Kim Ga Eun in talks to join Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye in “Sixth Sense Kiss”

Kim Ga Eun is in talks to join the cast lineup of the 2022 drama “Sixth Sense Kiss”

Several reports shared on August 27th that Kim Ga Eun will be joining the Disney+ drama “Sixth Sense Kiss” starring Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye. The drama will be directed by Nam Ki Hoon ( “Oh My Baby”). 

“Sixth Sense Kiss” is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. It will revolve around a woman who has the ability to foresee the future through kissing. The drama will unfold when the woman accidentally kisses her boss’ neck and sees their future together. 

Seo Ji Hye gwas given the offer to play the role of Ye Sul. Yoon Kye Sang will play as Ye Sul’s boss, Cha Min Hoo. Kim Ji Suk received the offer to play as Ye Sul’s ex-boyfriend named Lee So Hwan who’s constantly intertwined with her.  After School’s Lee Joo Yeon will also reportedly join the drama,

Kim Ga Eun got the offer to play as Ye Sul’s younger sister who’s bright, lovely, and honest. She will evaluate brother-in-law candidates such as Cha Min Hoo and Lee So Hwan.

“Sixth Sense Kiss” will reportedly premiere on Disney+ and will air during the first half of 2022. Filming for the drama will start soon.

Kim Ga Eun was part of the recently ended drama “On the Verge of Insanity” with Moon So Ri, Jung Jae Young, Lee Sang Yeob, and more. She was also part of the dramas “The Wind Blows,” “The Light in Your Eyes,” “Because This Is My First Life,” “Reunited Worlds,” “Brain,” “TV Novel: Abiding Love Dandelion,” “I Hear Your Voice,” and more. 


Do you think Kim Ga Eun will fit the role as Seo Ji Hye’s younger sister in the drama?

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