Same Place, Another Story

Same Place, Another Story

Hello, hello my lovely mdl. Miss you all. It has been ages since this Article lived in my drafts for way too long. So I hope you excuse the delay.

Have your mind ever drifted while watching a drama and thought “ OH, this place looks too familiar!!!”

These things happen in dramaland. The staff sometimes go for a place they already used before and more familiar with, so they think it fits this new story well too. So they mostly depend on things like shooting from different angles and using different lighting to give it a different feel. Yet we drama fans can still see through it all.

It is the same place; The same house or the same office we saw in another drama. The same house where our OTP had their most memorable moments, yet now we are watching another OTP having their own memorable moments. So, It’s the same place but it’s also not. The story still gives it its own colors.

There are so many of these places but a few examples I can think of now are the following

Touch Your Heart  &The Fiery Priest 

This is a good example of how the same place carried a completely different vibe through dramaland. this office caught my eye when I first saw touch your heart; It seemed a bit interesting to me. With the big glass overlooking the secretary’s office. While I had a lot of chances to see every angle of it in Touch Your Heart, I didn’t get the same luxury watching it in The Fiery Priest. The office was the main location in Touch Your Heart; it was the place where most things happened between the couple and where we got to see our OTP evolve. But in The Fiery Priest, it was a secondary location. Instead of the bright shiny happy office, it was dark, cold, and blue; since it was Hwang Cheol Bum’s office. We didn’t get to see any of it and the scenes were mostly grim; it even took me a while to realize it’s the same place

I remembered my OTP and the feelings they gave me when I connected the dots but the completely different vibe and cinematography took over quickly. And I focused on watching my fiery priest exploring second chances.

Maiim Vision Village
Secret Garden  & What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 

Secret Garden is my first official kdrama and honestly, I can never forget that house. The design is very unique and apparently, Maiim Vision Village is an actually known architectural attraction. The property also appeared 10 years later in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim but of course with different décor.

Both dramas are similar yet different. I could see What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’s team trying to hide some of the distinct features of the house that Secret Garden highlighted but it was clear it’s the same house. Though in a way, both dramas are similar yet different, I felt like watching an old friend after 10 years. I LOVE them both but I couldn’t help but think about both dramas watching any scenes happening in that house.
So I guess it had that big of an impact on me.; and I guess that’s the problem of using a very memorable location that the viewer associated with other dramas.

The old wooden house
Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat  & Tawipob &Sapai Import

I don’t watch many historical lakorns. Honestly, these two are probably the only ones (I dropped  Tawipob). But I still could clearly recognize the house. The main leads room is even the same one in Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat and Tawipob. They even use the same camera angles.
Even in Sapai Import it was the ML’s grandma’s house and her room was … Yes you guessed it the same room!¯_(ツ)_/¯
The same room with the same arrangement through the three dramas.  Seems like it’s a very important room. I can only guess that such a pretty house has more than just one pretty room but all these dramas seemed to agree on shooting these scenes in that house and in this room.

Maybe they had limited choices for historical lakorns; but though the dramas were very different the room looked very identical and a little effort to change it was done.

Only Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat gave the house a different vibe than the other two dramas. We saw every corner of that house from lots of angles in this drama. It helped to accent the beauty of the historical side of the lakorn. But that’s a given with how well made this lakorn was.

What places have you noticed during your drama watching? 

Did the memory from the previous drama distract you from the new one?

 How did the place change?

Thank You for Reading


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