“The Jinx’s Lover” starring Na In Woo and Girls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun confirmed to air this June!

The upcoming KBS drama “The Jinx’s Lover” will premiere this June. 

On May 2nd, KBS released its first teaser photo highlighting Girls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun. It was also confirmed that the drama will officially air this June. 

“The Jinx’s Lover” will be directed by Yoon Sang Ho (“River Where the Moon Rises” and “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”) and written by Jang Yoon Mi (“Luck-Key”).

The upcoming drama will be based on a webtoon of the same name by writer Han Ji Hye and illustrator Gu Seul. The series will revolve around an unlucky man who will meet the goddess of fortune. 

Seo Hyun will play the role of Lee Seul Bi, the goddess of fortune. She has the mysterious ability to see the future of someone when she holds its hands. Na In Woo will play the role of Gong Soo Kwang, a brewmaster who owns a craft beer shop. Aside from the two, Jeon Kwang Ryul, Ki Do Hoon, Lee Ho Jung, and Kim Dong Young, will also star in the upcoming drama.

“The Jinx’s Lover” will begin airing this June, taking part of the Wednesday-Thursday drama timeslot of KBS.  It will reportedly replace “Love All Play” after it ends. 

This drama will be Seo Hyun’s comeback to the small screen after two years. She last starred in the 2020 series “Private Lives” with Go Kyung Pyo. The idol-actress will also join the upcoming drama “Song of the Bandits” with Kim Nam Gil, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Ho Jung, and Kim Seol Jin. She will also star in the upcoming film “Holy Night: Demon Hunters.” 

Meanwhile, this will be the reunion of director Yoon Sang Ho and Na In Woo. The two first worked for the KBS drama “River Where the Moon Rises.” 

Na In Woo is currently a regular member of the variety program “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4.” He will also join the upcoming drama “Cleaning Up” and the movie “Similar.” 


Are you excited to see the chemistry between Seo Hyun and Na In Woo?

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