Upcoming Disney+ drama “Casino” to reportedly have a star studded cast!

Upcoming drama “Casino” will reportedly have Choi Min Shik, Heo Sung Tae, Kim Joo Ryung, Lee Dong Hwi, and Jo Jae Yoon as the main leads. 

On January 3rd, several media outlets shared that the upcoming Disney+ original series titled “Casino” will be led by  Choi Min Shik, Heo Sung Tae, Kim Joo Ryung, Lee Dong Hwi, and Jo Jae Yoon. The drama will also be helmed by famous director Kang Yoon Sung (“The Outlaws.”)

“Casino” will tell the story of a man who succeeded through the casino. The drama will reportedly have over 20 billion won (over $16 million US dollars) budget. It will have 8 episodes and it will exclusively air on Disney+. The upcoming drama will be produced by BA Entertainment, C-Jes Entertainment, and Arc Media.

The upcoming drama will finalize the major casting and after it will begin its production. “Casino” will reportedly film both in Korea and overseas. The production is still reviewing the possibility of overseas filming depending on the pandemic and the quarantine guidelines.

“Casino” will reportedly start filming in late February.

Choi Min Shik and director Kang Yoon Sung were supposed to work together before in the Korean remake of the movie “Intern” produced by Warner Bros. Korea. Due to the withdrawal of Warner Bros. Korea in the Korean film business, the movie did not push through. Because of this, “Casino” will be their latest project together. 

Many are already giving their attention to the upcoming Disney+ drama “Casino” because of the plot, casts, and also the popularity of Korean content worldwide because of Netflix. 

 Disney+ has a lot of upcoming Korean works that will be released soon. Some of them are “Moving,” “Grid,” “Rookie Cops,” “Sixth Sense Kiss,” 


Do you wish for the reported casts to work together in the upcoming Disney+ drama?

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