Soju’s Thai Fairytales

Greetings everyone!

I’m sure all of us have grown up hearing fairytales or watching animations that were adapted from them. In this way, fairytales have at some point been a big part of our lives. 

Although for most parts, fairytales aren’t exactly the best tales to tell little children, we’ve all managed to get by so far. 

I think fairytales allow us to have this innocent, whimsical hope about life, and while some now cry in outrage and call it false advertising, as I grow older I adore fairytales more and more. 

It is because I am growing older and seeing just how cruel and chaotic the real world is, I wish I could take a break sometimes— go back and look at the world with the pastel pink and purple lens I had on as a child. 

I remember when I was a little kid, my grandma would tell me fairytales every night before I went to bed, and after she finished the story she would always make a point to remind me of what the message behind the story was. I think fairytales also help shape our moral compass as kids. 

In this article, I am going to share lakorn  that remind me of fairytales, whether a specific one or they have the fairytale feel to it. 

Some of you may question whether some of the fairytales featured in this article are even fairytales. To that, I will say, if an animation has been made about this tale and I can tell the story during bedtime… it’s a fairytale to me. 

In addition to that, the titles I will feature within this article will not have an accurate 100 % resemblance to the fairytales.  

I have made selections after certain plot details. These details can range from small things to big things. 

Therefore, please do not expect 7 men of so and so height roaming around the FL in a title mentioned under “Snow White”, or the FL being awoken by a kiss in “Sleeping Beauty”. 

With that, I ask you to have faith in me, I will reveal the reasoning of each of my featured titles. 

This might be a little lengthy so prepare a pot of tea before you begin! Happy reading (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

  Spoilers ahead
✧  Suitable for both dark and light modes
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Cursed to turn into a frog, a prince requires a princess to offer him three nights stay with meals in order to break his curse. 
In some, more exciting versions, he requires a kiss on his lips.
In the end, the frog prince manages to escape his curse and obtains a princess bride as well.[1]
Year: 2021
Episodes: 26
Duration: 60 min.
Lookpat (Vill) is a smart girl who made up a legend about a frog ghost to save their fallen resort business, which is the primary income for her hometown. 
However, the land was already mortgaged to a real estate company managed by Kin (Son Yuke), a cold-hearted businessman who has plans on exposing their false legend.  
Surprisingly, due to an unexpected accident, Kin loses his memory and becomes very kind and warm-hearted.
I chose this title for “Frog Prince” because it is itself set around this fairytale. Firstly, please redirect your attention once again to the title and poster. Secondly, please redirect your attention to the plot —the FL has devised a legend around a frog ghost. 
Finally, the ML who is like a prince loses his memories and becomes a frog. Unfortunately, what’s ironic is that when he is a frog, his actions are princely. But when he is a prince, his actions are worse than ruffians. Oh, how the turns have tabled. 

The 1997 Fox animation branded the tale of Grand Duchess Anastasia and her family as a fairytale. While unusual, the tale is based on real life events of the royal family and its assassination. The animation, however, turns the sad story into one with second chances, hope, and a happy ending. 
SI will roll with it.[4][5]
Year: 2017
Episodes: 15
Duration: 1.5 hrs
When Korakot Benjarong comes back to Thailand from the USA immediately after hearing about his father’s, Dr. Krai Benjarong, death, he discovers that he is to only obtain his inheritance if he marries La Ong Dao, a girl who was adopted by Dr. Krai since she was born.

However, Korakot already has a lover and has never cared enough to know La Ong Dao before.  Soon he finds out that  La Ong Dao is no longer “a chubby and grumpy little child” but a beautiful lady with a heart full of dignity and beauty that not only radiates on the outside but the inside as well.
While the synopsis may not resemble Anastasia in the least, the reason why I picked this title is that La Ong Dao is in actuality a princess. Her father fell in love with a woman that his parents did not see worthy of their son, and so he moved away with his bride.  The fates were not good to the couple, and soon both the mother and father died of different reasons. La Ong Dao, was then placed under the care of the Prince’s best friend, Dr. Krai. 
Dr. Krai raised La Ong Dao, and in a sense wished for her to marry his son so that he would have not only a good girl but also a Princess as a wife — which is why he made such a will. La Ong Dao also has a grandmother, who is the last direct remaining relative of hers. In the end, she too has her reveal and ascends to her rightful place as Princess La Ong Dao. Unfortunately, she’s unable to shake off the baggage she is now in love with, the ML. 

