Upcoming movie “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” announces its premiere!

The upcoming film “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” released its first official poster and also confirmed its release.

On November 11, the first official poster was released for the movie “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” announcing the film’s release. 

In the poster, Kim Woon Beom and Seo Chang Dae are seen side by side with contrast like light and shadow. There’s also a caption in the poster stating “Two men who want to change the world, a fierce election begins.” This raises questions about the conflict that two men will face through a heated election. It was also revealed on the poster that the upcoming movie will officially premiere this December. 

“Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” will tell the story of a four-time failed politician candidate Kim Woon Beom and the hidden campaign strategist Seo Chang Dae. The movie will showcase the story of the politician who’s aiming to be a president together with a genius strategist in the 1960s to 1970s. It will be directed by Byun Sung Hyun (“The Beat Goes On” and “My P.S. Partner”).

The upcoming movie will be led by Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Sun Kyun, Yoo Jae Myung, Jo Woo Jin, Park In Hwan, and Bae Jong Ok. 

Sol Kyung Gu will play the role of Kim Woon Beom, a politician with a strong belief. Lee Sun Kyun will play the role of Seo Chang Dae will play the role of a meticulous campaign strategist. 

“Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” is the reunion of Sol Kyung Gyu with director Byun Sung Hyun. They previously worked together in the 2017 movie “The Merciless.”

This will be Sol Kyung Gyu’s second movie for this year. He first appeared in the film “The Book of Fish.” He will also star in several upcoming movies such as “The Moon,” “Ghost,” “I Want to Know Your Parents,” “Boys,” “Kill Bok Soon,” and “The Angel Without, The Devil Within.” 

This will be Lee Sung Kyun’s first movie for the year. He will also star in several films such as “Killing Romance,” “Sleep,” “Silence,” and “The Land of Happiness.” He will also be the first Korean actor to star in an AppleTV series titled “Dr. Brain.” 


Are you excited to see the chemistry of Sol Kyung Gyu and Lee Sung Kyun?

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