Ultra Fan Guide to Lee Je Hoon

If you are someone who sensually connected with this smoking hot guy *pun intended*, while sobbing their eyes out to Move To Heaven episodes…
…or like me is still mind blown by Lee Je Hoon’s English accent in I Can Speak, his acting prowess in Signal and the chemistry that he shared with Shin Min Ah in Tomorrow With You *chef’s kiss*…
…or best of all, belongs to the third category and has already consumed all of his cinematic content and just cannot wait for season 2 of Taxi Driver to drop sooner, then congratulations, this fan guide has been tailor-made for you!
From an unofficial recommendation list to Lee Je Hoon’s all major works, his hobbies, favorite dishes, as well as the cute nickname for his car and how he is like when he’s on a trip, this article includes it all. 
Read on!

I can cite loads of arguments why all my hypothetical experiences with the actor and all his characters has convinced me that he is The One to take home to (y)our mom. Like, right this minute.

  Here are the TOP 8 REASONS why Lee Je Hoon seems to be the ideal actor/man:

1. This. Isn’t he adorable?

2. He chooses projects with positive social message.

Most of the movies and dramas Je Hoon stars in convey meaningful messages. They raise awareness about societal issues, make people think about real crimes, or pay homage to real people and their achievements. His 2016 hit drama Signal, for instance, incorporates real cases in the episodes while his 2018 drama Where Stars Land focuses on the lives of airport ground staff and their daily struggles. 

3. His contagious laugh

It’s simple: I see Lee Je Hoon, I smile. Even without subtitles, you’ll still catch me watching his video clips, and actually laughing out loud when he is laughing. Instant cure for manic mondays *found*.

4. His kind and supportive nature

He is a very warm and affectionate person who always looks after his co-stars. The behind-the-scenes clips of his projects are always a joy to watch as we get glimpses of his personality trait. Be it comfortingly stroking his Taxi Driver co-star Esom‘s hair after filming a tense and emotional scene, or getting a blanket for his Tomorrow With You co-star Shin Min Ah to cover her freezing legs in-between shooting. He always ensures that people around him are comfortable. 

5. He is self-deprecating, especially about his good looks.

As a guest star on KBS’ interview show Guerrilla Date with Lee Je Hoon, he shared that he is always taken by surprise when people compliment him on his physical appearance since he has never considered himself to be a handsome man. But look at this and tell me you don’t agree with him either.

6. His innate ability of making viewers and his fans laugh as much as sobbing their eyes out while simultaneously appreciating his oppa charms – sometimes all 3 at the same. damn. time. *move to heaven, literally*

7. His acting prowess 

For more than a decade, Je Hoon has starred in a string of K-dramas and films, both indie and commercial. He is such a versatile actor that he has been cast in different genres from romance, thriller, sci-fi, historical melodrama, biopic, travelogue, and queer—you name it, he has been in it!

8. His kind, “puppy eyes”, which he can change anytime to sharp, cold eyes on-screen. Still not sure which one looks better though.

Independent film Bleak Night, the masterpiece which released in 2011, created a sensation. It is meaningful because it discovered Lee Je Hoon as an actor who is now a valuable asset to the Korean cinema.


 Just Friends? 

Je Hoon first appeared in humble student shorts, notably a queer coming-of-age flick called Just Friends? (2009). The film dealt with a sensitive theme and a pressing LGBTQ+ issue in South Korea – gay people in the army, which made it to the 14th Busan International Film Festival.

~ (Poster & Stills from Just Friends?) ~

Bleak Night

After building up his acting skills playing in independent films such as The Pit And The Pendulum (2009) and The Influence (2009), he began to draw attention by playing a troubled high school student in Bleak Night, which depicts the friendship and estrangement among three friends. Revealing the age of storm and gale the character went through, Lee Je Hoon portrayed the teen’s violent behaviours that stemmed from the character’s vulnerable and unstable inner side, leaving a lasting, poignant impression to the audience.

