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Kimberley Anne Woltemas 

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Kimberley Anne Woltemas is one of Thailand’s most famous stars and is honed for her acting skills. She is loved by most, This is the fan guide of this beautiful and popular actress. Who you might have seen in lakorns (Thai Dramas) such as Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (2016), or Thong Ek: The Herbal Master (2019). You might have also seen her alongside her real-life boyfriend Mark Prin Suparat. Either way, Kimberley is not an actress to be missed, she is not just a pretty face but one that can act! She also stole many people’s hearts, not just Mark Prin’s. Onto the article! 

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She is also one of Moonlight’s (Author) favorite actresses.

Kimberly Anne Woltemas Tiamsri
Kimmy or Kim (Moonlight might refer to Kimberley as Kimmy throughout the article)
Physical Stats/Facts
Height: 171 CM (Approx. 5’7)
Weight: 54 KG 
Born: January 22, 1992 
Age: 29 years.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Dating: Mark Prin Suparat
Ethnicity: Thai-German
Siblings: 2 Older Brothers (Thomas and Daniel Woltemas) 1 Older Sister (Jennifer Woltemas)
Instagram: Kimmy_Kimberley
Interesting Facts about Kimmy

– Her best friends are Urassaya SperbundMargie Rarsi Balenciaga, and Benjawan Artner (Bo).
– She is also best friends with 
James Ma after working with him two times. (Update after Song Sanaeha (2021).)
– She has been in the Thai industry for over 11 years.
– She is associated with one of the most popular broadcasting networks in Thailand, Channel 3 and has been working with them since her debut.
– She is one of the top actresses in Thailand
– She graduated in 2018, prior to her graduation Kimberley had a policy that she would only do one lakorn per year. The limit has increased after her graduation.
– Kimberley is known to have chemistry with everyone. A skill that is rare in an actress.
– She has never done a movie before and many fans are awaiting a movie of her (Including Moonlight!)
– She and 
Urassaya Sperbund have been friends since 11 years ago. 

– Acclaimed Film Actor, Ananda Everingham co-star in Mafia Lord Mungkorn: Suer has praised Kimberley immensely for her professionalism and acting skills. He first joked that due to her huge aura, he had felt shy and didn’t know what to do around Kimberley.
James Ma and Kimberley are also a Koo-jin couple in Thailand. From the success of their lakorn, Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised. They were praised for their chemistry. This lakorn brought immense popularity to both stars.
– Kimberley has multiple male fans, an example can be shown as
 James Ma her co-star in Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, and Song Sanaeha (2021) is revealed to be a huge fan of Kimberley.
Moonlight’s Fun Fact about Kimberley: 
She often plays the strong female lead and tough girl in lakorns. She often also plays rich female leads. Nevertheless, she has a wide range of acting versatility.
She has never played a supporting role in all of her acting experience, her first nang rai (Second Evil Female Lead) role was in Song Sanaeha as an evil twin.

More Interesting Facts about Kimmy
(Song Sanaeha 2021)

Admiration Anne Thongprasom has for Kimmy 

Acclaimed actress Anne Thongprasom has shown admiration for her, she is the only actress to be cast in 3 lakorns produced by Thongprasom. She is also the first and only actress of her generation to act beside Anne in Ab Ruk Online (2015)Anne believes that Kimberley can take her place in the entertainment world, in the future. The admiration is returned as Kimberley is a huge fan of Anne Thongprasom and respects her. Anne and Kimberley are known to have a sisterly bond. Their duo requires another section itself! Anne and Kim together:

Filmography of Kimmy

Yok Lai Mek (2009) (Guest)
Thara Himalai (2010) as a part of 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao (2010) with Aum Atichart(Debut)
Ruk Pathiharn (2011) with Smart Krissada Pornweroj
Sarm Noom Nuer Tong (2011) with Mark Prin Suparat
Punya Chon Kon Krua  (2012) with Mark Prin Suparat
Raeng Pradtanaha (2013) with Nadech Kugimiya
Ton Rak Rim Rua (2013) with Mark Prin Suparat
Ab Ruk Online (2015) with Mark Prin Suparat
Mafia Luerd Mungkorn : Suer (2015) as part of Mafia Lord Mungkorn Series (2015) with Ananda Everingham
Nang Rai Tee Ruk (2015) with Boy Pakorn Chatborirak
Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (2016)with James Ma
Buang Hong (2017) with James Jirayu Tangsrisuk
Kom Faek  (2018) with Mark Prin Suparat
Thong EK: The Herbal Master (2019) with Mario Muarer
Dung Duang Haruetai (2020) with Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee
Song Sanaeha (2021) with James Ma

Upcoming Lakorn: 

Thong Ek Mor Ya Tah Chalong 2 with Mario Muarer

N/A Movie

Moonlight’s Pick:

Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (2016)
Why does Moonlight pick this lakorn?
Is it worth a try?
Genres: Romance, Drama

Kimberley and James Ma have great chemistry in Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised. This is one of her most popular dramas on MDL and is a huge hit all over Thailand. With the hype and great chemistry of James Ma and Kimberley, which led to their second collaboration Song Sanaeha (2021)The hype and chemistry are not to disappoint in Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Poo Wised and Moonlight loved their chemistry too. Kimberley showcases her brilliant acting skills in her dealing with melodrama, as a businesswoman who encounters her first love and betrayal. If there is one thing Moonlight always says it’s that Kimberley’s acting can make even a trashcan moved, and she proves it, in this lakorn. This lakorn follows a troupe of arranged marriages. It’s definitely worth a try for Kimberley’s acting and her chemistry with James Ma. Just skip the parts without the main leads in it, oops.
Thong EK: The Herbal Master (2019)