A tale of a baby duckling who was born a little different from its other siblings and so was treated by everyone around it. This caused the poor little duckling to become a recluse and undervalue itself. Even when it grows up to become a beautiful swan, it still is not able to see how beautiful it is. In the end, the little duckling finally finds its place with a flock of swans that accept it, leaving behind everyone that had once called it ugly.
Ingdao (Mookda) and her family own a large orange farm. She’s the type that takes no crap from anyone. Thanks to her huge mole and unkempt appearance she is often viewed as ugly. Nevertheless, she has a boyfriend named Nu, a dashing and mild-mannered teacher from the same town. When she discovers that her sister (Moodang) has been played by the casanova mogul Songkran (Michael), she gets forward to have a makeover and get revenge. 
Mark (Bomb), the gay CEO of an entertainment company, is killed and is given 100 days as a ghost to settle his unfinished business. Cin (Preem) is a kind shy woman who lives a harsh life with her brother Sun and cruel stepmother and stepsister. Mark discovers he can possess Cin, and together they set out to help Mark’s family and business, and solve the mystery of his death, with help from his brother Mate (Masu). Along the way, Mark helps Cin improve her own life and find love.
Tough guy  Suriyen (Atichart) is determined to bring justice to his older sister’s (Jern) killer. Tarntawan (Chippy) is the sister of Suriyen’s brother-in-law (Not), who has been accused of murdering his wife. She returns from abroad after hearing of what has occurred in order to take care of her nephew (Aom) as well as prove her brother’s innocence. Unfortunately, her nephew is under Suriyen’s custody, and Suriyen firmly believes that she is colluding with her brother.
With this title, the “transformation” is directly linked to the phenotypical aesthetics of the main character. Ingdao is stereotypically presented as less than aesthetically pleasing in the beginning, which I have associated with her “Ugly Duckling” phase — after which she transforms into a “Swarn” when she gets a makeover in order to go and seek revenge for her sister.  Whether that is successful or not is another topic.
Here the “transformation” is more so about the personality of the main character, Cin. In the beginning, she is shy and meek, but with the help of her little magic “Mark”, she slowly grows and blossoms into a stronger person who dares to do what she wants and dares to love. I think it can also speak for the growth of Mark’s character as well, who will probably have character development as he spends his last 100 days on earth. 
The ugly duckling in this title is actually “Suriyen”, and once again over here the transformation is in his personality. In the beginning, he is very rude, brash, and scary. However, as time goes by and through the help of the female lead, he becomes calmer and gentler in order to get closer to his nephew who he loves but was unable to express so before. I could also put this under “Beauty and the Beast” and it would fit right in, imo. 

Also known as the “Little Glass Slipper”, this fairytale has many versions and many origins. But the most popularised version is of a girl born to a rich widowed father, who married a haughty woman with two equal nasty daughters. The girl faces a lot of harsh treatment from the stepmother and sisters over the years but finds her happy ending when a fairy godmother allows her to attend a royal ball, and the crown prince falls in love with her. 
Tawan (Namfon) is an orphan who lives with her aunt  (Kaew) and cousin Yardfah (Pakjeela). They, however, treat her as a servant and not as a family member. Years back, Tawan’s uncle had set up Yardfah to marry his friend’s (Pairoj) son, Tomorn. Thus, after some time passed, the friend wishes to fulfill the agreement. Despite Tomorn (Petvisetsiri), being less than enthusiastic, he agrees to meet the girl. Here, he falls in love at first sight, but with Tawan instead. 
Gorya (Tu) is a simple girl who passes an exam and gets accepted into a prestigious and luxurious school attended by the wealthy, which is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4,  consisting of 4 rich, handsome and spoiled boys. Because of her courage to stand up for herself, Gorya is the only one that stands up to their bullying ways, leaving all the boys in awe, especially Thyme (Bright), the group’s leader. However, Gorya is interested in the gentle Mira (Dew) instead. 
Mom Chulee (Meaw)  is a very domineering and old-fashioned woman, proud of her noble blood. A few years after the marriage, Mom Chulee’s husband had a relationship with a maid who later got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Watsika (Tubtim). 
Unable to live with Mom Chulee, her husband committed suicide. The young Watsika was thus raised by Mom Chulee in persecution and hatred. 
Before anything, I just want to declare that I am not speaking about the latest version. I am speaking only about this version. Now, Tawan lives a very Cinderella sort of life. She is an orphan, and slaves away for her aunt and cousin sister. Her aunt also seems interested in Prince charming aka Tomorn, and so aims to become in-laws with that family. The twist is that when Tomorn falls for Tawan, she allows the girl to marry him. 
This is the most twisted, modern Asian version of Cinderella there is. Some of you might even want to fight me about this title’s inclusion but I will just say this. She’s dirt poor, he’s a level beyond filthy rich. Over here, Cinderalla has spunk and falls for Prince Charming Mira, then does a U-turn and falls for his trash moody cousin aka Prince Gorya. That’s basically it. My reasoning for including this. I regret nothing and everything. I apologise. Not. 
Poor, innocent, and completely suppressed orphan FL who is, unfortunately, a mistress-born, has to stay with her step-mother. Her father has died, and her stepmother absolutely hates her. Every day as she grows, she faces cusses, beatings, and harsh treatment from the people in the house until her tear glands become exhausted with all the overtime they are being put through. Then prince charming… or well hehe… arrives… to save her.