~ (Poster & Stills from Bleak Night ) ~

The Front Line 

In the same year, the actor also made a strong impression on commercial films. In The Front Line (2011), set in the Korean War, Lee played a role of a young company commander suffering from trauma.

What’s interesting to note here is that during the 2011-2012 award season, Je Hoon dominated the best new actor nomination with both his performances in Bleak Night as well as in The Front Line, so much so that, he actually went on to compete against himself in the very category! In the 40th Grand Bell Awards, it was Le Je Hoon in Bleak Night vs Lee Je Hoon in Front Night. Now that’s what we call an overachiever from the get go!

~ (Poster & Stills from The Front Line) ~

Architecture 101

The following year, in the romantic film Architecture 101 (2012), Lee quickly rose to stardom by playing a clumsy, pure college student who fell in love for the first time with Bae Suzy’s character (incidentally, the actress earned the coveted title “Nation’s First Love” in S. Korea, after starring as Lee Je Hoon’s first love in this movie).

~ (Poster & Stills from Architecture 101) ~

Youth-Centric Roles

From here onwards, the characters Lee Je hoon played often portrayed the aspects of youth, regardless of the genre, in various movies including the comedy Ghost Sweepers (2012), the crime thriller An Ethics Lesson (2013), and the true music story My Paparotti (2013) where as a high school gang member, he not only gave a heartfelt performance but also mesmerized his fans with his melodious voice.

 (LJH as a shaman in Ghost Sweepers
(LJH as a murder suspect  in An Ethics Lesson
(LJH as a teen gangster in My Paparotti
At the peak of his new-found popularity, Lee enlisted for his mandatory military service and after coming back, the actor chose works that valued the diversity of characters rather than the size of his roles.

Phantom Detective 

For his comeback film, Lee chose Phantom Detective(2016), a modern retelling of the quirky folk hero Hong Gil-dong as a private detective in the 1990s. Je Hoon does an excellent job at showing Gildong’s charm and charisma. If you’re a BBC Sherlock fan like me, this one’s a visual blast!

~ (Poster & Stills from Phantom Detective) ~

I Can Speak 

In I Can Speak (2017), a film about Japan’s sexual enslavement during war, Je Hoon plays a civil servant enlisted to tutor the very adorable Na Moon-hee. Yep, it’s that film where Lee Je Hoon shows off his English-speaking skills! The movie treats the heavy subject of Korean comfort woman with care, and brings to light a terrible part of history that most people may not be aware of. While Na Moon Hee is the heart of the story, Lee gamely conveys the empathy that her character was robbed of.

~ (Poster & Stills from I Can Speak) ~

Anarchist From Colony

Lee Je Hoon strongly rejects stereotyped acting. The moment he faces the work and the character, he lets go of everything he has and accepts what is newly given. Anarchist From The Colony (2017), based on a true story, is a prime example. In the film, Lee played the role of Park Yeol, a real figure who was an anarchist in the Joseon Dynasty, recreating the image of the free-spirited, iron-willed young independence activist with his blazing and sharp eyes.

The actor, in true commitment to his craft, starved himself for five weeks not only to recreate Park Yeol’s physical appearance but also to understand the activist’s suffering of being on fast while protesting.

~ (Poster & Stills from Anarchist From Colony) ~

Time To Hunt

In the Netflix thriller Time To Hunt (2020), Je Hoon takes us on an action-filled rollercoaster ride set in a dystopian world. He plays Jun Seok, a man fresh out of prison for a heist he and his friends pulled. Bonus: The visuals and soundtrack are to die for *pun intended* which is further aided by a star-studded cast that includes Parasite’s Choi Woo Sik and Fight for My Way’s Ahn Jae Hong. Another gritty crime thriller from the man who is by now a pro in this genre, this one screams cinematic masterpiece.

~ (Poster & Stills from Time To Hunt) ~


Another heist movie but this time based around burial sites, Collectors(2020) happens to be the actor’s latest big screen release. The movie pays homage to tomb raiding and bank robbing classics like Indian Jones and Ocean’s 11, with Je Hoon looking his finest, jovial self and 10/10 comic timing. 

