Yang Se Jeong is in discussion to lead “The Girl Downstairs” together with Bae Suzy

Yang Se Jong is in talks to work alongside miss A Bae Suzy in the upcoming Netflix original series “The Girl Downstairs.”

On April 20th industry insiders revealed that Yang Se Jong will be one of the main leads of the upcoming drama “The Girl Downstairs.” She will reportedly be working with Bae Suzy who will be the female lead of the series. 

“The Girl Downstairs” will be based on a webtoon of the same name by author Min Song Ah. The series will tell the story of Lee Doo Na, a former idol who chose to retire and pursues her studies. She will then live in a share house and there she will meet Lee Won Joon.

Yang Se Jong will reportedly play the male lead role named Lee Won Joon. The new tenant at the share house. Bae Suzy will play the role of Lee Doo Na, the ex-celebrity living in the share house.

If Yang Se Jong confirms his casting, this will be his comeback project after he got discharged from the military.

“The Girl Downstairs” will exclusively premiere on Netflix.

Yang Se Jong halted his activities in 2020 to fulfill his military duties. In November 2021, the actor officially got discharged. 

“The Girl Downstairs” is the first reported project of the actor after three years. 

Yang Se Jong last starred in the 2019 series “My Country: The New Age” with Woo Do Hwan, Kim Seol Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Yeong Cheol, and Ahn Nae Sang. He also made a special appearance in the hit  2020 drama “Dr. Romantic 2.” 

The actor is known for being part of the dramas “Thirty But Seventeen,” “Temperature of Love,” “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” “Dr. Romantic,” and more. 


What are your thoughts on the possible partnership of Yang Se Jong and Bae Suzy?

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