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Hello my fellow MDL friends. Today, I would like to invite you all to the wonderful world of ”When The Camellia Blooms”. A very down to earth, realistic yet dreamy, absolutely adorable and extremely entertaining drama that will leave you craving for more.

We are almost halfway through the drama at the time of writing this article and so far the journey has been absolutely fulfilling. It just has the right amount  of everything  and absolutely matches my taste. I will try my best to keep this article spoiler free,  but there may have a few spoilers from pilot episodes.

Set in a small town of Ongsan, where everyone knows everybody, the story unfolds when our leading lady Dong Baek (played by the queen of romantic comedies Gong Hyo Jin) moves in. In a simple glance, she is somewhat a typical pushover, damsel in distress and talk of the town. But as you get to know more of her you will understand  reasons behind her actions,  where her priorities lies and what she focuses in her life. In fact, in my opinion, she is a strong willed women who is resilient regardless of the circumstances she’s put in.

With whom our main male lead Hwang Young Shik ( played by the extremely talented Kang Ha Neul ), a local resident and a recently returned police officer, falls head over heels for. He is a country bumpkin who is so full of himself and ignorant at times. But seriously tho,  he is the man every girl needs in her life!!! He is a man of action and of his own beliefs, who does not blindly follow the said social norms. I believe, drama lovers who are watching this show, already know how good of a man he is. Every time he tackles a typical romantic-comedy cliche I am just in a awe (and did I mention he is just too adorable?).

The one who can match up to Young Shik’s cuteness and manliness is Kang Pil Gu (acted by young actor Kim Kang Hoon ).

Dong baek’s eight year old super smart son. Dong Baek and Pil Gu have an amazing mothe -son relationship and honestly the dialogues between them is just so well written and touches your heartstrings.

I will stop here with the character introductions (I could go on and on and on…).

As advertised , this is a romantic comedy thriller and each element is blended super well . The thriller aspect is really intriguing, romance is so giddy and cute, innocent as well as so adult, and the comedy is hilarious without feeling out of line. Every character is so well written and relatable, nothing feels over the top, the story feels very natural. In fact, I really admire the writers of this drama because it is so smartly written with amazing witty dialogues that can make you feel sentimental and bring out a laugh at the same time. Furthermore, it’s so refreshing to see the leads (especially Young Shik) shake off common romantic comedy cliches.

I have been invested in this show since the beginning and super enjoying it every week. This show is like a good wine that gets better and better each week. Unlike some dramas that have a super great beginning with a lot of story packed up and cliffhangers but gets draggy after that, this drama starts on its own pace and keeps it moving forward and forward each episode. This is my dose of happiness every week. Regardless of its thriller aspect and some sensitive topics it touches upon so beautifully, there is a lot less angst in it and even though this is such na intriguing show and grabs our full attention, it is really light on our heads, meaning it is very relaxing and energizing to watch this after a long busy day.

Hence I invite everyone to watch this show and enjoy the ride. Hopefully, I have said enough to pique your interest in the drama.

(Disclaimer: Although you will not get broody shower scenes or shirtless scenes or steamy make out scenes, you might die watching love struck Young Shik’s cuteness overload)

Are you watching this drama? Let me know your thoughts.

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