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More than 6 months passed since my previous editorialand 2022 already arrived at the door with snow! This time, I’ve prepared an article with Winter Drama recommendations with a blue theme.  

I warmly welcome everyone to enter into a thrilling frosty adventure!

Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, cast, and any other information already known to the public about the mentioned dramas.

This can be easily read in both light and dark mode!

These amazing scenes are from the drama When the Weather Is Fine (2020).

(Photo sources: kdramaspace on Tumblr by kilignosis and here)

Ghost Doctor (2022)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Rain and Kim Bum 

“Cha Young-Min is a genius doctor, but he is arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an unexpected case. Due to the unexpected case, his spirit possesses another doctor’s body. These two doctors are complete opposites, with opposite personalities and medical abilities.”. (Source: AsianWiki)

Available with English subtitles since 3rd January on Viki!

Find out what are the main reasons you should look forward to this medical production, according to Soompi!

Meanwhile, here is what the main cast has to say about this drama in this article!

Tracer (2022)

(Poster source: Hancinema)

Main Cast: Im Si Wan and Go Ah Sung

“Hwang Dong-Ju is the chief of taxation division 5 at the National Tax Service. He works hard to trace money that is hidden from the tax service. His team includes Seo Hey-Young, who has a bright personality and his boss is Oh Young. Meanwhile, In Tae-Joon is the director of a regional tax office. He is an ambitious man. ” (Source: AsianWiki)

Airing since 7th January on MBC!

Here is a small introduction of the characters from Soompi!

The Red Sleeve (2021)

(Photo from behind the scenes of the poster shooting. Source: Naver)

Main Cast: Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young

Yi San is an aloof and perfection-loving young prince. His father’s killing haunts him, although it leaves him in the position to take the throne once his grandfather – the cruel and ruthless current king responsible for Yi San’s father’s death – dies. He has resolved to become a benevolent monarch who will reform the law when he eventually takes the throne, but the way his father was killed has scarred him emotionally. 

Sung Deok-Im is a court lady. She gets involved with Crown Prince Yi San and he falls in love with her. The crown prince eventually becomes King Jeongjo. He now desires Sung Deok-Im to become his concubine, but she refuses. Sung Deok-Im wants to live her life freely, something that will not be possible as a concubine. She also knows that life of a royal concubine does not generally bring about happiness. Yet, Sung Deok-Im becomes the concubine of King Jeongjo. (Source: Viki and AsianWiki)

Here are 5 reasons why you should see this series, according to Soompi!

Best Actor (“The Red Sleeve“) – 2021 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2021

Best Couple Award (“The Red Sleeve“) – 2021 MBC Drama Awards 

Best Actress (“The Red Sleeve“) – 2021 MBC Drama Awards | (Source: here)

Where to watch in high quality with multiple subtitles: Viki.

One very beautiful yet sad love story, inspired by actual historical events:

(GIF images source: dusiks on Tumblr)

Hospital Playlist 2 (2021)

(Poster source: Hancinema)

“In its second season, the story of five friends and doctors continues. Together, they navigate the daily ups and downs of being doctors. They experience hardships, new loves, losses, and heartbreaks both within the hospital and in their personal lives.” (Source: Dramabeans)

Here are 5 memorable and heartwarming quotes from this sequel according to Soompi.

Discover how the main cast bid farewell from this amazing production, in this article!

Now available with various subtitles on Netflix!

Run On (2020)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Shin Se Kyung and Im Si Wan

“Ki Seon-Gyeom was once a popular sprinter for the national team. Due to a case, he quit the sport. He then begins to work as a sports agent. Meanwhile, Oh Mi-Joo writes subtitle translations for movies. She was thrilled when she first see her name as a translator during the end credits. She meets Ki Seon-Gyeom, who just quit being a sprinter. She feels they were destined to meet.” (Source: AsianWiki)

You want to know more details? 

Then read further these hand crafted ideas: a Premiere Reminder article, which is an introduction of the show before it was aired, versus one Currently Watching article,  respectively Closing Remarks article or this second type of recap article!

Now available with various subtitles on Netflix!

Her Private Life (2019)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook

“Sung Deok-Mi works as a curator at an art gallery. She is a huge fan of idol group member Shi-An and secretly runs a fan website about him. Because of her affection for Shi-An, she has experienced several personal break-ups. 

