“The Killer’s Shopping List” to air this April!

tvN drops the first trailer of the upcoming thriller-mystery drama “The Killer’s Shopping List.”

On March 16th the first video teaser for “The Killer’s Shopping List” was released. It was also revealed through the clip that the upcoming drama will premiere sometime in April. 

“The Killer’s Shopping List” is the latest work of director  Lee Eon Hee (“The Accidental Detective 2: In Action”) and writer  Han Ji Wan (“The Ghost Detective”).

The upcoming drama will base its story on the popular novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young. The series will revolve around a mysterious murder case that took place in an apartment building near MS Mart. Dae Song, the cashier of the mart, his mother, and his police girlfriend will join forces in investigating the murder scene. The only clue of the murder case is a receipt that came from MS Mart. 

Watch the trailer here:

In the teaser clip, Lee Kwang Soo’s character Ahn Dae Song was shown doing his usual task as a cashier. But someone’s shopping items at the conveyor belt became unusual. From gloves covered with seeming bloodstains, watermelon with an ax, chainsaw, an old teddy bear in a can, and a fish that is poked with a knife. Ahn Dae Song got shocked by the items and screamed. Next on the clip was a receipt with a voice-over stating, “Please throw away the receipt” while the caption in the receipt reveals “The culprit is in the receipt.”

The series will be led by Lee Kwang Soo, AOA’s Kim Seol Hyun, Jin Hee Kyung, Shin Sung Woo, Park Ji Bin, Oh Hye Won, and more.

 “The Killer’s Shopping List” is set to premiere its first episode this April. It will have a total of 8 episodes which will exclusively air on tvN.


Are you excited for the comeback of Lee Kwang Soo in dramas?

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