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Hey, guys! I am back again with another one. I really enjoyed writing this article, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

I came to know about Kim Seon Ho after watching the drama Start-Up. Before I knew it, I was swooning all over him and not to mention that perfectly formed dimples that appear as soon his lips curl into a smile. The moment I saw him in the drama, I fell in love with his charms, not to leave out his looks (the dimples are a cherry on the top). After the drama ended, I looked him up on the internet and kind of stalked him, liking his every post, swooning over his photographs and sorts. I can go on and on but let me stop myself here, and let’s get into it. 

Name: Kim Seon Ho

Birth Date: May 8, 1986 (Age 35)

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 76kg

Blood type: A

Star sign: Taurus

Agency: Salt Entertainment

Instagram Account: @Seonho__Kim

Kim Seon Ho, born in Seoul, South Korea, is a South Korean actor. Kim never dreamt of becoming an actor in his childhood. Actually, he wanted to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor. However, during his college days, he got fascinated by performing arts and attended the Seoul Institute of Arts after graduating High school. He graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment.

 Screen Debut

Before debuting in television drama, he performed as an actor in some theater plays throughout his college days and after graduating. Some prominent roles he played in his theater group were “New Boeing Boeing”, a French play of the same name, “Rooftop House Cat”, and “Goal of Love”. After a while of acting in theater plays, he finally made his television debut in 2017 with a minor role in the drama Good Manager. Then he went to play some more minor and second leads in dramas like Strongest Deliveryman, Two Cops, and 100 Days my Prince, to name a few. His performance in the drama was well received by the audiences, which paved a path for his further rising popularity.

Rising Popularity

His popularity started to rise in the year 2019 when he appeared in the drama Catch the Ghost alongside Moon Geun Young. In the same year, he joined the cast of the KBS2 reality show 2 Days & 1 Night as a regular cast member in its fourth season. Fans all over the world liked his charms and playfulness in the variety show adding up to the rise in his popularity.


Kim’s breakthrough role, which showed a very large rise in his popularity, was his role in the 2020’s tvN drama Start-Up. His portrayal of Han Ji Pyo, a start-up investor with a tragic past, was well-received by viewers and garnered him a nomination for the Baeksang Arts Award for best supporting actor in a drama. This drama helped him become a household name. His popularity both domestically and internationally had quite a surge. His acting skills were appreciated by netizens as well as by international audiences. He is all set to return with his new project as a lead on the tvN drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha alongside Shin Min Ah.

Other Projects

Kim has also sung the OST titled “Waikiki” the actor’s version with co-stars Lee Yi Kyung and Shin Hyun Soo for the drama Welcome to Waikiki 2. He also collaborated with Epitone Project to release the single “Reason” in May, which he sang and co-wrote, having previously appeared in the music video.

Roles Played

Strongest Deliveryman

The story follows a deliveryman who goes on to become CEO of his own start-up company and follows his day-to-day life and his road to achieving success in both love and career. 

Kim plays the role of Oh Jin Kyu, a highly born who appears to be stubborn at first but later on changes as the show progresses. His role was well-received for being a new excellent performance of his first lead role.

Two Cops

A fantasy drama where the main lead’s body is inhibited by another man’s soul, who happens to be a con artist. Kim played the role of Go Su Chang, whose soul inhibits Cha Dong Tak, a cop. The comical part of the drama was appreciated by the netizens. He received both Excellence Award Actor and Best New Actor in the MBC Drama Awards for his performance in the drama.

100 Days My Prince

Next, he appeared in the historical romance drama 100 Days My Prince. He played Jung Jae Yoon, a hidden advisor to the crown prince, played by Do Kyung Soo. His character suffers from face blindness, and he only seems to recognize Yeon Hong Shim’s face, the character played by Nam Ji Hyun. He has a one-sided love for Hong Shim. His character is also one of the few to earn the Crown Prince’s trust.


The story revolves around the character of Bae Suzy, who aspires to become an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs. A love triangle was formed between a person who is her first love and another who pretends to be her first love.

Kim took on the role of Han Ji Pyo, team leader of an investment company who has a keen knowledge and skills when it comes to investment. He earns himself the title of “The Gordon Ramsay of investments” because of his sharp tongue. He is in love with the character played by Bae Suzy as she was his first love. He is very well-mannered tough picky, but he is good to people who had done him favors in the past. He has a good bond with Bae Suzy’s character’s grandmother, as she has been with him since childhood. She even calls him “Good Boy”.

Interesting Facts About Him

  • He is also well known as “Mr. Dimple” or “Dimple Prince” because of his appealing and charming looks especially when he smiles and shows his very attractive dimples.

  • Seon Ho is also nicknamed  “Paperdoll” because of the doll-like dancing skills that were seen along with the cast of 100 Days My Prince with EXO’s Growl concept and him dancing to SISTAR’s “Touch my Body” in the show 2 Days & 1 Night.
  • In an episode of “2 Days & 1 Night,” Kim Seon Ho revealed he is an only child and has once dreamt to become a doctor.
  • Kim Seon Ho hopes to become an actor other celebrities would want to work with again. In an interview with ARENA HOMME+, he added another goal: “When I portray a character, I want to hear this kind of response «it wouldn’t be possible if this role wasn’t played by Kim Seon Ho» or «it is made for Kim Seon Ho»
  • Kim Seon Ho revealed in an interview that he was 32 when he first flew an aeroplane.
  • Kim auditioned for his first television show at the suggestion of a producer, who watched his performance at one of his theater plays.

What do you guys think about him? 

Did you know him from before or come to know about him from Start-Up? 

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