Sung Deok-Mi now focuses only on her job and doing activities as Shi-An’s fan in her private life. One day, Ryan begins work as the new director of the art gallery where Sung Deok-Mi. He was once a famous painter, but he does not paint anymore.”  (Source: AsianWiki)

Curious for more information?

Then read along this wonderful Currently Watching article!

Now available with multiple subtitles on Netflix!

Racket Boys (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Kim Sang Kyung and Tang Jun Sang

“Yoon Hyeon-Jong was once the best badminton player and he now takes the coach job of a boys’ badminton team at a middle school in Haenam. The badminton team is on the verge of being disbanded. The players on the team are Yoon Hae-Kang, Bang Yoon-Dam, Na Woo-Chan and Lee Yong-Tae. The players are not very good yet. Meanwhile, Ra Yeong-Ja is the coach of the girls’ badminton team at a different middle school in Haenam. Her badminton team ranks #1 among their peers.”  (Source: AsianWiki)

You are a fan of great comedies that are combined with Sports? 

Then this one is your right place to be!

Read along to find out Why You Should Watch: Racket Boys!

Now available with multiple subtitles on Netflix!

Vacation of Love 2

(Poster source: Weibo)

Main Cast: Liu Tao and Cheng Xiao

“A new winter has begun. Cheng Shu is the frustrated sister of Heng Piao who runs a homestay but is facing some financial difficulties, and it may turn bankrupt. Her niece, Cheng Shu, is about to graduate and is going home for the Chinese New Year. As a way to vent her emotions, she skied alone and stumbled into the field of drone racing, where she met Ma Bo Yuan. The collision of minds created a special emotion as Ma Bo Yuan discovered the girl, Cheng Shu to have extraordinary talents. With its distinctive warmth, this humanitarian region of the north melts the ice in people’s hearts and helps them find their life goals for those who come here.”  (Sources: Baidu, Sohu, MyDramaList)

This heartwarming family drama will air sometime soon in 2022 on iQiyi!

You Are My Glory (2021)

(Poster source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

Main Cast: Yang Yang and  Dilraba Dilmurat

“A story that follows an aerospace engineer Yu Tu and the shining star Qiao Jing Jing. A decision is made to start gaming in order to save her endorsement deal brings her face to face with an old crush. As they grow closer, the two forge ahead to become each other’s glory. Qiao Jing Jing decides to use all of her free time towards improving her game and her decision leads her to reconnect with her old high school classmate, Yu Tu, whom she once had a crush on. He was a legend at their school, outstanding in everything that he does, while Qiao Jing Jing was just your average girl. Yu Tu went on to become an aerospace engineer who is also an expert gamer. It seems that the online game brought them together once more so she asks him to become her gaming coach.”  (Source: ChineseDrama.info)

You usually watch gaming dramas, but you’re also looking for a fluffy cotton candy like romance? Then, this story is your warm cup of tea!

You wish to know more about this sweet combination? Then spare a liitle of your time for this Currently Watching article!

This web series is now available with various subtitles on WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube!

Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities (2022)

(Poster source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

Main Cast: Li Yi Feng and  Chen Yu Qi

“Within the six realms and four seas, there exists a dreamlike paradise named Desolate Clouds. Su Mo, the new generation Sea Prince meets Bai Ying, a female disciple of the Sword Saint. The two of them unknowingly gets embroiled in a generation feud and struggle of fate. In the midst of the political struggles, Su Mo painstakingly loses his loved one. He then travels the world in cultivation for a hundred years, and returns with a new-found identity as the King of Sea. Su Mo meets Bai Ying again, but due to circumstances, the lovers are unable to reunite. Bearing the burden of bringing the Merman folks back to their tribe, Su Mo embarks on a journey to resist the Cang Liu kingdom. ” 

(Source: DramaWiki)

Airing online since 16th January on WeTV, Youku, Viki and Croton MEGA HIT on YouTube!

To Fly With You (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

 Main Cast: Song Zu Er and Wang An Yu

“Shen Zheng Yi is a young female student with a passion for ice skating. She dreams of becoming a champion short-track speed skater, but as she has never trained in the sport, she knows she is already behind where she should be if she is ever to become a champion at the highly demanding sport. Her mother is also bitterly opposed to her taking up the sport. So Shen Zheng Yi decides to defy her mother and join an ice skating club anyway. She finds herself under the wing of a promising figure skater named Shao Beisheng.” (Source: Viki)

Why should you watch this drama? 

