What If My Life Was a Korean Drama?

If you haven’t pondered on this very exact thought and not imagined tons of scenarios where you’re stuck in a world full of gorgeous Gumihos and Goblins, rescuing or getting rescued in their arms…

…or daydreamed about claiming the romantic attention of your childhood crush or a newfound fling who just as miraculously happens to be your current boss, then I am sorry to break it to you: you’re not watching those heart-fluttering dramas right.
As a K-drama fanatic, I happen to have done the same innumerable times. And trust me, coming up with ways to include those toe-curlingly sweet and spicy tropes to be a part of my usual dismal existence is as fun as it sounds.
Though what isn’t fun is the way reality always seeps in and threatens to ruin my creatively woven (drama)tic land. So here are those few instances when even my imagination betrayed me, and for the better or the worse (still figuring it out), my life didn’t come across as cliché as I thought it would:

Supporting a High School Drama

Since I am a high schooler, I tend to assume my life around the most popular genre in the K-drama industry (surprise alert): a high school romance! My school life hasn’t been boring per se, which made it easier for me to picture those grand character entrances with unbridled finesse, much like the aura of our main guy of that infamous all-boy gang. Yes, very much like the Boys Over Flowers ramp walk.

But sadly, even when I tried, I couldn’t possibly picture myself leading the plot with him. The most, my insecure self would actually allow, is a supportive role. And even if by some miracle I find my Haru-yaa from Extraordinary You convincing me that I’m, in fact, someone very extraordinary, I’ll probably just drag him with me and watch the drama unfold from the sidelines, of course. Occasionally, spicing up our popcorn and the drama alike../

After all, my vote goes for the second lead couple supremacy!

Not a Regular Love Triangle

I hate to see one of the poor guys’ hearts get broken but still unashamedly wanting more than one guy to chase you? Secretly every girl is craving for it. Since I am no better and still unable to choose between the ever brooding, secretly charming Jung Hwan and the extra smart, extra compassionate, extra everything Taek from Reply 1988 till this very day, you know there’s a love triangle like all the other high school dramas, awaiting in my story too. If there’s one Kdrama trope you hate to love and love to hate, this one will take the number one position for sure!

Though knowing my fleeting infatuation with guys, it’ll probably be me running after the pair of them, and whosoever makes a mistake of liking me in the slightest, well, hallelujah for them (not really)!
On a brighter note, at least there’s no concept of unrequited love involved because boy does that shiz hurt! *Goes on to wipe off the Start-Up tragedy of 2020 from K-drama history*.

Hate To Well, More Hate

However impractical may it seem, but hoping for sworn enemies to channel their passion instead of bickering and dueling into fueling something er… a little more passionate? That’s completely understandable looking at these two, uh, lovebirds? True Beauty is a good example.
So, suffice to say, the enemies turned lover trope has to be my all-time favourite.

  • Fantasized about having heated arguments with someone? Yes.
  • Saw him coming closer and grabbing my neck? Yes, oh god, yes.
  • To kiss me under the conveniently pouring rain? Probably not.
  • To throttle me to death as my opinionated, stubborn and argumentative self pushed him to his breaking point? Yes, that’s exactly it!

Supernaturally Duped 

I wasn’t into the fantasy genre until I saw how Koreans do it. So, when I see the ghost as a drama tag I already know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a horror-packed thriller, more like a melodrama with romance (oh how Moaning Myrtle would want to be a Korean now).

So when a non-drama watcher friend asks for a Horror recommendation, feel free to give away the gems that are Hotel del Luna and Bring It On, Ghost! as an insider joke. They’ll either end up loving you or hating you. There’s no in-between.

I’ve already been introduced to an array of superhuman, drool-worthy characters, and once you fall for even one, there’s no going back from wishing it all to be true.

I might be a Goblin’s bride and haven’t found my Goblin yet. Someday I can just randomly bump into someone claiming to be a time traveler who could be as good-looking as Lee Je Hoon was in Tomorrow With You. Obviously, it could all end up as a ruse, but who’s to say that for sure? Anyway, going to keep this one away from the grabs of reality just for a little while more.
While my story won’t actually turn out as a light-hearted rom-com I love to binge-watch on, rest assured, it’ll be a dark comedy with lots of plot twists for sure.

Hope you liked the tropes included in my oh so realistic daydreaming and if not, let me know which ones are your all-time favourites in the comments below!

Edited by: Tine (1st editor), BrightestStar (2nd editor)

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