~ (Poster & Gif from Collectors

TV Shows 

2021 has truly been Lee Je Hoon’s year. With two hit dramas, Taxi Driver and Move to Heaven, Je Hoon made millions of drama fans appreciate him and his talent. 

However, if you’re a newbie to the Je Hoon Kdrama fandom, consider this a quick recommendation guide and note down as I recap a few of his most iconic roles below:

Three Sisters (2010)

Je Hoon debuted on the small screen in a supporting role of an adoptive, young brother as Kim Eun Gook, in this generational, family drama which aired for 123 episodes. Despite a limited screen time, his cute character shines through. It’s also quite endearing to watch a young Je Hoon act. As someone who discovered him not too long ago, this drama shows his growth as an actor.

~ (Poster & Stills from Three Sisters) ~

Fashion King (2012)

He was next seen in Fashion King as a struggling, young chaebol heir in Korea’s fashion industry. Despite the show’s off-the-charts crazy plot lines, Je Hoon’s anti-hero charms are considered to be the only saving grace for the drama. Many viewers (including me) picked this up and surprisingly, stayed with it only because of the actor and his emotive eyes. Although his character was intended to be a control freak, Je Hoon delivers the role with a range of emotional shade and flamboyance. The show may come off as bizarre but Je Hoon scores for versatility. 

~ (Poster & Stills from Fashion King) ~

Secret Door (2014)

After being discharged from military service, Lee starred in Secret Door, a period drama about Crown Prince Sado who was controversially executed through death by starvation by his father King Yeongjo. As conflicting historical political characters go, this sure is one of them. Je Hoon’s character of the wronged son, is both erratic and overly compassionate and as one gets too deep into this drama, it becomes difficult to decide whether to hate the guy or begrudgingly love him. Lee Je Hoon fully utilizes his acting range for this role and switches from being a selfless son & a caring father to an impatient ruler with finesse – all while looking natural in a hanbok!

~ (Poster & Stills from Secret Door) ~

Signal (2016) 

While Je Hoon was certainly no newbie by the time he starred in this critically-acclaimed crime thriller, Signal cemented his status as a force on the small screen. It became the cable K-drama with the 11th highest ratings ever (it actually broke viewership records in 2016). His character as criminal profiler Hae Young brought him massive popularity and created the “Park Hae Young Syndrome” in South Korea. The Kdrama has become a true classic in the crime genre, and if you haven’t watched it yet, then it’s high time!

~ (Poster & Stills from Signal) ~

Tomorrow With You (2017)

(Side note: This romantic melodrama is how exactly I perceive my future married life to be. If it turns out to be any less than what the lead pair showed it to be, I’m demanding a full refund!)

Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah play strangers -to instantly married couple -to lovers in this romance drama encased in mystery/sci-fi genre. Je Hoon’s character, So Joon is a real estate business tycoon who also happens to be a secret time-traveller. What starts out as So Joon’s selfish move to save his own life, turns out to be a race against time to love and protect his wife. The actor beautifully portrays the complexities of his role as well as takes us on the journey of falling in and being torn apart for love. Lee Je Hoon just completely draws you into his character.

I don’t even know where to begin when describing So Joon and Ma Rin as a couple. I’ve rarely witnessed such a ridiculous amount of on-screen chemistry. The way they looked at each other sometimes was beyond intense, and were the kind of looks that can send anyone’s heart into overdrive. Their chemistry, their rawness, their realness, their pain. Everything about them was done to perfection. This drama is an underrated gem.

~ (Poster & Stills from Tomorrow With You) ~

Oops, sorry I got a little carried away here, anyway where were we?

Where Stars Land

Lee Je Hoon is next seen paired up with another renowned actress Chae Soo Bin in yet another romantic melodrama (considering that he doesn’t divulge into the romance territory often, this drama was a double treat  for a romance sucker like me). The drama is majorly about two rookies who work in the Passenger Service Dept. at Incheon Airport, trying to tackle the episodic crises as they go about it. With a cold, aloof male lead and his counterpart as an immature, judgmental walking disaster, this sounds like any other office romance but then again, Lee Je Hoon bringing life to his character, Sooyeon and his past traumas, gave an emotional, mysterious meaning to it all. The guy will pique your curiosity at every turn, will make you cry, empathize and fall for him too just like the female lead does. Tell me why doesn’t the guy do more romance again? 

