KKKdrama’s letter to entertainment companies, the press, media and society

Before I start, RIP Sulli you will always remain in our hearts as a strong, lively, talented, beautiful star. May god have mercy on your soul and punish those who caused this tragedy. Even though you chose the wrong solution to end things, I will always look up to you as an idol who chose to be herself and not hide under a mask of lies to please others, who always smiled cheerfully and hid the pain inside, who stood proud and tall even when you were falling apart and it’s okay we understand your pain and we wish we could go back in time and share your burden so you wouldn’t have ended up too tired to fight back those against your freedom and happiness just because their heads were filled with traditions and wrong definitions of life. 

I wasn’t a fan but I always admired your style and personality and I cried when I heard the news (I’m crying now too) because I was so mad at the press, media and society. K POP lost another bright star and it will keep losing more if those bullies won’t stop that’s why I decided to write this letter.

To Sulli’s family, you may not be able to read my lettre but I wanna meet you so badly to tell you that your daughter is an amazing person and you should be proud of her despite everything because The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”    Coco Chanel  



Dear entertainment companies, press, media and society, 

“If you’re that scared, just retire.” (if you wrote this, just die.)

“You’re drinking alcohol at a cart bar and couldn’t predict that something like that would happen?”  (sorry she’s not a fortune teller. Plus, you can be walking in the street or at café and the same thing could happen this is a stupid question)

“You want to get naked so bad, huh?”  (Where is my gun?!)

“With more than six million Instagram followers, Sulli knew how to grab attention through posting provocative selfies and live streams. However, her antics on the platform also made Sulli vulnerable to cyber bullying” (if you don’t like her then unfollow her, easy. Don’t eye rape her pics then curse her, hypocrites.)

“How Sulli smashed K-pop’s clean-cut facade – by speaking out about mental well-being and championing feminist rights” (whoever wrote this is seriously disturbed) 

 “One female idol, Sulli, is claiming sexual agency with astute use of … shouldn’t she think about how the photos she posts influence the public?” (Shouldn’t you think about how your words influence her too? Idiot!)

See what you words caused, see what your malicious rumors did, see what your hunger for attention and ignorance led to. Idols are humans and humans have feelings that apparently you don’t care about. 

Everyone expects stars to be perfect first physically by fitting your crazy beauty standers and dressing the way you want and then mentally by seeing them as angels and angels shall make no mistakes. Well let me tell you perfection, there is no such thing. Every person has his own definition of perfect so how could you possibly expect a mere human to fit 7.3 billion stander at once: plastic surgery, brand clothes, sit still look pretty,… That’s how you want them to be: trapped in a big lie and whenever the camera is on they just need to throw on their dress and put on the mask, smile, laugh, pose more like a doll, a marionette than a human-being. You leave them no space to learn more about themselves, you turn them into dancing and singing machines and kill every drop of creativity they have. You want them to be the way you want, act and say exactly what you want but have you ever asked them what they want at least consider their wishes! Of course you haven’t! 

Entertainment companies you see them as bills and cash, press and media you see them as a short cut to gain attention and views. As for the society, that’s a long story! Your heads are filled with imaginary strict rules with no sense of logic or specific cause, it’s what you call traditions. But the truth is no one of you cares about traditions, you just need gossip as much as you need oxygen and your noses are always in other people’s business. You tend to insult others and call them names for: self-satisfaction (in this case you’re a psycho) or jealousy (I want to be you but I can’t so why not hurt you and curse you to make you miserable deprived of happiness just like I am deprived of freedom) or the worst case is that you truly believe in traditions like ladies should be delicate, elegant and shy or being  different is a disgrace and out of question which is beyond ridiculous because traditions aren’t always right, for example in a few Arab countries (I repeat few) old men tend to marry girls between the age of 10 and 13 and force them to give birth and do house chores since a really young age and we can all agree that these traditions are not just wrong they are in fact inhuman. So this imaginary box the elders lock us in, is nothing but an excuse because of their fear their children or grand-children turn into the next victim of the so called “gossip”.  

All in all, I can’t stand seeing these entertainment companies enslave idols and fooling fans by showing how perfect an idol’s life is while all torture happens in the shadows. And I’m sick of the press and media following stars around like lost puppies waiting for any chance to fabricate a story for the next big fake news. And I’m done with society and bullies who hide behind the screen (cowards) throwing unnecessary shade at celebs. Thank God!!! The government decided to make a new law about malicious comments the “Sulli law”. 


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