Upcoming film “Starlight is Falling” announces its cast lineup!

The upcoming film “Starlight is Falling” reveals its main leads.

On February 18th it was announced that Ong Seong Wu, Esom, Shim Eun Kyung, and Yang Dong Geun will play the main characters in the movie “Starlight is Falling”.

“Starlight is Falling” will depict the coming of age story of a male student and two female students that have the same name. They met as a freshman at a university in 1993.

Ong Seong Wu will play the role of Choi Kyung Soo, a freshman from Sokcho who went to Seoul to continue his studies. Esom will play the role of “Lee Hyun Jung A.” She’s a cool and confident student that is the center of admiration. Shim Eun Kyung will play the role of “Lee Hyung Jung B,” a senior at the  Department of Food and Nutrition. Yang Dong Geun will play as the boss of Choi Kyung Soo. He is the owner of the Sokcho Handmade Beer Brewery where Choi Kyung Soo works at.

Choi Kyung Soo and Lee Hyun Jung A are both a member of the astronomical club, the organization that looks at the stars. 

“Starlight is Falling” will be directed by Choi Kook Hee. He is known for directing the films “Default,” “Tale of Cinema,” and “Split.” He will also direct another upcoming film titled “Life is Beautiful” wherein Ong Seong Wu is also included. 

The upcoming movie “Starlight is Falling” will begin its filming this coming April.

This will be one of the several upcoming movies of Ong Seong Wu. He will be joining the upcoming films “Jung Family’s Farm,” “Seoul Vibe,” “Life is Beautiful,” and “20th Century Girl.” 

Esom on the other hand will finally return to movies after the hit film “Samjin Company English Class.” Aside from “Starlight is Falling,” she will also join the cast of “Single in Seoul” and “Kill Bok Soon.”  

Meanwhile, this will be the first project of Shim Eun Kyung for 2022. 


What are your thoughts on the leads of the upcoming romantic film “Starlight is Falling”?

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