Well, for starters, it has the power to drive out your inner dreams, making oneself more inspired than ever before, having in the pack, cinematography and skating techniques that will keep you glued to your seats! And not to mention, the development of the main characthers is so enjoyble to see along the way, from rivals, to a warm bond of friendship, that turns into a beautiful first love. 

 Now available with multiple subtitles on Viki and YOUKU on YouTube!

A Robot in the Orange Orchard

(Poster source: Weibo)

 Main Cast: Connor Leong and Sun Qian

“Lu Kun, chairman of the ’emu’ technology company, suffers from a rare illness. When he touches a person, he suffers an allergic reaction. It happened that genius Dr. Bo Yang secretly created the intelligent companion robot “Friday”. As a last resort, Dr. Fu Yang hired his former assistant Yang Shan Shan to replace him. Because Yang Shan Shan played “Friday”, Lu Run had an infinite sense of security. I found that as long as there is a place where “Friday” is present, the ground can come into contact with humans and no longer be allergic. This discovery made him even more inseparable from “Friday”. Lu Kun’s warmth and innocence and love for “Friday” gradually broke Yang Shan Shan’s heart.” 

(Source: Weibo, DramaPanda)  

Tentatively scheduled to air during the Chinese Valentine Day, in 4th August 2022 on Youku!

Are you getting a déjà vu kind of feeling, already? Well, this is the official remake of I’m Not a Robot (2017). <3

(GIF images source: moonlightsdream on Tumblr)

Falling Into Your Smile (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao

“In the ultra-competitive world of e-sports, the all-male ZGDX OPL team is second to none. But when one of the team’s star players suffers a hand injury, the tall, and notoriously hard-to-please ZGDX captain Lu Si Cheng will have to eventually choose someone else. The petite, lollipop-loving Tong Yao, meanwhile, is a budding amateur gamer – obsessed with OPL. Her skills are exceptional, but she is of the firm belief that in the male-dominated world of pro gaming, love is a big no-no – even though her own ex-boyfriend was a gamer. In the meantime, Lu Si Cheng is dismissive of her initially, but eventually agrees to accept her as a substitute – a move that polarizes the team’s fanbase. But as they start to get to know one another better, could a closer bond begin to form between them? ” (Source: Viki) 

Want to know more in depth information? Then, read this detailed review article!

 Now available with various subtitles on Viki and YOUKU on YouTube!

One and Only (2021)

(Postersource Weibo)

Main Cast: Bai Lu and Ren Jia Lun (Allen Ren) 

“Zhousheng Chen, nephew of Prince Nan Chen, is an accomplished general who is loyal to the country. Cui Shiyi, daughter of an esteemed family, is the appointed Crown Princess since birth. As both their families are acquainted, Cui Shiyi was sent to the Zhou Manor to learn some skills. There, Zhousheng Chen and Cui Shiyi got to befriend each other. Cui Shiyi grew to admire Zhousheng Chen’s lofty ambitions and gentlemanly character, and slowly fell for him. She becomes his greatest support and companion, helping him wait for intelligence in the manor, and going to war with him. However, their relationship could not take a step forward due to their respective responsibilities. When the borders is once again endangered, Zhousheng Chen has to lead the army to battle enemies, while Cui Shiyi has to complete her wedding with the Crown Prince. However at this time, Zhousheng Chen became seriously injured.”

(Source: DramaWiki)

Want to more intriguing details about this wonderful historical themed series? 

Then read this recap articleNow available with various subtitles on iQiyi!

Forever and Ever (2021)

(Poster source: Weibo, Twitter)

Main Cast: Bai Lu and Allen Ren 

“Shi Yi, a gentle and low profile voice actress, meets Zhousheng Chen, a refined chemistry professor at the airport. Despite the brief encounter, both have a deep impression on each other. To save his family’s declining clay teapot factory, Zhousheng Chen agrees to his mother’s request to get married and take over the family business. He rejected his family’s arrangements, and proposed to Shi Yi, whom he has good feelings for. After marriage, Shi Yi assists him in managing the business, and also serves as a bridge of communication between him and the elders. Facing the pressure of family and work, Shi Yi’s utmost support and relentless encouragement helped Zhousheng Chen tide through the toughest of times. The couple eventually managed to salvage the business and preserve the traditional arts.”

