To Fly With You Is Gearing Up For Premiere With Enthusiastic Posters!

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Today I’m going to bring everyone along into a wonderful journey of ice skating! Curious about more? 

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 Number of episodes: 36 | Country: China | Duration: 45 minutes.

Also known as: Accompany You to Fly by the Wind 

Premieres this Monday on 22nd November at 20:10! 

Notice: Can be easily read in both light and dark mode!

Director Sha Wei Qi will bring to light another masterpiece, next to Gank Your Heart (2019)!

This drama will be available online with English subtitles at Viki!

Shen Zhengyi found her lifelong calling in speed skating. Keeping her plans a secret from her mother, she decides to give her all to seize her final shot at becoming an athlete.
The universality of snow sports allowed Shen Zhengyi, a young woman who loves short-track speed skating, to pursue her passion. She signs up for the newcomer recruitment for the “Zhufeng Club” behind her mother’s back. However, Shen Zhengyi who has no formal training whatsoever becomes a magnet for trouble. Furthermore, she gets a taste of the hellish training courtesy of coach Zhuang Yue.

After many twists and turns, Zhengyi succeeds in joining the club but new challenges come in succession. Zhengyi not only has to strive to improve her technical weakness but also has to learn to cooperate with teammates.

No matter how hard her journey becomes, figure skater Shao Beisheng who has been a loyal friend for many years is always been around to accompany her while former speed-skating champion Xiao Han has helped her in many ways. Through her own determination and encouragement from others, Zhengyi begins her transformation into becoming a true athlete.

(Source: ChineseDrama.info 

Now, it’s time to meet the main cast members!

 These character posters are filled with 101 types of mood swings, 

vibrating with positivity and great excitement:

Wang An Yu as Shao Bei Sheng

“Dance on ice and let your imagination fly.”

(Poster source: Weibo) (Quote source: WeTV Philippines on Twitter)

Here you’ll discover exclusive footage from behind the scenes at 柠萌影业 Linmon Pictures on Youtube!

Song Zu Er as Shen Zheng Yi

“Don’t stop! Fighting! Go! Go! Go!”

(Poster source: Weibo)

Other major characters: 

Xu Yang as Xioa Han

(Poster source: Weibo)

Xia Meng as Xiao Qing

(Poster source: Weibo)

Pu Miao as Zhuang Yue

(Poster source: Weibo)

Li Hao Fei as Zhu Le Le

(Poster source: Weibo)

Looking for a drama, with a similar setup? If you adore ice skating, hockey or 

any other Winter Sports, I would highly recommend 

Skate Into Love (2020).

(Poster source: Weibo,1ent.com)

You can find out which streaming sites this will be available at the

“Where To Watch” section on the MyDramaList page. 

If you simply want to find out more about 

Wang An Yu’s acting abilities, I suggest you watch:

Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (2021)

(Poster source: Huaceinfo on Twitter)

You can find out which streaming sites this will be available at the

“Where To Watch” section on the MyDramaList page. 

So, are you ready to catch up and see To Fly With You, this winter?

(Poster source: WeTVOfficial on Twitter)

It will also be broadcast online on WeTV and ViuTV although with regional restrictions!

(Poster source: Weibo)

PS: Yoo Seung Ho will come back before Christmas 

with When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon (2021).

During a photoshoot for ELLE Korea. 

(GIF images source: Tumblr)

I hope you all have a pleasant and warm holiday season! 

Take care and see you around next time! Goodbye!

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