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Chinese Name: 我的邻居长不大

Airing Schedule: Jul 12, 2021 – Aug 6, 2021

Episodes: 29

Duration: 35 min

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life

Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Childhood Sweethearts, Bickering Couple, Time Skip, Neighbors, Musician, Male Chases Female First, Cohabitation, Web Series, Nice Male Lead

Where To Watch: Youku


31 year old Lin Yang thought she was ok with life, she has a good job, a home, though rented, and is quite happy with her singledom.

Then the 24-year-old Lu Sheng An suddenly appeared again in her life.  He used to be a neighbour who she ‘babysat’.

Now he makes her heart beat faster being with him.


Sierra Li as Lin Yang

Lin Yang is the personal secretary of Ruiye Company Chairperson Mr. Hua. She is very determined at her work but is disappointed with her life as she is already 31 years old and her life has become boring. She never had any long term relationships and she has been heartbroken by her ex-boyfriends and is afraid to be in a relationship again.

He Yi Qian as Lu Zheng An

Lu Zheng An is 24 years old and loved Lin Yang since his childhood. He has a passion for music and wants be a singer, but his family doesn’t support his decision. He thinks he is the person who knows Lin Yang the best and he is also the person she will never be in a romantic relationship with.


Zhou Xiao Chuan as Ma Le

Ma Le is hired Zheng An for the company he works. He supports Zheng An in his love matter.

Tian Xi Wei as Li Tian

Li Tian is classmate of Zheng An and obsessed with him. Li Tian is stalking Zheng An for 4 year’s even after Zheng An cleared that he isn’t interested in her. Li Tian is sister in law of Mr. Hua. Mr. Hua hired her in his company without telling his staff of her relationship with him to avoid gossips.

Lu Xiao Lin as Yao Dan

She is director of Ruiye Company and a close friend of Lin Yang. She always supports Lin Yang and also gives her advices. She also helps Lin Yang to get out of office troubles.

Zhao Yuan Yuan as Cao Ling

She always works at Ruiye Company and is also a good friend of Lin Yang.

Shang Bai as Xie Nan Ke

He is the cousin of Zheng An and dated Lin Yang when Zheng An was abroad. He knows how Zheng An feels towards Lin Yang. He is a lawyer.

Li Miao Miao

Wife of Mr. Hua and elder sister of Lin Tian. She is a good person who tries her best to teach her sister that chasing someone who isn’t interested in her isn’t a good thing.

Hua Ye Ting

Chairperson of Ruiye Company. He is also a good person who treats his staff members well.

Seven Things That Make This Drama A Little More Special

Lu Zheng An calling Lin Yang Wifey

The story starts with Zheng An remembering how he grew up with Lin Yang. He is the person who knows Lin Yang the most and he is also the person with whom Lin Yang will never be in any kind of romantic relationship.

The next scene starts with Lu Zheng returning from abroad after completing his studies. Immediately, he wants to meet with Lin Yang, but he doesn’t know where she lives, so he continuously sends her voice messages. He is sure about his feelings towards her, and doesn’t care about other things.

And for me, it’s one of the sweetest things that he already calls her wifey. He also tells other people what he thinks about her and some media people and his taxi driver think he is married at a very young age. And he likes it.

I think this is cute, not annoying. He gets a smile on his face whenever he receives her calls. He literally runs to reach his dearest Wifey.

Lu Zheng An’s Passionate Love For Lin Yang 

Zheng An’s love for Lin Yang is not toxic. Lin Yang isn’t giving any chances to Zheng An, but he has never forced her. He is trying to make her fall in love with him in a decent way. He is trying different things to make her fall in love. He knows it’s really difficult but he doesn’t give up. 

He knows that he fell in love with her during his childhood and is willing to do anything for her. He knows that she is having problems in her life and wants to solve those with her. At one moment, Lin Yang gets angry with him but he wisely handles it and makes a way to live with her. 

After that, we could see that Lin Yang starts to have feelings for him but doesn’t want to have them. And there was a moment where Zheng An could get intimate with Lin Yang if he wanted, but he controls himself. It showed how much he respects her because he wants a mutual relationship, not to take advantage of her. And Zheng An is a gentleman. He is just 24 but he shows proper respect to others. Even though he wasn’t with Lin Yang for a long time, he understands what’s going on her life.

Zheng An fell in love with Lin Yang a long time ago but his feelings are still the same.

Comfortable and a sweet love story

Well, what do I mean by comfortable love story? I noticed that the story of this drama was kinda related to comfort. It didn’t feel unrealistic. Even though we are in an era where people don’t care about age in a relationship that much, still, some women hesitate to be in a relationship with a younger guy. And sometimes also parents deny this, and this was shown in the drama in a comfortable way. Not too much drama with this topic.

And talking about sweet love stories, it’s because of the male lead’s character. Their love story is sweet because it wasn’t love at first sight. They know each other for a long time and the fact that they have spent their childhood together makes their love story sweet.

Unexpectedly First Drunk Kiss and Intense Love Scenes

Being drunk, Lin Yang kisses Zheng An but he didn’t kiss back because she was drunk, and when Lin Yang couldn’t remember much and asked Zheng An, he didn’t tell her anything. Well, it was unexpected because I thought maybe Zheng An will kiss her first.

In the next episodes, we will get to see some of their romantic scenes.

Acting Of Sierra Li

Sierra never disappoints the audience when it comes to acting. Even this time, her acting was really good. She involved herself in the character of Lin Yang. From being drunk to her being disappointed in love and her working life, she portrayed it really well. Her character is likeable.

The Male Lead’s acting is also good. And other actors, especially the second female lead, is already annoying us with her good acting.

Main Leads’ Parents’ Pinky Promise

And this back story actually makes sense. I was always looking for a drama with this kind of theme.

Their parents promised that if they give birth to same gendered kids, they also will be best friends like their parents, but if they give birth to opposite genders, they will get them married and will be relatives.

Every Episode starts with Childhood Scenes

I love this the most. Especially loved their birth history as Lin Yang was born 7 years earlier, and how the story goes, it’s too cute.
And the fact that maybe they were connected since Zheng An was born. Like when Lin Yang cried, Zheng An also cried. Like they were made for each other.

Personal Thoughts

I’m watching this drama just for the female lead, but it turned out to be really good. The story may feel similar to other dramas, but still, it’s good. Every episode is exciting and the leads are likeable. The male is really nice, that’s what make this drama good. 
The story is a little slow but not too much. I guess I have only watched 8 episodes, but from the trailer, I realised that maybe there will be a little misunderstanding between them. Not sure, but it felt like that after watching the trailer. The side characters’ story also teaches us great lessons.

The thing that attracted me the most was that the male lead doesn’t give a damn care about their age difference and female lead is stopping herself due to this age difference, but from the previous episodes we noticed that she can’t control herself anymore after seeing Zheng An again appearing in her life.

So soon we will get to see their romantic scenes and the female lead is already feeling jealous because of Zheng An.

Is This Drama For You?

This drama is for you if you like:

This drama isn’t for you if you dislike:

  • Older Woman/Younger Man              
  • Sierra Li
  • My Neighbour Can’t Sleep
  • I need Romance 3
  • Nice Male Lead 
  • Annoying Second Female Lead
  • Bickering Couple

Until now, this is a good drama, and Sierra Li is back after a long time. She is a good actress whom I missed a lot since 2019, so it’s a little special for me.

What are your thoughts? Will you watch this drama? Let me know in the comment section!

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