~ (Poster & Stills from Where Stars Land) ~

Taxi Driver (2021)

Lee Je hoon’s most recent series resounded with audiences due to a cathartic premise: don’t just get mad, get even. At the centre of this thriller is a group of people who’ve had their share of personal losses from crimes, and have taken justice into their own hands, on behalf of clients who call for help. They use their taxi operating business as a front.
Here, Lee plays Kim Do-ki, an ex-military man who does the (not-so) dirty work. In this role, Lee is able to use the full extent of his skill as an actor, inhabiting a different character whenever a mission calls for it. Of course, these things inevitably leads to a car chase and/or a fight, and he does not disappoint on the stunt front as well. The actor enrolled into an action school so that he could perform all his stunts himself. Two high points are the bloody hallway brawl in episode 8 and the violence that ensues in episode 14. Each case the team tackles also sheds light on different social issues plaguing the country. For these, Taxi Driver is truly worth the binge.

~ (Poster & Stills from Taxi Driver) ~

Move to Heaven (2021)

Dropping on Netflix the same time as Taxi Driver was showing on network telly, is Move to Heaven. This series introduced the global audience to a line of work that they may not have heard of: trauma cleaning.

In it, Lee Je Hoon’s ex-convict underground fighter Sang-gu (Lee trained at least six days a week for four months in order to look like a real underground fighter) becomes guardian to Geu-ru, his estranged nephew with Asperger’s syndrome. Together, they pick up the family’s business of cleaning up the homes of people who died, after Geu-ru’s own father’s passing. They are also aided by Geu-ru’s concerned neighbour, Na-mu (Hong Seung Hee). With each episode, they uncover the mostly heartbreaking stories of the deceased, while Sang-gu reconciles with his painful past (both distant and recent).

My character is always cynical and views the world with a sceptical perspective. He has always been lonely and expects his life to stay that way, until he becomes part of the Move to Heaven trauma cleaner service and encounters the clients’ stories. He doesn’t take care of himself and has had a rough life.

Lee Je Hoon, on his role in Move To Heaven at a Netflix promotional event

Lee imbues a humanity to Sang-gu that elevates a character that’s hard to root for otherwise. Plus, the interplay among the trio of leads is a blast. Be warned though: it is hard to watch this drama without shedding tears, so have some tissues ready when you do.

~ (Poster & Stills from Move To Heaven) ~

Apart from being an impressive actor, Lee Je Hoon has dabbled in other areas of entertainment industry as well with a quite an impressive repertoire to boast of:

Music Videos 

In 2012, he appeared in a love triangle video snippet for Hyolyn’s version of I Choose To Love You

In 2015, he featured in Korean band Brown Eyed Soul’s touching MV for Home.

He starred in Crush’s time-bending music video With You in 2019.

He and Lee Sung Kyung starred in a cinematic music video project called Reconnect in collaboration with artists Park Jung Min, Jannabi, Code Kunst, and Simon Dominic for the 28th anniversary of Elle Korea in 2020.

Recently, he was seen embodying Ryan Gosling’s Noah in the warm MV for Lee Hi’s ONLY, which released in August of this year. Subdued romance at its best! 


Did you know Lee Je Hoon has a really sweet, melodic voice and can actually sing heartfelt songs? Apart from being a versatile actor, the man has also sang twice for his movies and dramas.

He sang Love Like This as an OST of the drama Fashion King and The Person That Gives Me Happiness for the movie My Paparotti.

Variety Shows 

Lee Je Hoon makes sure to not only show his acting prowess on dramas, movies and MVs but to also showcase his real goofy self through making guest appearances on various variety shows. So if you’re craving for a little sneak peak to his actual personality, tap on the links below!

