Arashi Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Hitting the Internet Like a Storm

Arashi Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Youtube Video

For most of their career to hear Arashi you had to learn Chinese passwords, visit questionable sites that were just waiting to infect your comp with debilitating viruses, or hit a Livejournal Community that was next to impossible to join. And then they moved to Dreamwidth. Being a Johnny’s fan has never been easy, until now.

Despite the difficulties, the Arashi fandom is huge both in and out of Japan. Before you say “OAL, why are you even posting this, this site is for DRAMA, not music.”, let me briefly say that if you have watched any drama from the Heisei era, chances are they probably sung either the opening or ending song. Follow this link for more details.

Their talent company’s (Johnny and Associates) founder passed away earlier this year, and the ban on official SNS accounts is slowly being lifted with Yamashita Tomohisa being the first.

Last month Arashi opened their Official Youtube Channel and today on 11/03, twenty years after they debuted to the day, fans got a new video and the announcement of their official SNS accounts.

Twitter @arashi5official

Facebook @arashi5official

Instagram @arashi_5_official

TikTok @arashi_5_official

Weibo @arashi_5

As a bonus, fans got all the past singles got uploaded also.  

So are you a fan? 

Is this the first time listening to Arashi? 

What do you think of them being on the internet, out in the open?

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