Upcoming star-studded Korean film “Broker” confirmed for domestic release this June!

The upcoming film “Broker” is set to premiere in June.

On April 28th, the distributor of the upcoming movie shared that the 75th Cannes International Film Festival official selection movie “Broker” is confirmed to hit Korean theaters on June 8. 

“Broker” is a film directed and written by  Koreeda Hirokazu (“Nobody Knows,” “Still Walking,” and “Like Father, Like Son.”)

The upcoming film will be led by Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doo Na, IU, Lee Joo Young, Baek Hyun Jin, and more. 

“Broker” will revolve around a baby box which is a small space where individuals can anonymously leave their babies for adoption. 

Song Kang Ho will play Sang Hyun, a self-proclaimed broker of goodwill. Kang Dong Won will play the role of Dong Soo, Sang Hyun’s partner. IU will play the role of So Young, a mother who leaves her baby at the baby box, but then returns and wants her baby back. Bae Doo Na and Lee Joo Young will play detectives named Soo Jin and Detective Lee respectively.

“Broker” will be in theaters on June 8.

“Broker” will be the second project of Song Kang Ho to be released in 2022. The top actor will also star in several upcoming films such as “Cobweb,” “One Win,” and “Fifth Column.” The actor is known for being the main lead in the films “Emergency Declaration,” “The King’s Letters,” “Parasite,” “The Drug King,” “A Taxi Driver,” “The Age of Shadows,” and many more. 

Meanwhile, this will be the comeback of Kang Dong Won in movies after two years. He last starred in the 2020 movie “Peninsula.” Aside from “Broker,” he will also join the upcoming films “Possession” and “The Incident.” 


Are you going to watch the star-studded movie “Broker”?

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