 6, 2019
Cast: Guo Shu Yao, Fandy Fan
Synopsis: Sequel to The Teenage Psychic  

Nowhere Man

Other Name: Bardo
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 8
Release date: Oct 31, 2019
Cast: Joseph Chang, Alyssa Chia
Synopsis: Nowhere Man follows the death row inmate Quan who learned of his son being kidnapped while waiting for the execution in jail.
Watch on: Netflix


The Last Thieves

Release date: Oct 18, 2019
Cast: Megan Lai, Yen Tsao
Synopsis: No Synopsis Available

Stand By Me

Release date: Oct 25, 2019
Cast: Ivy Shao, Mason Lee
Synopsis: To what extent would you be willing to do for the girl you love? Jiu Bing has been stuck in the friend zone with Bo He since he was twelve. Even though he tries everything to win her heart, he fails in crossing the line.  


MDL Database, Santouryou List

Taiwan currently has six dramas and two movies without confirmed release dates to air this year. 

What dramas and movies are you excited to watch?



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