(Source: DramaWiki)

This modern story with astonishing cinematography can be viewed with various subtitles 

on iQiyi!

Ancient Love Poetry (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Xu Kai and Zhou Dong Yu

“As the only true immortal who possesses pure essence energy, Shang Gu has spent countless lifetimes acting as the head of the four true immortals of the ancient world. The four most powerful beings in existence, these true immortals have become gods in the eyes of the mortals who constantly beseech them for help. Willing to help when they can, the immortals have protected humanity for ages, even going as far as to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. 

Having silently loved Shang Gu for over 200,000 years, Bai Jue has spent the years she slumbered painstakingly gathering the scattered remnants of her soul. But his efforts to save Shang Gu came at a great price. Trading his reincarnation for her life, Bai Jue gives everything he is and has for Shang Gu. Only after his soul disappears does Shang Gu remember the love they once shared. ” (Source: Viki)

 Now available with various subtitles on Viki, WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube!

Miss the Dragon (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Dylan Wang and Zhu Xu Dan

“A story between the dragon king and a young maidservant follows a promise of three lifetimes to wait for a loved one. Liu Ying is Xia Hou Xue’s maidservant who accidentally encounters a snake. Liu Ying saves it without realizing that the snake is a thousand-year-old dragon called Yuchi Longyan. To repay her debt, Yuchi Longyan promises Liu Ying to marry but it results in a misunderstanding. Xia Hou Xue encounters a wolf demon. To fulfill Liu Ying’s wishes, Yuchu Longyan promises to rescue Xia Xue Hou and to protect her for three lifetimes even as he silently stays by Liu Ying’s side. It’s not until her fourth lifetime when Liu Ying is reincarnated as Gu Qing Yan that she begins to know of Yuchi Long Yan’s existence.” (Source: ChineseDrama.info)

 Now available with various subtitles on Viki, WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube!

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2021)

(Poster source: themoviedb.org)

Main Cast: Yang Mi  and  William Chan

“During the Zheng dynasty in the vast ocean of Novoland, the seeking for a magical pearl which could be only obtained from a young Naga girl tears’, caused the slaughter of the Merfolk. For this reason, Hai Shi lost her parents and her whole Yu coastal village. During Hai Shi´s most critical moment she met Fang Zhu, the first official of the imperial court, Hai Shi then became Fang Zhu´s disciple. Not long after, Zheng dynasty´s imperial court falls into a great chaos at the same time conflicts with other kingdoms start. Meanwhile the emperor Chi Zhong Xu seems to be unable to keep the order in his court and looks like a self-indulgent ruler. But the persistent support from Fang Zhu allows the nation to see a new time of peace. Hai Shi then becomes the personal guard of the emperor and she starts to be interested in him, and some misunderstandings rise between them. When the emperor finds out that Hai Shi is a girl, he starts having feelings for her. Hai Shi will have to face her own feelings towards Fang Zhu and the emperor. ” (Source: DramaWiki)

This series reached 1 billion online views in the first 9 days of airing: see this poster!

Want to know more facts about this franchise?  Then, read this detailed guide to Novoland!

Now available with various subtitles on WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube!

The Blue Whisper: Part 1 (2022)

(Poster source: Huaceinfo on Twitter)

Main Cast: Allen Ren  and  Dilraba Dilmurat

“An Oriental fairytale follows the romance between a demon master and a merman. Their relationship started from that of control and being controlled. After a series of conspiracies and misunderstandings, they break free of the barriers between their worlds to become each other’s salvation. There are only four remaining places in existence where the use of the ability to control monsters is allowed by imperial rule. In a certain region in the South lives a woman named Ji Yunhe. She is the most powerful demon master with the ability to tame any demon. However, she falls in love with merman Chang Yi and sets him free even at the expense of deceiving him while she becomes imprisoned in endless darkness.” (Source: DramaWiki)

Created by renowned director Chu Yui Bun of  Eternal Love of Dream (2020) and The Long Ballad (2021).

Tentatively scheduled to air in the first half of 2022 on Youku!

