CdramaBase Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Bring More English Subtitles To Cdramas!

Hi MDL’ers, 

You may  or may not have heard of CdramaBase before,  but it is a website aimed at providing information  [and subtitles] for Chinese dramas.

In late 2017, the creator of CdramaBase, a sinologist based in Germany, formed a team of Chinese-English translators and started subtitling Chinese dramas on YouTube. They fully adhere to copyright law and only add subtitles to dramas that have been legally uploaded onto YouTube either by the production companies themselves or by rightful redistributors. Over 200 unsubbed Chinese dramas are legally available on YouTube and CdramaBase’s big dream is it that one day, all of them will have English subtitles. 

The translators in CdramaBase’s team are getting paid for their hard work, and so CdramaBase relies on fans’ support. They have recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise more funds so that they can finish all of their ongoing subbing projects in the near future as well as start even more subbing projects. CdramaBase hopes that the Chinese drama fan community will join hands to help make more C-dramas available with English subtitles. They especially encourage small contributions of 1 to 20€(or the equivalent in your currency) to their Kickstarter campaign and believe that if everyone makes a small contribution, their goal can be reached.

If you’re a fan of Chinese Dramas, please check out and consider donating to their Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cdramabase/translating-chinese-tv-series?ref=card

 Find out more about CdramaBase’s subbing projects below:

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

List of dramas available for subbing on YouTube

You can also follow them on social media for updates on their subbing projects:



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