Choo Young Woo to replace Kim Young Dae in “School 2021”

Rookie actor Choo Young Woo will reportedly replace Kim Young Dae in the upcoming KBS drama “School 2021”

Several reports stated that KBS has finally found the replacement of Kim Young Dae for “School 2021” and it will be the rookie actor Choo Young Woo. 

Choo Young Woo’s agency J Wide Company responded to the reports through media outlet MK Sports, announcing that the actor did receive the offer and is positively considering to star in the drama. 

“School 2021” will narrate the story of students from a specialized high school as they go after their unique dreams instead of being like everyone who naturally prepares to go to college. The upcoming drama is part of the KBS school drama tradition. The broadcast station has been releasing the school series since 1999. They have already aired seven school series and the last one that aired was “School 2017.”

Choo Young Woo was given the offer to play the role of Jung Young Joo, a transfer student. His character was first confirmed by Kim Young Dae but recently announced that he will drop this drama due to several issues. 

“School 2021” will be led by Wei’s Kim Yo Han, Jo Yi Hyun, Jun Suk Ho, Yoon Yi Reh, and more. The upcoming drama is slated to air this year. 

Meanwhile, Choo Young Woo is set to make his TV debut in the soon-to-air drama “Police University” starring Cha Tae Hyun. f(x) Krystal, and B1A4’s Jung Jin Young. He will be playing the role of Park Min Kyu. He made his acting debut in the Viki drama titled “You Make Me Dance” with Won Hyung Hoon, Lex, Lee Soo Ryun, Park Geon Rak, and more.


What are your thoughts that a rookie actor will replace Kim Young Dae’s position in “School 2021”?

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