Underrated Movies With Low Number Of Watchers

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It’s been a while since I last wrote an article. I have been watching movies every now and then, and I realized some of the movies I end up watching, despite being quite good, have a very limited number of watchers. Usually, the most-watched Asian movies are Korean movies, then followed by the rest.

For this article, I picked movies that have less than 500 watchers and that I consider being underrated, and I will start with the least-watched to the most-watched. So let’s start! =D

Toku de Zutto Soba ni Iru – Far Away, So Close (2013)

Number of Watchers: 72
Country: Japan

Summary: Shimura Sakumi wakes up in a hospital after a traffic accident, and she has lost her memories of the latest 10 years. The girl, in fact, believes to be still 17, but soon she has to face reality. So, hoping to recover her memories, she starts to learn little by little about her “adult self” and to search for the truth behind her accident, with the help of her boyfriend Hosomi and her high school friend Kaoru.

Opinion: This was one of the very first Japanese movies that I liked. I still remember how slow-paced it was and a kind of indie film. Yet, I liked the story behind it as I believed it’s about second chances.

Still Human (2018)

Number of Watchers: 113
Country: Hong Kong  

Summary: A bitter, wheelchair-bound curmudgeon who experiences an emotional breakthrough after hiring a Filipina helper, Evelyn. Echoing the true story of Xyza Cruz Bacani, Evelyn dreams of becoming a professional photographer while enduring the endemic racial prejudice facing migrant workers in the city. These two strangers live under the same roof through different seasons. As they learn more about each other, they also learn more about themselves. Together, they learn how to face the different seasons of life.

Opinion: Well, as the movie name states, it’s quite a humane movie, slow-paced yet beautiful. The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it all more remarkable.

When Sun Meets Moon (2018)

Number of Watchers: 124
Country: Hong Kong

Summary: On that night, two young astrology enthusiasts, Moon and Sun, met under the starry night by the seaside. When their affection for each other grows, Sun is admitted into a boarding school and has to move to another country as per his father’s plan.

Opinion: This is kind of a guilty pleasure movie. I found it to be cute and fun to watch if you are looking for a light movie on the weekend. 

Beyond The Dream (2020)

Number of Watchers: 218
Country: Hong Kong 

Summary: Lok is a recovering schizophrenic who yearns for love. One day, he encounters the young and beautiful Yan and quickly falls in love with her. Just when he struggles with whether to tell her about his illness, he has a relapse and becomes delusional. Little does he know that she’s a psychological counselor who has a hidden agenda. The pair develops a relationship that is beyond their wildest dreams.

Opinion: This is my favorite movie on the list. It even climbed up My Favorite Movies List, as I found it very unique and beautifully made. The performance of the leads, especially the ML, was just amazing. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Wild Grass (2020) 

Number of Watchers: 345
Country: China

Summary: A story of two young women and one young man in the booming period of the 1990s who rise up with their dreams that fizzle into thin air yet find life amid despair.

Opinion: I would say this movie relied on the leads and their characters which I really enjoyed, the indie feel, the cinematography and how it was connected… I found it to be well done.

First Love (2021)

Number of Watchers: 373
Country: Japan

Summary: Female university student Hijiriyama Kanna wants to become an announcer, yet fails to attend her voice test and instead kills her father. With the media insisting on knowing the motive, certified psychologist Makabe Yuki receives a book deal to write Kanna’s biography. Dr. Makabe interviews her incarcerated subject along with individuals acquainted with her. While researching Kanna’s childhood, the doctor is struck by their similar experiences, triggering some deeply buried traumatic memories.

Opinion: Now, this one here is a high-quality movie which makes it easy to recommend, given that it was adapted from a novel, the story is good, the actors were spot on, and the cinematography was beautiful. 

The Crimes That Bind (2018)

Number of Watchers: 387
Country: Japan

Summary: A strangled female corpse is discovered in an apartment, and the apartment’s resident has vanished. The investigation hits rough waters, but soon they learn about the female theater director Asai. Detective Matsumiya forges ahead with the investigation while questioning whether the charred corpse discovered in the vicinity is related to the case. Then, Kaga learns of a fact that leaves him stunned. 

Opinion: This right here is another high-quality movie with a decent story and acting and an interesting plot as well.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (2021)  

Number of Watchers: 431
Country: China

Summary: It tells the ten years of romance between Lyu Qin Yang and Ling Yi Yao. They were desperate to be together, they struggled against the harsh reality. After all is said and done, is the love that they have still the same?

Opinion: I remember enjoying this movie quite a lot, the leads did a really good job. The cinematography and direction were beautiful, and the story was good. 

Breath (2007)

Number of Watchers: 439
Country: South Korea

Summary: A loner housewife, Yeon, deals with her depression and anger by beginning a passionate affair with a convicted man on death row. After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Yeon visits the prison where a notorious condemned criminal, Jin, is confined. She has been following the news reports of his numerous suicide attempts. Despite knowing Jin’s crimes, Yeon treats him like an old lover and puts all her efforts into his happiness, even though she hadn’t met him before.

Opinion: Honestly speaking, I think this movie has a high number of watchers given that it’s directed by the famous director Kim Ki Duk. This movie is an 18+, so not for everyone. It’s dark, heavy, slow and artsy.

The Silent Forest (2020)

Number of Watchers: 498
Country: Taiwan  

Summary: Hearing-impaired teenager Chang Cheng transfers to a school for children with special needs. However, the world of the hearing-impaired doesn’t seem quiet at all. When Chang witnesses the “game” taking place in the last row on the school bus, his excitement about blending into a new environment turns immediately into fear.

Opinion: Warning, this movie is 18+. It’s not for everyone as it’s dark, heavy, disturbing and triggering. The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it all more heartbreaking. The actors did so great that I wanted to smash the screen many times!!

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think of them?

And what other movies you have seen and thought to be underrated?

We have reached the end of the article. Hope you guys enjoyed it and see you again! Maybe in part two. =D

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