5 Reasons Why I Like Naive Characters

Hey there! It has been a really long time since my last article, and I miss you all!

No one likes being called naive since it means you lack sophistication or street smarts. A person who is too trusting, show a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment can be criticized for being overly naive. Also, naive characters in dramas are no exception, fans usually tend to criticize them saying they are annoying, weak and a burden to their lovers. On the contrary, I like them and here are some reasons why we should respect those characters more:

1) Being naive doesn’t mean you’re weak or stupid:

To always see the good in people and trust them doesn’t make you simple-minded. Falling in love freely and deeply doesn’t make you impulsive. Forgiving easily doesn’t make you less respected.  Something people don’t know is that they should never mistake silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance or kindness for weakness. Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

2) Heart-melting innocence and lots of fluff:

Who can deny how cute, fluffy and innocent naive characters can be? They add a special flavour to any drama and their sweetness can melt any heart. Everything about them is just adorable.

Related image Minhyuk (Heartstrings)
Related image

Geun Young  (Mary Stayed Out All Night)

3) Optimistic and cheerful:

Comes with being naive ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ     Naive characters always look on the positive side of everything and try to focus on the good things and happy memories. As a consequence, they are cheerful and loved by their entourage because their company is the best and they are the perfect friend who helps you overcome hardships and brings back your smile. They ease pain and sadness and heal wounds and broken hearts. Just like Xin Yu with her bright personality brought back colours to Yi Ting’s life. Many didn’t like her but I loved her personality. (Drama: Behind Your Smile)

Image result for behind your smile

4) Never mess with them:

Unless you want a heartless revenge machine going after you, never mess with a naive person’s feelings or try to fool them because those characters are the most likely to explode in a really bad way. They may seem cheerful, nice and forgiving but they get hurt easily and it takes a lot to heal their sentimental wounds. I’ve seen many naive female leads that turned evil when they found out the truth. And the most famous one I guess is Oh Sunny from The Last Empress. She was the definition of naive before she turned to one of the strongest and smartest FL of all time.

Before (clueless, lively, cute, dull, happy)

Image result for the last empress jang nara last episode

After (change is loud and clear in her powerful gaze)

5) They remind me of myself:

 “A person who is too trusting or show lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment”: ME!                                                 My friends always tease me saying I’m silly and naive and that it makes me kind of weird and cute at the same time. That’s why while everybody criticizes a character for being naive I seem to understand it instead and defend it. I admit some characters are overly naive that the first word that comes to your mind to describe them is “stupid”. Yet we all make mistakes like trusting the wrong person or falling in a trap because of a lack of experience or go blind only to let someone manipulate us. I’ve made these mistakes before and trust me it’s not easy at all to stand up for yourself again or go against those who try to use you so don’t go around saying “why doesn’t she/he stand up for him/herself? If I was her/him I would never forgive them or let them use me” because it’s not true.

I hope you liked the article.

Do you agree or think otherwise?

Is there any naive character that you loved before?

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