1. Tikitaka Bus
Here Lee Je Hoon left the deluxe taxi and can be seen riding a bus, gossiping about himself and breaking out into a karaoke session with his on-screen prosecutor and Taxi Driver co-actress Esom, radiating his usual chirpy outdoorsy aura.

2. Show Interview with Jessi
If you ever wondered whether the actor can flirt in real or not, then the answer is yes, a hundred times yes. Cause making Jessi blush is no small feat mind you, that takes flirting skills of an extra pro playboy, which the guy here proves he apparently has! Honestly, don’t miss out on this one.

3. Traveler
Lee Je Hoon once appeared in a travel variety show called Traveler with fellow star Ryu Jun Yeol. One of the things that got him excited to do the JTBC project was the idea of backpacking in Cuba and being filmed with no script.
By the end of their shoot, Jun Yeol admitted that, “Lee was a perfect travel mate… I have never clicked with someone like this before, though I’ve traveled many times. Lee is someone that anyone would like to travel with.” Of course even I won’t mind roaming the Havana streets with him trotting beside me sharing all his life secrets, future dreams and basking in perfect amount of tan and fun. Lucky Ryu Jun Yeol! 

Came for promotion for his film Collectors and true to his on-screen role, stayed only to engage in mindless mimicry and cracking lame jokes.

5. Three meals a day
Appearing on a reality cooking show, Je Hoon just proves how much he likes eating good food and only eating, not exactly great in the cooking part (now that’s something interesting to watch since the guy can practically do everything).

6. My Little Old Boy
This guest appearance as a special MC in the SBS entertainment program proved to be a very privy insight into the actor’s love life. Je Hoon even went ahead to disclose his ideal type, so watch this one right away because who doesn’t wants to know that?!

7. Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator
Appearing on yet another reality cooking show (are we noticing a pattern here?) while he tastes some deliciously cooked platters. The guy also chooses between his co-actresses Suzy and Kim Hye Soo as his ideal type with complete ease.

8. Running Man
Coming on the most popular variety show Je Hoon had to check off some boxes:

  • Making a hotshot entrance wearing a suit on an ATV: ✔
  • Being an absolute sweetheart to all the regular members: ✔
  • Being super funny and considerate while playing all the games: ✔

9. Happy Together

Watch Lee Je Hoon appear on this talk show where he discusses his childhood days and love for movies and everything under the sun, when he was still in his rookie days.

10. Infinite Challenge
Nothing much, just Lee Je Hoon fanboying over one of his favourite musical artist whilst a car drive. 

Dubbing Work

The actor has also tried his hand at voice acting for the Korean dubbing of animated fantasy movie Rise of the Guardian. He lent his voice to the psychic boy Jack Frost, which was originally voiced by Chris Pine in the American version.

Narration Work

Clearly, it’s not just his face but also Je Hoon’s soothing, strong voice which happens to be quite in demand! The multi-talented actor was the narrator of the Korean version of BBC’s documentary film Earth: One Amazing Day which released in 2018 and the following year, was chosen to narrate the prologue of JTBC’s 2019 special documentary series DMZ. 

Audio Cinema

This guy is everywhere.
Last year, Je Hoon  starred in the aural film Falling Asleep Beside You as actor Yoo Shin who suffers from severe insomnia and is only able to fall asleep to the voice of radio DJ Haru played by Yoo In Na. The audio cinematic content is a romance story, based on the web novel of the same name by author F. Arnott. 


Just when you thought the actor has tried everything under the craft book, here comes another sweet surprise for all. Lee Je Hoon this time goes behind the camera lens for his directorial debut, Blue Happiness – a short film which is part of the Unframed Project. The movie stars Lee Je Hoon’s closest friend, Jung Hae In, Lee Dong Hwi as well as his Move To Heaven on-screen nephew Tang Joon Sang in lead roles along with his Taxi Driver co-actress Pyo Ye Jin in a cameo appearance. The movie is set to release this year in December and is much-anticipated by all his fans.

