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Don’t let the title discourage you, there is no cheating involved but more fun hidden identify. I prefer the more direct translation: Macaroon Girl. This show gives me Fall in Love with Me and Stay with Me vibes, I loved those dramas and I hope that this drama will end up as amazing as them. Cheat My Boss is a Chinese contemporary office rom-com web drama. I’m in a bit of drama slump ATM, finding this drama has re-given me hope to the genre.

Plot Breakdown

Luo Tian Yi is the CEO of a lingerie company and prides himself on being a precise and hardworking, being great as his job despite being young. One day when his perfect customer satisfaction is 99.99%, he must track down that 0.01%.
Jiang Chu Chu is an internet celebrity that dreams of being a lingerie business entrepreneur, she gives a bad review about his company. After some misunderstandings about her relationship with the CEO of the company, she says she is involved with the CEO to save her skin.
Luo Tian Yi shocked by this news, that he now has a girlfriend tracks her down. After meeting her, he quickly realizes he wants to spend more time with her, he becomes her intern, under the name Lu Yi Tian (no one was spraining any muscles there ;D).

My Thoughts : DD

Great characters and the cast are great in portraying them, giving them life in a way that feels natural. The first show to make me laugh in a long time that isn’t from the same old cliches and tropes, i.e feels fresh but not forced. Like many other Chinese contemporary web drama, the colour palate is very saturated in blues, bright yellows, and white. The second leads relationship is equally entertaining to watch, so there is never a boring moment đŸ˜€

Our One True Pairing

It’s love at first sight for our Male Lead, and he quickly realizes he would do anything to bring her happiness, and be her hero. He realizes all the small things she does and does his best to preempt her needs and attend to them.

Jiang Chu Chu

She is an independent, young girl, she has spirit, always sure of her direction. She is very trusting and doesn’t see the dangers in the business industry, as she is always looking for the best in people.
She is progressive and has a realistic point of view of life. Always striving to be the best person she can be, and won’t turn a blind eye to someone in need of help, believing that other people would do the same. She helps our ML, the first time she meets him, with his first time travelling by public transport, after he tried to pay with his face…
She reminds me of a combination of Sun Yi and Joe Cheng, a children pureness but also got her life together. She has also starred in Flipped and Tientsin Mystic, haven’t watched either but heard to be great.

Luo Tian Yi

He is a professional businessman, confident and always self-assured. He is firm but also gentle, like a guide dog, he is able to solve any problem thrown his way and clear it swiftly.
As soon as it is not work-related, not his element, he becomes an adorkable puppy. He tries his best to tackle the problem from a business standpoint but when he falls short, he accepts the criticism and does his best to learn from it. But he hasn’t yet tackled the social side of life. Seeing him fall short is great as it shows us, that there is more to him, and he isn’t the perfect man that is often portrayed in dramas. After meeting our FL, he tries his best to be the stereotypical rich eccentric CEO.
This is the actor’s first role and I think he is doing great, he is able to give his character life and electrify the audience.


I love the OST and definitely plan to download it eventually. It suits the atmosphere of the show very well and makes me swoon. There is a combined English and Chinese chorus, so it’s easy to sing along, too, if you want, or that might be just me. Currently, the playlist has not been released yet, but you can catch them on the show. ;))

Watch if you like:

  • Office romance: there is a lot of shop talk involved, if u don’t mind that. But I actually find it  entertaining as it is easy to follow and quite interesting.
  • Fast-paced: the OTP, you can see their feelings for each other, grow stronger every scene they are in together.
  • Light-hearted: it’s easy to follow and yet something always happens.
  • Hidden identity: this is one of my favourite tags, and so far it has given justice to the fun cliches that come along with it. đŸ˜€

Thank You for Reading!

Is this type of drama your thing? If so, is this going on your PTW?
Tell me what you think?

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