10 Horror 2019 Dramas to Binge-Watch During This Year’s Halloween

If you’re into horror and would like to spend this year’s Halloween watching some cool Asian dramas, then this article might be for you. This year we got some really interesting shows and a wide range of horror themes such as: ghosts, zombies, stalking, murdering etc. So here’s a list I prepared for you to pick your poison from – 10 horror dramas released in 2019 that you simply must check out.


Kingdom made quite a stir at the beginning of this year. Set in the Joseon period, the story follows the scorned Crown Prince who sets out to help his people get away from a sudden plague of zombies.
It is a fast-paced and action-packed drama that might appear hilarious at times, but it will keep you interested and on the edge of your seat.  There are only 6 episodes, so it is a great choice for those who want to watch it with some company and not get bored.

Main theme: zombies

Strangers from Hell

This drama does not have any supernatural in it – it is a pure psychological horror. It follows a young, introverted and broke man who moves to Seoul and rents a cheap Goshiwon type of an apartment at the studio but slowly realizes that its residents are all creepy, suspicious and crazy. And he is right.

It is a dark and disturbing drama with lots of gore in it (the final episode was rated 19), so it is definitely something different from your usual Korean horror dramas. Watch it if you want to meet some really creepy characters who might be real, because who knows what kind of monsters live among us?

Main themes: serial killer, personal madness

Hotel del Luna

Probably one of the most watched and popular 2019 dramas, Hotel del Luna is for you if you like to mix romance with supernatural elements. A reversed Beauty and the Beast story,  it takes place at the downtown Seoul hotel and its clientele consists of ghosts. So nothing really scary, but you can enjoy a romantic tale between the hotel’s manager and her assistant plus a few spooky ghosts.

Main theme: ghosts

The Fearless

A reborn gangster accidentally found himself being able to see ghosts who come to him for help one after another. He teams up with a forensic in order to solve the ghosts’ problems. The drama is gloomy and depressing but it also has spooky ghosts moments. Might not be a bad idea to check it out.

Main theme: ghosts

Tokyo 23-ku Onna

A compilation of six women from different backgrounds who encounter apparitions. But are they all connected in some way? 

Main theme: ghosts


A Catholic priest and doctor join forces to battle mysterious supernatural phenomena that appear to be demon possessions. This drama is not as scary as The Guest from 2018 and it handles exorcism in a different way but it is still enough spooky if you are afraid of cults and demons.

Main themes: demon possession, exorcism

Green Door

This is a slow-paced Taiwanese drama about a psychologist whose clientele consists primarily of ghosts. However, he still tries to help them move on. There’s also a bit of romance for those who like to mix it with supernatural.

Main theme: ghosts


The drama follows a foul-mouthed detective who teams up with a female psychic. They solve supernatural cases together. Not really scary, but still has enough spooky elements to qualify as a Halloween watch. Also, according to some spoilers, the drama might be more depressing than you might think, even with the comedy tag.

Main theme: ghosts


Honma is living separately from his family because of his wife’s cheating. One day he decides to make a profile on a dating app which ends up being his worst mistake ever because it is there that he meets Rika – the living embodiment of stalking and craziness. Something like Malicious, but in a Japanese way.

Main theme: stalking

Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia

A mother loses her child, and suddenly after a year some boy comes to her house claiming to be her son who possessed some kid. 

Main themes: possession, ghosts

Anyway, the Thai people are really into horror, so if you want to check out more of their horror dramas, go HERE. 

Which Asian horror dramas are your favorite?

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