A tale of a beautiful princess who has been cursed by an evil sorcerer named Rothbart to turn into a swan every sunrise until a man who has never loved before proclaims his love for her.
The endings have many versions. The original is unsurprisingly dark and sad, but newer versions have been adapted to give it a happier, more child-friendly ending. [6][7]
Year: 2014
Episodes: 28
Duration: 1 hr
Lallalit (Vill) is a spoiled, bratty, and selfish heiress who is completely absorbed with her own beauty. Looking down from heaven two angels (Nus)  decide to teach her a lesson by acting as her fairy godmothers and casting a spell on her. 
Only she doesn’t receive a reward but the curse of living her life as a human at day and as a bird at night. Only true love’s kiss can break the spell thinks everyone loves her, so when she was challenged to break the spell. Of course, Lallalit thinks it would be a piece of cake to find somebody to love her but to her surprise she overhears people talking badly about her, hating her for being rotten.
(¬‿¬ ) You can see it, can’t you? Why I have chosen this title to represent the “Swan Princess”? Come on! It’s so easy! It’s white, and can fly? (¬‿¬ )  Ok ok, I’ll stop. Alright so although the circumstances and reasoning were different, the FL was still made by an external source to turn into a white bird every night. 
This can be the same but opposite with Swan princess who was cursed to turn into a swan every morning. The only difference here is that there is no evil Rothbart behind this, but two beautiful angels. Another thing that is different is that while Odette was kind and pure, Lallalit is snobby and a total diva. 

Once again, this is a tale with many adaptations. But the original begins with a man and his pregnant wife who lived next door to a sorceress who had many delectable things in her garden. The pregnant wife’s craving for a fruit in the garden led to a promise of giving the sorceress the couple’s firstborn. The ending is morbid, just like almost every other fairytale. Thankfully we also have happier versions as well like Tangled and Barbie’s versions. [8][9][10]
Year: 2014
Episodes: 13
1hr 50min
Kaew (Ken)  is a slave in the late 1800′s Thailand. He grows up during a time when slavery is coming to an end in Thailand. Kaew is what you would call a grandfathered slave meaning in all technicality he is a slave because his parents were slaves. Society was, however, changing. New laws were put in place that would allow Kaew to retire from slavery at 21. However, his master, Phraya Chaiyakorn refused to free him.

The story centers around Kaew, his struggle for freedom, and the love he has for Namtip (Bella), the young noblewoman who is the daughter of his master and the heart of his inner strength.

Ah, this one is very unconventional, but it did not take me even a minute to decide just what I wanted to put under “Rapunzel”. In fact, this was one of the titles that was the quickest to pick. As you can see, there are no beauties stolen from parents, no 5 km long hair, no magical life cure in anyone’s hair follicles or tall towers with no doors and just a single window. 
In this title, Kaew is “Rapunzel”, slavery is his tall tower, Phraya Chaiyakorn is the “witch” that holds him hostage, and Namtip is the “Prince”.  The journey that Kaew takes to escape his tall tower is laborious and full of pain and losses just like Rapunzel in the actual tale, but like the Disney version — he has his own happiness in the end. 