With a career as illustrious as his, Je Hoon has been honoured with a quite a number of awards for his impressive on-screen acting. Some of the most memorable ones have been listed here:
Under the New Actor category, he has won a total of 6 awards for both Bleak Night and Front Line, which includes a Blue Dragon Award, a Grand Bell Award and a Korean Association of Film Critics Award in 2011.
He was also the recipient of the coveted Amnesty International Award for his 2017 movie I Can Speak.
In 2018, he won a Top Excellence Award for his role in Where Stars Land.
Since both Taxi Driver and Move To Heaven came out this year, he has yet to be nominated (and win, hopefully) for both his roles. However, if the 3rd Asia Content Awards are any indication (he won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Move To Heaven) of the upcoming awards season, then Lee Je Hoon is once again bound to dominate and compete against his own self, but this time in the Best Actor category!
*manifesting Baeksang for Lee Je Hoon*

With the kind of socially relevant projects he takes, it’s no wonder that Je Hoon has been bestowed with several honorary posts and titles.

  1. He has been declared the Goodwill Ambassador of Oxfam Korea in 2015 and was the first Korean to be honoured so.
  2. Since 2016, he has also been appointed as National Police Agency’s Human Rights Ambassador, thanks to his genre-defining role of a criminal profiler in Signal
  3. As someone who loves watching and working for cinema as much as he does, Je Hoon was also the promotional ambassador for Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) under the Korean Film Council, to mark their 10th anniversary in 2016. 
  4. After portraying a real estate business mastermind in his 2017 kdrama, Tomorrow With You, the actor has been made the Honorary Ambassador of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Talk about taking reel to the real (estate) deal! 

If Lee Je Hoon is a recent but a frequent presence in your ‘Currently Watching’ list, then you’re probably in need of some facts and trivia about him. This section will try to cover things that fans should know about the Korean actor, including his height, education, birthday, et all

His birth date is July 4, 1984 which means he was born in the Year of The Wood Rat and is a 37 year old Cancer.

According to Channel Korea, the Korean actor stands 5’8 tall, weighs 65kgs and has a B+ blood type. 
Lee Je-hoon has admitted that he was a troublemaker and got into a bundle of trouble in elementary school but he became well-mannered when he went through middle school and high school.

However, Je Hoon happens to be one of the very few Korean actors who have a ‘squeaky clean image’ when it comes to both his personal and professional affairs.  
He was admitted to the prestigious Korea University (one of the top three universities in S.Korea!) as an engineering student with a major in biotechnology *topper alert* but dropped out of his course to pursue his passion for acting. And so he transferred to the Korea National University of Arts to hone his craft. 

He is a coffee lover who prefers his coffee deep and bitter (just like his on-screen characters?) and even hopes to own a café someday where he can make the beverage himself.

Aside from being an actor, Je Hoon has also co-established a film production company with his fellow movie enthusiasts, producer Kim Yoo Kyung and director Yang Kyung Mo. It’s called Hardcut and it “aims to create content with a future vision”, according to its website.

His favorite number is two. He said that he likes how it is written, it looks the prettiest, and it is the closest number to one. He said “Being in second place is already good enough, there’s still a chance to go for first place.”
He is a self-confessed cinephile who shared his love for movies with Ryu Jun Yeol in an episode of the variety show, Traveler: “It’s important to gain new experiences while taking time off, but I don’t have any special hobbies. When I watch a good movie during hard times, passion suddenly burns in my heart. I feel like I’m gaining experiences while watching movies.” That’s how much he loves movies! 
When he was young, there was a video rental shop near his house that he frequented after school so very often that it looked like he worked there. It was there that he was introduced to his love for movies. 
Despite the fact that most of his characters are extremely gritty and intense in nature, Je Hoon is stark opposite to his onscreen aura. IRL, he’s full of aegyo and is playful with all his co-stars! You will see this during press conferences, bts clips and in his guest appearance episodes of several variety shows where he would act cute and crack witty jokes all the time.
He fondly calls his Mini Cooper car ‘Youngshim’ which was his first that he has been using for over 10 years now. For someone who has received a BMW i8 supercar endorsement in the past, this just goes on to prove what a humble guy Je Hoon is in real life. 
He revealed in an interview that IU-starring tearjerker My Mister is his favorite drama series. “Everything was good and I cried every time I saw it. I think it is a great drama.”

