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Enough of me and let’s check the movies hitting theaters in South Korea this Fall!


Cheer Up, Mr. Lee 

Cheol Soo has a perfect appearance, but he is a bit slow. One day, his daughter Saet Byeol appears in front of him. Saet Byeol has been sick, and she has been in the hospital. They start on a trip.

Already in Theaters!

Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks 

The story follows Do Il Chool. He has a talent for playing poker, and he is the son of Jjakgwi. His father was a gambler and had one ear cut off after he was caught cheating.

Already in Theaters!
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The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos 

Detective Oh Goo Tak and Park Woong Cheol and the rest of the Crime Investigation Unit attempt to rid the city of criminals.

Already in Theaters!
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Quantum Physics 

A story about a man who fights against the power that manipulates the Republic of Korea in its hands. 

Hits Theaters: September 25

The Battle of Jangsari 

A guerrilla army unit led by Captain Lee Myung Joon and 772 student soldiers, including Choi Sung Pil, is on the ship Moonsanho and their destination is Jangsari. Their mission is to deceive the North Koreans into thinking opposition forces would launch a decisive invasion there. The real invasion and battle will take place in Incheon one day later. The average age of the 772 student soldiers on the ship is 17, and they have had only 2 weeks of training. They try to land in Jangsari under a shower of bullets.

In Theaters: September 25

Aewol РWritten on the Wind 

Soo Hyeon is on a bike tour around the country when he dies in Aewol due to a tragic accident. Soo Hyeon’s lover, So Wol, misses him so much she stays in Aewol to be close to him. Meanwhile, their best friend, Cheol, receives a letter from Soo Hyeon 3 years after he wrote it and heads to Aewol. Cheol stays in So Wol’s house for a while, and they mingle with the villagers, enjoying the small, but daily things and overcoming their grief for Soo Hyeon in their own ways.

Hits Theaters: September 26

Bullies Season 2: Goblin

The middle school bully world in Seoul is divided into Gangnam and Gangbuk, where Ji Hyeon-soo from Namchun is the head of Gangnam, and Han Jeong Pil is the head of Gangbuk. Known as ‘the two kings’, their fighting skills cannot be matched by other gangsters from other middle schools, and no one dares to challenge them.
Then one day, a goblin comes out of nowhere, and the kings are beaten…

Already in Theaters!

Our Body

Ji Yeong has spent 8 years preparing for the Public Administration Examination. Exhausted by failing it every time, she notices charming, healthy jogger Hyeon Joo, and wants to run as well. Her desire to be like Hyeon Joo helps her regain her zest for life.

In Theaters: September 26


The Most Ordinary Romance 

A story about a man who is still in love with his ex-girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend who is currently in the middle of a rough parting with her current boyfriend. The three of them are wounded by love.

In Theaters: October 2

Perfect Man 

Jang Soo is a lawyer at a top law firm. A medical diagnosis reveals that he doesn’t have much time left to live. Young Ki is a good-for-nothing gangster, but he dreams of having a perfect life. He performs court-ordered community service and meets Jang Soo. Jang Soo decides to offer money to Young Ki if he helps him complete his bucket list.

In Theaters: October 2

Free My Soul, Free My Song

Ji Hee is mentally challenged and has low self-esteem. She feels comfortable when she is invisible among people. Her encounter with guitar changes her life. She begins to open herself to the world. However, she doesn’t have her own song, and she wants to write a song to tell her story. The journey is not easy, but she finds her way.

In Theaters: October 3

Between The Seasons 

Hae Soo moves to another city and opens a cafe to start her new life. Ye Jin, a high school girl and frequent customer, starts to work at the cafe and falls for Hae Soo. Ye Jin confesses her love to Hae Soo when she is sure about her feelings.

Hits Theaters: October 3

Rainbow Playground 

A human comedy about Tae Seong who sleeps in the Rainbow Playground and meets the people who go there.

Hits Theaters: October 9

The 12th Suspect 

Just after the end of the Korean War in 1953, an investigation into the murder of a poet in Namsan is launched and focuses on ten suspects.

Hits Theaters: October 10

The Journey of 12 Cats 

A warm story about cat mom and her cats who live as a family by chance.

In Theaters: October 17


Seo Young, a graphic designer in her early 30s, works in an office in Seoul that is high up in a skyscraper, despite the fact that she suffers from vertigo. The story follows her as she enters into a romance with a man who works on the face of the building as he fixes it, moving up and down by rope. The pair meets through a window.

In Theaters: October 17

Shall We Do It Again 

A romantic comedy that tells its story through funny episodes of two men and a woman.

Hits Theaters: October 17

My Punch Drunk Boxer 

A former professional boxer has a helpless past. After a diagnosis makes him reconsider his life, he takes his unusual boxing style back to the ring.

In Theaters: This October


Bring Me Home 

Jung Yeon has a son with an intellectual disability. She loses Yoon Soo at a playground in front of her home. Jung Yeon tries to find her son.

Hits Theaters: in November

Lee Young Ae
Yoo Jae Myung
Lee Won Geun

Moonlit Winter

A melodrama about Yoon Hee who receives a letter from her first love.

In Theaters: November

Kim Hee Ae
Nakamura Yuko
Kim So Hye
Sung Yoo Bin

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Did you find an interesting movie to look forward to?
I definitely did find a few, and even if I’m not watching as many movies as I used to, I’ll keep an eye on these few and wait till they become available for me to watch.

See you all soon in a ‘Chinese Movies Fall 2019’ article~

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