My personal favourite fairytale about a selfish vain prince who gets cursed by a sorceress to become an ugly beast and live a life of solitude until someone can truly love him for his heart, and not his face or wealth.
Suea Phaya’s spirit (Tiger King) is a secret of the tribal people. When summoned, the moon would turn red and the person who inherited Suea Phaya’s spirit would turn into a tiger to protect the forest and wild animals. Traditionally, the spirit was passed down from father to son. However, a sudden accident caused the spirit to be transferred to Sama (Tono),  the son of the local doctor. At first, this went unnoticed, however, later when it was revealed, it led Sama to live a lonely life. Until… Parichart (Richy), a new teacher,  arrived. 
After a series of events, Pachara  (Tono) was suddenly cursed by his lover, Matira (Nychaa) to walk the earth without death and without a heart. Because of the curse, Pachara continues to live for thousands of years. Until one day, he meets an artist named Praoploy. As soon as he sees Praoploy he feels that she is the reincarnation of his past love Matira, which causes him to treat her with disdain. But is Praoploy really the reincarnation of Matira? And will Pachara ever escape the life of endless existence and a stagnant chest? 
[TW] Purin (Nok) was brutally hurt when his lover, Rose (Jariya), dumped him for a wealthy man. He never forgot the pain of heartbreak and always felt the desire to get revenge. As years passed, Purim became a wealthy businessman while Rose became an alcoholic and gambler. 
One day the fate of the two collided again and seeing an opportunity for revenge Purim made Rose sell her daughter Kungsadarn (Janie) to him as a wife in return for paying her gambling debt.
While the “gift” was unknowingly given and was not a curse, the Beast (Tiger) lives in the ML, Sama. This causes him to have a lonely life because the secret of the Tiger King can not be shared with other people aka outsiders. Then we have Belle aka Parichart. Where Belle was studious and desiring knowledge and adventure, Parichart is studious and is even a teacher. Then the two fall in love, how beautiful! Oh, and in his human form, Tono also looks great — just like the beast in his human form  he he! 
Here the ML was cursed. This curse was also put by a woman. In the fairytale, the beast was cursed with disfiguration, but in this, he was cursed with immortality because of the absence of his heart. In the fairytale, he was cursed by a witch in disguise, in this version he was cursed by his witch/magic doing girlfriend. In my head, these points justify my selection. 
To me, this sure feels like a very loose adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast “— with a Thai twist!
He he he… (ง ื▿ ื)ว
The “beast” Purin gets his “Rose” taken away, and spends the next decade or whatever alone and bitter, just like the Beast in the fairytale. Purin’s curse is his bitterness and the burning desire for revenge. Then years later when he has a chance he obtains payment for what was taken in the form of Kunsadarn aka “Belle”. At first, just like the Beast in the tale, he is horrible (TW) with Kunsadarn, but slowly he changes and falls for her goodness. 

A mermaid princess falls in love with a man she saves from a shipwreck. In order to be with her beloved, the mermaid makes a deal with the sea witch to get a pair of legs in exchange for her voice. There are alternative versions of the fairytale — but let’s believe that she was named Ariel, and she managed to win her love in the end. 
Two scientists are trying to find evidence to prove that merpeople are real. The three male leads (Boat, Kiak, Best), who are all mermen, are trying to figure out who the two scientists are and why they want to prove that merpeople are real, so they investigate.
However, accidents are bound to happen, and two of the mermen accidentally find themselves kissing two girls (Namwhan, Reindeer) which in turn transforms the girls into mermaids as well. The third and youngest merman also has challenges of his own in the matters of love.
A love story between a human and a mermaid. This drama follows how a human Khun Naraen (Golf) and the mermaid princess (Jean) of the northern ocean, Anda, fell in love. Anda, the princess of the northern ocean escaped the sea after the evil mermaid king of the southern ocean, Sinthu (Kik) who desired to be the master of all sea, came to ask her hand in marriage — either by coaxing or force. Not wanting to marry the evil king at all, Anda escaped and found Naraen, a human man. Eventually, they fell in love.  
A huge storm hit a village near the Andaman Sea, causing a lot of damage. Afterward, a baby wearing a pearl necklace was crying by the beach. The villagers thought she was bad luck and was meant to bring disasters to the village, but an old couple pitied the baby and went to raise her on another island. They named her Ratree. 18 years later, a businessman named Panfah (Patson) decided to take a trip near that island, but his boat flipped over. When he was about to become unconscious, he saw a mermaid swimming to help him, and she saved Panfah’s life. 
Little mermaid comes out of the sea in hopes of scoring herself a lover and experiencing the world as humans do. 
Little mermen here come out of the sea to find out what the two scientists (let’s call them Ursula x2) are up to and then find love in the midst of it. 
But the main reason why I chose this title is … we have merpeople, so why not!
This one is closer to the actual fairytale! Ariel is Anda (fun fact “Anda” means “egg” in my mother tongue). Where Ariel leaves the ocean for love, Anda leaves the ocean in order to escape a potential husband. There are no evil sea witches or a price to exchange for her departure, but Anda is still a mermaid after all.  This lakorn is actually upcoming and slated to premiere in 2022, so let’s keep our eyes on this and pray that a subber picks it up!
Ratree is a mermaid, so was Ariel.  Ratree saves a human man, so does Ariel. Ratree finds love with a human man, so does Ariel.  The difference here is that while Ariel came to the human world by choice, Ratree arrived as a baby. Another difference between Ariel and Ratree is that Ariel fell in love with the man who she saved (regardless of whether she turned into sea foam or became his princess), Ratree saved one man and ended up with another he he. 

