Yeom Jung Ah and Yeom Hye Ran will reportedly work together for a British series remake!

Yeom Jung Ah and Yeom Hye Ran are both in talks to be the main leads of the upcoming drama “Cleaning Up”

Several drama insiders shared on July 13th that the British ITV drama series titled “Cleaning Up” will have a Korean version and the production is leaning towards Yeom Jung Ah and Yeom Hye Ran for the main lead position. 

“Cleaning Up” will depict the story of service cleaner employees of a stock company who chose to do stock crimes after overhearing insider trading. The upcoming drama will be written by Choi Kyung Mi and it will reportedly begin filming in the second half of the year. The broadcast date is still undecided. 

Yeom Jung Ah got the offer to play the role of Eo Yong Mi. She’s a service cleaner for investment securities firms. Yeom Hye Ran also received the offer to play as a clean-up service worker who dislikes people but seemingly sociable for the sake of her work.

Expectations are already high on the chemistry of two renowned actresses working together in a drama. 

If Yeom Jung Ah accepts the drama offer, this will be her return to the small screen since the 2018 top-rated drama “Sky Castle”. The actress has been active in the movie scene for the past years. She was part of the films “Hit-and-Run Squad,” “Start-Up,” “Steel Rain 2: Summit,” and more. 

Yeom Jung Ah will also join the upcoming movies “Second Mother,”  “Life is Beautiful,” “Alien + People,” and “Smugglers.”

Yeom Hye Ran on the other hand last appeared in the popular 2020 drama “The Uncanny Counter.” She is also set to star in the upcoming second season of “The Uncanny Counter 2” and the new drama “When the Day Breaks.” Yeom Hye Ran will also be making a special appearance in the ongoing tvN drama “The Devil Judge.”


What are your thoughts on the possible partnership of Yeom Jung Ah and Yeom Hye Ran in the upcoming Korean version of “Cleaning Up”?

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