Upcoming KBS drama “The Present Is Beautiful” announces its main cast lineup!

“The Present Is Beautiful” confirmed its main cast. 

On December 31, media outlets shared the complete list of the main cast of “The Present Is Beautiful.”

Oh Min Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, Seo Bum Jun, Shin Dong Mi, Bae Da Bin, and Choi Ye Bin will be the main leads for the upcoming KBS weekend drama. It will be directed by Kim Sung Geun (“Everybody Cha Cha Cha”) and writer Ha Myung Hee (“Doctors”). The drama will be produced by Drama House Studio.

“The Present Is Beautiful” will tell the story of the current generation that is not interested in dating or marriage. It will also showcase the meaning of family. The story will unfold as three brothers try to find lovers and get married so that they can take over the apartment complex offered by the adults in their family. 

Yoon Si Yoon will play the role of Lee Hyun Jae. He is a divorce lawyer with a high winning rate. He also gets along well with his brothers. Bae Da Bin will be Hyun Mi Rae in the drama. She’s a VIP personal shopper and she will get intertwined with Hyun Jae. 

Oh Min Suk will play the role of Lee Yoon Jae, the dentist in the family. He is gentle but with a strict and meticulous personality. Shin Dong Mi will be Shim Hae Jun in the drama. She’s a law firm’s representative lawyer who will fall for Lee Yoon Jae.

Seo Bum Jun will play the role of the youngest son in the family named Lee Soo Jae. He is currently preparing for a test. He has strong self-love. To earn pocket money, he has a part-time job. There he will meet Na Yoo Na, played by Choi Ye Bin. Na Yoo Na came to Seoul to pursue her dream of becoming a patissier.

“The Present Is Beautiful” is set to premiere in the first half of 2022. It will be the follow-up drama after “Young Lady and Gentleman.”


Are you excited for the battle between the three brothers on the upcoming series “The Present Is Beautiful”?

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