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Hey Guys! This is my first time writing an article. I hope you’ll like it as much as I liked writing it. I had this idea come upon me when I came upon the article “A Fan Guide To An OST Singer: Gaho” by Joonie. So, all credit goes to her for starting this series of articles.

 I  came to know about him while watching the drama Her Private Life and since then I haven’t stopped swooning over his vocal capabilities and how much his voice soothes me. His song Smile Again brings a smile whenever I hear it and I can’t stop myself from humming along with the track. After a tiring day at work or school or maybe after a hectic day working under your boss or bickering from your teachers, listening to it makes me calm and spontaneously brings a smile on my face. He uploads live studio versions of his songs along with cover songs of both Korean and international artists on his YouTube channel.

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Name: Runy(러니)

Birth Name: Song Si Yun (송시윤)

Birthdate: May 26 1989 (Age: 32 years)

Instagram Account: @runy_songsiyun

Twitter Account: @dogcan89

YouTube Channel: RUNY 러니 _ Official

Record Label: Emotion studio co.Ltd

Runy, born Song Si Yun is a South Korean singer and songwriter, who has sung various soundtracks for television dramas. Formerly known as Siwoo, he debuted in 2011 as a member of the short-lived K-POP trio BB.Boys. they disbanded in 2012. He released his first digital single “To the Moon” along with his first OST for a television series in the year 2018. And since then he has released six EPs and OSTs for many television series’.

List of EPs and Singles

His singles and EPs are mostly of the Ballad genre. So if you are looking for songs to soothe your mood or lighten you up from lovelorn affections and want to feel like falling in love, then these are the songs for you. It has that perfect love poem vibe to it. If asked, I would say the song “Serenade” and “Where is the spring?” would be my favorite pick of all his singles, it has the perfect vibe to let me get humming along with it, lost in the lyrics of it. Almost every song sung by him is self-written and self-composed.

1. To The Moon(2017)

To the Moon

2. Where is the Spring?(2018)

 Where is the spring?

3.  Serenade(2018)


4. 진심이 딯기를 (2019)

 진심이 딯기를 

5. Without you(2019)

Without You

6. Lie(2019)


Apart from this he has sung OSTs for many television series. My favorite pick would be “Smile Again” from the original soundtrack of the drama “Her Private Life”. For the web drama “Where Your Eyes Linger” he even worked as a songwriter and composer for the whole soundtrack. Apart from this he has sung OSTs for many television series. 

1. Always Within Me
Drama: Life on Mars(2018)

This is an English lyricized song and a ballad. The piano along with his voice is amazing to listen to. Meaningful and heart-wrenching lyrics are a cherry on top.
2. True
Drama: Gangnam Beauty(2018)

This song has upbeat music and a very groovy vibe to it. It sounds more like a dance song. I recommend listening to it with full volume and your headphones on. I am sure you’ll start grooving as soon as you start listening to it.
3. Smile Again
Drama: Her Private Life(2019)

This is one of my favorite songs of his. The title itself explains everything about the song. In the backdrop of the drama, it signifies the overcoming of trauma the main lead experienced in his childhood and smiling again.

4. In My Dream
Drama: Mama Fairy and The Woodcutter(2018)

It is a pop-ballad kind of song. The soothing mixes of his voice, tonality along with the music is amazing to listen to and it gets you humming along with it.
5. Looking at You
Drama: Where Your Eyes Linger? (2020)

This is an OST from a boys love drama. The song is quite catchy along with the English verses. He even worked as a composer and songwriter for the whole soundtrack of the drama.
6. Be my Love
Drama:  Wish You: Your Melody In My Heart

Another boys love drama OST. The song is sweet and the melody itself is very good. There is a line in the verse where he literally sings “I want to be a valuable part of you”. The track is perfect to be called a love ballad.
7. Sweetest Lie 
Drama: Hunger (2021)

This song is the most different from the songs he has sung. It goes more towards pop than what he usually sings, which are ballads. It has more of a K-POP vibe to it.

He has also taken part in song writing for many K-POP artists like IMFACT, Kuem Jo, THE MAN BLK, B1A4, Ho Jung to name a few of them. Some songs where he took part as a composer and songwriter are:

1. Radio Romance by NCT U
2. D-Day by Junggigo
3. Maybe by Hui
4. No No by OWOL
5. Time Turner, My Girl, Sunflower, You by THE MAN BLK
6. Incomplete by ONEUS
7. On the Road by Haebin and Gugudan.

Cover songs of different artists by him can be found on his YouTube channel like “Versace on the floor” by Bruno Mars, “Attention” by Charlie Puth, “Ribbon in the sky” by Stevie Wonder to name a few. I recommend listening to his cover of “Versace on the floor”. It sounds sexy and amazing at the same time. It suits his voice perfectly.

Some of the cover songs on his YouTube channels are mentioned below:

Still With You by Eric Benet

Attention By Charlie Putt

Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars

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