Though the actor cannot cook, he confessed himself to be a big-time foodie. His favorite Korean dishes are nurungji and tteokbokki and his favorite ice cream flavor is mint-choco. He also has a sweet tooth for Skittles.
Lee Je-hoon thinks of himself as someone who is not fun to be with, who he is like a completely different person when it comes to his favorite things like movies and acting. His fans even gave a nickname for him “Old Soul” as he comes of as quite wise beyond his years off-screen! 
Je Hoon is a non-smoker in real life (despite what his character in Move To Heaven makes you believe) and as a result, passed out and had to be taken to the emergency room when shooting his first smoking scene in Bleak Night. He also said in an interview, that while shooting Move to Heaven, he again lost consciousness from filming too many smoking scenes.

Back in college, Je Hoon joined a hip-hop dance club from which I must say he learned quite a few moves as evident in these two videos below, one of which is his dance cover of EXO’s Love Shot during his fan meeting while the other is from his military service days, where he is seen dancing to Michael Jackson at the Hanyang University Festival in 2013! 

Click here to watch the video snippet 
Click here to watch the video snippet
Je Hoon takes an active role in volunteering too! As a goodwill ambassador of Oxfam and other notable social organisations, he is often seen participating in housing reconstruction projects, relief activities and refugee rehabilitation programs.

During an online fan interaction to promote his drama Tomorrow With You, his fans wondered where he’ll be 10 years later. He said, “I would probably be married and maybe have two children? A son and a daughter. Plus, I think I would still be working hard as an actor.” When the fans jokingly started protesting against his marriage, he responded and laughed, “If I am still single after 10 years, I am all yours. You’d have to be responsible for me.” So, any volunteers here?

Even without the glitz and glam of showbiz, Lee Je Hoon still manages to make our hearts skip a beat or two with his swoon-worthy photoshoots. Aside from his unforgettable acting, Je Hoon’s photoshoot usually features black and white portraits, showcasing the actor’s rugged features and intense expressions that lends to his charm, allowing him to play the anti-establishment hero in his films and dramas. 

Here are some of Lee Je Hoon’s glorious looks that he pulled off perfectly while posing for glossy international magazines .

Elle Korea 

Marie Claire 


W Korea

1st Look

Vogue Korea


GQ Korea

I’ll be honest now. The whole point of writing this fan guide comes down to this. If you’ve stuck with me and Lee Je Hoon till now, then I’ve just one teeny tiny bit of small favor to ask as his fan. The guy is on Instagram and posts the most cute as button pictures of himself every now and then for his fans but alas! has a criminally dismal fan following despite being one of South Korea’s most elite actors. If you have loved even one of his dramas or movies then please follow him up! 

The great actor that he has been, he deserves at least more than 1M followers, doesn’t he?! 

Tap here to follow him on Instagram  

for more cute updates! 

Lee Je Hoon is rightfully called a walking chameleon, as he goes about instantly transforming into myriads of personalities and emotions for his dramas and movies. Whether you want to get acquainted with human emotions and their range or want to learn a lesson or two on versatile acting fret not. Just a regular dose of Lee Je Hoon’s talent is enough to answer both those queries. So as an added bonus, here’s me leaving you with a collage of some of oppa’s most iconic roles and expressions. Which Lee Je Hoon mood are you today? Do you think the actor is still underrated or 2021 belongs to him? Also, which is your all-time favorite Lee Je Hoon role? Tell me all about it and more in the comments section! 

(Source: Wikipedia, Soompi, YouTube clips) 

I do not own any of images and/or gifs used in this article; the credit for the same belongs to the respective owners. The images are from several international photoshoots, movie and drama stills, official posters, OST covers and BTS clip screenshots. The gifs are from various Tumblr accounts.

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