Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul in talks to star in the drama “Doctor Cha Jung Sook”

Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul will reportedly star together in one drama.

According to several media reports on January 6th, Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul will be the main leads for the upcoming drama “Doctor Cha Jung Sook.” The two will play the role of a married couple. 

The series will tell the story of a medical graduate turned housewife but decided to return to the medical field, and a doctor husband who maintains a perfect dual life. He is great at his job and he is also great at cheating on his wife. This drama will be the first Korean series that will focus on family medicine. 

Uhm Jung Hwa will reportedly portray the role of Cha Jung Seok. She graduated from medical school with good grades but has lived as the eldest daughter-in-law and an ordinary housewife. After 20 years, she challenged herself again and entered the residency program. Unexpectedly, she was placed in a hospital where she will be working with her husband as the surgeon and her son as a fellow resident. 

Kim Byung Chul on the other hand was offered to play the role of Seo In Ho, the husband of Cha Jung Seok. He is the chief of colonoscopy department and is known to be a perfectionist. He lives a perfect dual life. He does his job and image very well. He has strong self-love. He also cheats on her wife perfectly. 

Broadcasting and other production details for “Doctor Cha” are not yet revealed.

If Uhm Jung Hwa accepts the offer, this drama will possibly be her return as the main lead after five years. She last starred in the 2017 series “You’re Too Much.” The singer-actress is also participating in the upcoming star-studded drama “Our Blues.” 

Meanwhile, if Kim Byung Chul accepts this series, he will be starring in two dramas this year. Aside from “Doctor Cha,” the actor is also included in the upcoming Netflix original series “All of Us Are Dead.” 


What are your thoughts on the possible pairing of Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Byung Chul?

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