Why does Moonlight pick this lakorn?
Is it worth a try?
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Medical

Thong EK: The Herbal Master is also one of Kimberley’s most popular lakorn. This was the second-highest-rated Ch3 lakorn in 2019. Following the success of Boran Lakorns (Historical drama) like Love Destiny (2018), Thong EK: The Herbal master is a romance comedy lakorn based during the reign of Rama 5. This series was so popular that it is now getting a second season in production, Thong EK: The Herbal Master 2. It is also one of the first Ch3 based lakorn to be part of Netflix. The hype is not to disappoint as both Mario and Kimberley showcase great budding chemistry, from the popular troupe of enemies to lovers. Kimberley also showcases a wide range of acting skills as she dabbles in the comedy genre but also depicts dejected feelings, in this lakorn. Many people praised her acting and her character Chaba, who is a strong and sassy female lead. This is a great light lakorn without the need of skipping it, so definitely give this a try! Whenever you’re down Thong Ek is the way to cheer you up!
Raeng Pradtanaha (2013)

Why does Moonlight pick this lakorn?
Is it worth a try?
Genres: Romance, Drama, Family

In one of the most popular lakorns of 2013 of Ch3. Raeng Pradtanaha (English Translation: Heated Desires) showcases brilliant and amazing chemistry between Nadech Kugimiya and Kimberley. This is by far Nadech’s highest-rated lakorn in terms of digital ratings. Due to the chemistry of Nadech and Kimberley in this lakorn, people, to this day, are still wanting a reunion of these two actors (Including Moonlight!). Kimberley plays a rich spoiled hi-so (rich) female lead. In this love to hate lakorn, Raeng Pradtanaha takes you through the ride with Pit and Thae. The lakorn may start off as a revenge lakorn and an unreasonable female lead, but there is more depth than any person can think there is along with the great chemistry of Nadech and Kimberley.  This is Moonlight’s first actual lakorn, and she was swept away by Kimberley and her acting here. Kimberley showcased exceptional acting in this lakorn, and she plays the character of Thae who has many layers and soon becomes likable in a brilliant way. This lakorn is definitely worth a try for those looking for great chemistryJust don’t get frustrated easily, please. 

Markim and Moonlight’s Pick Out of Markim Lakorns:

This one is for the Markim Fans.  Kimberley met Mark Prin Suparat at the sets of their lakorns (Thai Drama), They had started dating in September 2013. Kimberley and Mark Prin are one of the most loved couples in Thailand, following the success of Punya Chon Kon Krua (2012). Mark Prin and Kimberley became a popular Koo-jin couple (fantasy couple). They are loved both on-screen and off-screen. With the ship name of Markim. She has worked 5 times with him, as of 2021. Moonlight’s favorite work of Markim lakorns is Ab Ruk Online (2015) with the light-hearted romantic feel and cute chemistry of Mark and Kimberley, along with Anne Thongprasom and Peter Corp, this lakorn is not to be missed for a romantic comedy with Markim! Kimberley does a great job here with her acting!

Other Works i.e. Modeling/Singing: 

Wai Jai Dai Kah? (Can she be trusted) / ไว้ใจ๋ได้ก่า (For PCKK / ประกอบละคร ปัญญาชนก้นครัว)
Artist: Kimberley / คิมเบอร์ลี่
Released: 2012
Yar Mong Mar Dai Mai (Don’t Look This Way) / อย่ามองมาได้ไหม (For PCKK / ประกอบละคร ปัญญาชนก้นครัว)
Artist: Kimberley and 
Mark Prin Suparat / คิมเบอร์ลี่, หมาก ปริญ
Released: 2012 

There are also many other unofficial songs!

Commercial Film: Love Songs Love Stories Special: Close To My Heartbeats (2016) with Mark Prin Suparat

There are many more of her commercials but this one is the highlight :D.

Kimberley has expanded her base internationally as she is the first celebrity to be part of Friends With Cartier from Thailand. She also works with local brands as she is one of the queens of commercials, in Thailand. She has a huge fanbase from Thailand as well as internationally.

Why did Moonlight do a fan guide on Kimmy?

Moonlight was swept away by Kimmy Kimberley, in Raeng Pradtanaha (2013). Kimberley is a great actress and she shows it. She always manages to have chemistry with most of her co-stars. She has also proved to Moonlight that Kimberley is a not just a gorgeous face but she is a talented one. Moonlight is also a huge fan of Mark Prin (Fan-guide coming soon!), and Kimberley introduced Mark Prin to Moonlight! Thanks, Kimmy. It’s time to end this article and Moonlight is sad! 

Let’s end this on a note with cute Kimmy!

Disclaimer: This is my first article, I hoped you enjoyed this article. Please tell me your opinion and constructive criticism! If links do not work, contact me. Sources are conclusive, some of these are Moonlight’s knowledge (n/a no source). For songs, please ask me if you need the links. Thank you! Again, I hope you enjoyed it!

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