“Welcome to Wedding Hell” confirmed to premiere this month!

Upcoming KakaoTV original series “Welcome to Wedding Hell” will officially air this May!

On May 4th Kakao Entertainment released more teaser photos of the upcoming original series “Welcome to Wedding Hell.” It was also confirmed that the drama will premiere on May 23rd at 7 PM KST. 

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” will revolve around the wedding preparations of a couple in their 30s. It will reveal the realistic situations when preparing for marriage, and it’s not fairytale-like. The drama will showcase the meeting of the family, ceremony preparations, finding a new home, and many more. 

Lee Jin Wook will play as Seo Jun Hyung, the soon-to-be husband. He’s well educated and came from a rich family. 

Lee Yun Hee on the other hand will play as Kim Na Eun, the soon-to-be bride. She is an employee at a large company. 

Their characters decided to get married after getting to know and dating for two years. 

Other casts include Hwang Seung Eon, Song Jin Woo, Kim Joo Yeon, Kim Mi Kyung, and more. 

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” will have a total of 12 episodes with 30 minutes duration each. The series will air every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at 7 PM starting on May 23rd. 

This will be the first time that Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yun Hee will work together. When they were asked about it, the two responded in unison and shared that they worked together well without much difficulty. 

Lee Jin Wook shared his thoughts about working with Lee Yun Hee, the actor stated, “I believe that Lee Yun is a very good, calm, and caring actress. We discussed several times the feelings of our characters before we start filming. We really enjoyed the filming and I’m thankful to her in many ways.” 

Lee Yun Hee also shared her thoughts on Lee Jin Wook and the filming, the actress revealed, “We easily became close after sharing our opinions on the scenes we’ll be filming. Lee Jin Wook has always been considerate throughout the filming. There was a lot of trusts that came from that comfort.”

Both the actors also asked viewers to anticipate the realistic chemistry of not only their characters but also the other casts in the drama. They also shared that all the actors worked hard to create this drama.

The production team of the drama also shared their thoughts about the leads, they stated, “Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yun Hee perfectly portrayed the reality of couples with their great teamwork. This really became the advantage of the drama. Please look forward to the premiere of the drama.”


Are you going to watch the upcoming drama “Welcome to Wedding Hell”?

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