A beautiful princess with skin as fair as snow, hair as dark as ebony, and lips as red as blood is the object of her vain stepmother’s jealously. In order to be the fairest of them all, her stepmother attempts to assassinate Snow White, but she escapes and finds solace in the home of 7 welcoming dwarfs. [8]
Year: 2012
Episodes: 20
Time: 2hr 0min
Khun Chai Thitirat (New) is a rich college-going young man who meets a runaway 15-year-old girl named Duenram (Davika) and decides to help her. The two bond as benefactor and ward, and later when Thitirat goes to the US for further studies, they even write to each other. However, this stops when Dooktae (Tarn), Thitirat’s girlfriend, dumps him to marry a rich older man. Even when he returns, he treats Ram with disdain. Actually, Thitirat’s father (Jome) and Ram’s father  (Jeep) had once made a promise to get Thitirat married to Ram’s father’s daughter, Maya Rasamee. But where is this Maya Rasamee?
Oh ho, I spent three days deciding if I wanted this under Snow White or Rapunzel. Nonetheless, here it is. Snow White and Ram both have an evil stepmother who hates them and treats them badly. Ram and Snow White both ran away from home in order to escape their mother’s bad treatment.
Snow White’s prince and Ram’s “prince” both find them after they have run away. The first difference here is that there are not several tiny supportive men cheering Ram on here though. The second difference is that here Ram’s stepmother had a daughter who she wanted to pass off as Rasamee. 

A child who was cursed by an evil fairy to sleep for 100 years after pricking her finger when she reaches a certain age.In order to help the poor princess, a good fairy puts the entire kingdom to sleep 
— awaiting the day a gallant prince will arrive and break the curse with a kiss.
Year: 2021
Episodes: 16
Time: 1hr 5min
A cohabitation comedy about a ghost  (Orn) of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy (Saint) with the ability to see and hear ghosts. 
What he’s discovered over the years is that he can touch them and fight them off, so when he’s in need of a part-time job and can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts putting ads online as an exorcist for hire. 
His ad: “Will face off with your ghosts. Chances of winning: virgin ghosts 80 %, bachelor ghosts 40 %, child ghosts 97 %, the rest 50 %.” One night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost, and during the fight, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly.
My criteria for the lakorn selection under “Sleeping Beauty” was not a cursed beauty who lived my dream and slept for several years without losing her youth or mobility — or well… something close to that but not exactly. I thought this drama fits the bill quite well since the FL was in a coma for several months which could count as “sleeping”, am I right?  (¬‿¬ )
Thankfully in this, the princess did not have to wait for her prince charming to find her,  she found the prince charming herself. I think the “I’m in a coma so my spirit is wandering and has met you and once we fall in love I will wake up and then we can have our happy human ending” angles are the closest we have gotten to “Sleeping Beauty” so far.  

Originally based on two boys, the classic tale of an identity switch between a prince and a pauper has also been since then adapted into girls — such as the very popular Barbie adaptation on this tale in “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper”. 
Twins, Watit (Toomtam), and Ruth lead completely different lives.  Watit belongs to high society in the city, while Ruth leads a modest life in the countryside. When Watit gets severely injured, their father asks Ruth to take over his brother’s life, pretending to be Watit in hope of finding the person who tried to kill his brother.  Metinee (Vill), is Watit’s fiancee. Their engagement is based on a business deal, not affection. When Ruth replaces his brother, Metinee doesn’t notice and marries him. Metinee gradually begins to realize that he is a different man, while slowly falling in love.
When Khemika (Kwan) discovers she has a twin, Kwanta, and that her twin has gone missing, she poses as Kwanta to find out what happened to her. Chanon (Om), Kwanta’s husband, is conflicted by his unfaithful wife’s reappearance. Hurt by her infidelity, he can neither forgive nor forget, but deep down, he still loves her despite his claims otherwise. When Chanon finds himself falling for his wife “again,” will he survive being deceived again? 

