Say Yes to CHEF! Say Yes to PASTA!

There’s this moment when you cannot find a drama that will set your mood to watch, and it just happens that the Pasta drama suddenly popped up on my Netflix suggestion and out of boredom I just clicked on it and tried to watch 1 episode. I love Gong Hyo Jin, so I figured I would check it out despite that it aired in 2010 and this is my first time to watch Lee Sun Kyun. Yup. I’m too stubborn about watching My Ajusshi, but after this one, I started to download all of his dramas.

I wrote this article because I saw the rating (7.7). Yup! I was in shock when I saw that one and I wanted to promote this drama to all drama fanatics out there. If you want a good flow and light comedic drama, this is the one for you. It was so great that it tops my all-time favourite romantic series in drama land.

Just One Episode is needed guys. Just try it.

One of the important things for a drama to workout is setting the mood of every scene. And Pasta nailed it. Whether it was intense or just cute moments, the background music sets the mood. One of the OSTs made me feel wonderful and made me think that everything will be alright. My favourites were Fate (instrumental) and Listen to You by Cho Kyuhyun.

What I love about this one is the development of all the characters involved. From the main character, second lead, even the villain, have all exquisitely developed their relationship with each other while improving their skills. They are humans struggling to prove themselves and to fit into the culinary world. You will love and hate them. It captures how important the camaraderie between co-workers and getting the closure that you need for your past relationships, truly is. 

Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin had this boiling chemistry from start to finish. Their interactions with each other, the proud velvet voice chef that rocks the scarf and the stubborn but innocent goldfish make a perfect formula that will be loved by all. Gong Hyo Jin is one of my favourite actresses, and I love her in It’s Okay, That’s Love and Master’s Sun, and now Lee Sun Kyun will be my favourite partner for her. Lee Sun Kyun’s actions towards her, his stare, his smirk and him as a devilish chef in the house were all awesome.

The title speaks with the whole drama. It’s not about romance but real life in the kitchen. The riot and intensity were real. The hell kitchen of Gordon Ramsay is a perfect mirror of the drama. The relationship between chef and co-workers, the bickering, and all the food preparations were outstanding. The food looks so delicious that there’s a part of me that wanted to find a chef as a husband that could prepare something like that for me 🙂

The relationship between Chef and You Kyung, as well as the second lead character, struck me the most. There is a smooth development of the relationship. Since it has 20 episodes, it is not rushed, but instead, it was meticulously crafted, showing the complications and emotions from both leads. The second lead was also mature enough when interacting with their unrequited love and they acted the way a true and mature person would act.





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