Chong Zi (2022)

(Poster source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

Main Cast: Yang Chao Yue and  Jeremy Tsui

“The demon king Ni Lun was annihilated leaving the demon clan in tatters as they escape into the mortal realm. Chong Zi is pure and kind, yet she is the daughter of Ni Lun. After being saved by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, she becomes determined to cultivate at Nanhua but is turned away as it has been foretold that she will become a demon. 

A conspiracy leads to Chong Zi’s imprisonment and Luo Yin Fan is unable to do anything to help, leading to her death for the sake of peace. In her second life, Chong Zi comes to Nanhua again. Luo Yin Fan recognizes her in one glance. In order to protect her, he seals the evil miasma within her and keeps her close, thus continuing their relationship as master and disciple. However, there is no escape from the wheel of fate. Fate has played a cruel joke on the star-crossed lovers – one is the venerable master who carries the world on his shoulders while the other has the blood of the demon clan flowing in her veins. Can their love shake the rules of heaven and earth?” (Source: ChineseDrama.info)

Slated to air sometime in 2022, on WeTV and Tencent Video on YouTube!

Ten Years of Loving You (2022)

(Poster source: Weibo)

Main Cast: Ding Yu Xi and  Ren Min

“Wen Heng was raised in a foreign land since young. When she knew of her real identity at 17, she was taken aback by her identity as the heir of a wealthy family. Adjusting to her foreign surroundings, she meets Yan Xi, an arrogant and bright young man. The two begin to develop a close relationship and cherished each other greatly. Yan Xi, who wanted to follow Wen Heng’s footsteps, decisively gives up the overseas studies route planned for him by Lu Liu, his childhood friend. However, just when Yan Xi and Wen Heng were looking forward to their future together, a series of incidents happen and Yan Xi was diagnosed to have cancer. He was sent to America for treatment and was separated from Wen Heng.” (Source: MyDramaList)  

Coming in theaters on 14th February and perhaps on iQiyi!

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

(Poster source: Hancinema)

Main Cast: Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Kwang Soo

“A search takes place over the ocean to find the lost treasure of the Goryeo royal family, which disappeared without trace. Woo Moo Chi was once a leader of a group of bandits, but he now stays on a pirate ship with his right-hand man Kang Seob. Hae Rang is the leader of pirates on the pirate ship. She has Mak Yi, So Nyeo and Han Goong and Akwi. The pirates find themselves up against Bu Heung Soo  to recover the lost treasure.” (Source: AsianWiki)

In theaters since 26th January and perhaps on iQiyi!

Just For Meeting You (2022)

(Poster source: Weibo)

Main Cast: Liu Hao Cu  and  Song Wei Long

“Xu Niannian and Yang Yi met at the most beautiful age and experienced the most memorable moments of youth. It’s also a period of their lives that will eventually be forgotten…” (Source: ChineseDrama.info)

In theaters since 4th August and perhaps on iQiyi!

My Blue Summer (2022)

(Poster source: Weibo, MyDramaList)

Main Cast: Zhang Xue Ying  and  Xin Yun Lai

“Sheng Huainan is a name deep in Luo Zhi’s heart for a very long time. He is like a ray of light to Luo Zhi who cannot help but look up and follow him. The carving on the rooftop that said “Luo Zhi loves Sheng Huainan” represents Luo Zhi’s declaration of love that she could never say out loud. Luo Zhi was looking forward to starting anew only to realize that Sheng Huainan is in the same university as her. The two gradually grow close, but don’t dare to express their feelings. When real-life pressures come one after another, what will become of this secret love?” 

(Source: ChineseDrama.info)

In theaters since 20th May!

 Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)  

Main Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri

This short teaser is phenomenally good! Airing from 12th February on Netflix!  

(Photo and video source: tvN DRAMA on YouTube)

Created by renowned director Jung Ji Hyun and screenwriter Kwon Do Eun of Search: WWW (2019)!

And Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)  

Main Cast: Song Kang and Park Min Young

Airing at the same time, starting 12th February on Netflix!  Which one are you gonna pick?

(Video and photo source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Created by renowned director Cha Young Hoon of When the Camellia Blooms (2019) and Are You Human Too? (2018), together with screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung of Where Stars Land (2018)!

  Even the night has different shades of blue in Just Between Lovers (2017)!

(Last GIF images source: Lee-Sejoo on Tumblr)

Now it’s time for me to say goodbye! Stay well and safe! See you next time! 

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