Top actress Lee Young Ae gives a helping hand to Ukraine

Lee Young Ae made a generous financial contribution to the people of Ukraine.

On March 1st, several media outlets spotlighted Lee Young Ae’s generous donation in support of Ukraine. The Ukrainian ambassador Dmytro Ponomarenko shared Lee Young Ae’s action on his personal Twitter account, including a photo of the check as well as a letter from the actress. Lee Young Ae donated a total of one hundred million won (approximately $83,000 US Dollars).

The ambassador praised the actress for her support. Here’s the statement of the Ukraine ambassador: 

“We are very excited and touched by the letter and the great financial contribution of the famous Korean actress Lee Young-Ae in support of Ukraine and the demand to end the war as soon as possible! The donations will be transferred to the needs of victims of Russian aggression.”

Aside from the financial donation, Lee Young Ae also wrote a letter to Ukrainian citizens. Here’s the translation of her statement: 

Dear Ukrainian citizens, 

This is Lee Young Ae, an actress from Korea. Coming from a family of veterans who also went through the horrors of war, I sympathize with you more deeply than anyone. 

I sincerely hope and pray that the war will stop and there will finally be peace again in Ukraine as soon as possible. I pray for the great safety of all the citizens of Ukraine. 

Ukrainians who love freedom and peace, I hope you will not lose hope and courage!

As a citizen of independent Korea who loves peace, I would like to deliver my small but precious heart to the people of Ukraine. May God always bless you. 

Lee Young Ae is known for being generous and has been donating to those who need help. She is one of the top actresses in Korea. 

The actress last starred in the 2021 drama “Inspector Koo.” She is known for being the main lead of the dramas “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” “Jewel in the Palace,” “Invitation,” “Romance,” “Because I Love You,” “Medical Brothers,” “Papa,” and more. 


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