Upcoming TVING drama “Internal Medicine Director Park” announces its confirmed cast lineup

Upcoming drama “Internal Medicine Director Park” officially announces their main cast!

On December 1st, it was confirmed that Lee Seo Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Cha Chung Hwa, Shin Eun Jung, Kim Kwang Gyu, Jung Hyung Suk, Seo Bum Jun, Joo Woo Yeon, and Kim Kang Hoon will be leading the upcoming TVING original drama “Internal Medicine Director Park.” The drama will be directed and written by Seo Joon Bum. It will be produced by  Sidus and X-large Pictures.

“Internal Medicine Director Park” is a medical comedy-drama that is based on a webtoon of the same name. It will tell the story of Park Won Jang, who established his own internal medicine to earn lots of money. The drama will showcase the small neighborhood where lawmakers and pharmacies are gathered together.

“Internal Medicine Director Park” will air on January 2022. It will exclusively be available on the OTT platform, TVING.

Lee Seo Jin will play the role of Park Won Jang. He opened his own internal medical clinic to achieve his dream of becoming a rich and famous doctor. But reality hits, his clinic is struggling. 

Ra Mi Ran will play the role of Sa Mo Rin, the wife of Lee Seo Jin’s character Park Won Jang. She believes in TV show doctors and folk remedies more than her husband. She is a self-proclaimed assistant queen.

Shin Eun Jung will play the role of Sun Woo Soo Jin, a surgery director. Kim Kwang Kyu will play the role of Ji Min Ji, a Gynecologist who’s in love with mixed coffee. Jung Hyung Suk will play the role of Chun, the director of Urology. Lee Seo Jin, Shin Eun Jung, Kim Kwang Kyu, and Jung Hyung Suk will play the role as the small business doctors. 

Cha Chung Hwa will play the role of Choi Mi Young. She’s the head nurse at Park Won Jang’s clinic. Seo Beom Jun will play the role of Cha Ji Hoon, a new nurse at the Park Won Jang’s s internal medicine department.

Joo Woo Yeon will play the role of Park Min Gu, the first son of Park Won Jang and Sa Mo Rin. Lastly,  Kim Kang Hoon will play the second son of the main lead. He’s a kid Youtuber who knows the world too early.


Are you going to watch the upcoming medical drama “Internal Medicine Director Park”?

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