Will Khemika be successful in her quest, and what happens when she starts falling for her brother-in-law?

Pak Boong (Sonya) and Goong Nang are two people who look alike but have different personalities. 
Pak Boong was born into a poor family and her mother is kind of abusive. While Goong Nang was born into a rich family.
Pak Boong also knows how to fight or do Muay Thai, and knows how to protect herself, while Goong Nang is the weak one. 
One day, they meet and decide to switch places with each other.
Because aside from the two male leads being twins, everything else seems to fit the bill. The rich dude is not available to carry out his duties, so the poor dude is called to take his place secretly. 
A twist! The rich twin is dead in this one, and the poor twin takes her place secretly in order to find out what happened to her sister.  The dead sister is married, and the ML  husband. 
( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )
A much closer rendition to the fairytale as both are doppelgangers, one is rich and the other is poor, and they both consciously make the decision to do the switch in order to take care of their situations.  

A tale about a little girl with red cape who wanted to go visit her grandmother. She was warned by her mother to go directly to her grandmother’s and not to speak to strangers. However, on the way, she broke the rule and then finds her grandma looking much like a wolf. 
Year: 2019
Episodes: 27
Duration: 1hr
Tor (Tor) is a love child of a mistress and a wealthy hi-so man. After his mother dies from neglect, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family. Abused by his stepmother (Ann) and stepbrother (Typhoon), he turns to the girl-next-door, Mingta (Fern), who also suffers neglect at the hands of her so-called mother (Oom) and sister (Ben). One night, while being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead, though he survives. He is taken under the wing of another prostitute and takes on a new life under the alias, Sila. Years later, he returns as a notorious, rich pimp, with plans to avenge his mother and to get revenge for the torture and pain brought to him as a child.
You can’t say no. You can’t deny. Sila was a wolf in a pimp’s disguise.
Sila was the big bad wolf. The truth about Sila’s identity and purpose was “grandma”. The female lead aka “Little Red” was going on a journey to see/find it. with a “basket full of goodies” aka her love. The big bad wolf aka Sila did a lot of “bad” things, but Little Red was adamant about visiting grandma… and then she got eaten. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

To me, some Thai tales feel like a fairytale in itself. Even though they have their own twist because their culture and history are unique to their country, I still feel the same whimsical and magical way I feel when reading or watching other fairytales.
Prissana (Taya) takes place in 1938 in Phra Nakhon, Thailand. Prissana is the youngest daughter of four girls and was the only one raised in America by their uncle. She is outgoing, cheerful, and pretty, but at the same time, she is also headstrong, intelligent, and opinionated. She returns to Thailand after living in America for 12 years and is once again reunited with her family. Prissana, causes quite a stir in Thailand with her open, American behavior and refreshing beauty. She catches the attention of a lot of men, including Praweet (Paul), the man her third sister, Anong (Nadia), is in love with — and also His Royal Highness, Taan Chai Puthpreecha (Tik).
M. R. Kittirajnarin or Khun Chai Rong (Pope) is arranged to be wed to the eldest daughter of a humble Rachadamri house, Srijittra (Nychaa). 

However, already having a lover in Ying Koy, Khun Chai does not give his fiancee any time of the day. This leads Srijittra to be disappointed. But she finds solace in the younger brother of Khun Chai — Khun Chai Lek (Alek). 

Srijittra also has a younger, more daring sister, Salin (Namtarn). Who after discovering that Khun Chai Rong has a lover, decides to do everything in her power to help her sister break this unwanted engagement and be free. 
Rasika (Gul) is a modern girl who is self-confident and likes romantic novels, especially when it has time travel. 
One day, she buys the novel “Dung Prom Likit Ruk” and somehow finds herself as Karakade, the heroine in the novel. 
Karakade lives in 1923 and is the daughter of someone with high status. She meets the hero (Bomb) and they fell in love instantly. The story describes the journey they go through in order to fulfill their love even though she already has someone she is supposed to be engaged to.

Written by a Thai princess herself, and with the endearing plot it has, how can this not make me feel like it’s a fairytale? To see an unconventional, enigmatic young Thai woman return to Thailand and eventually find love with a proper prince… ahh how romantic! I have watched the lakorn and read the novels and I recommend both!
Another story that feels it’s out of a romantic fairytale. The story on how two commoner sisters find love in two prince charmings after various entertaining twists and turns. Actually, I think just this time period and the way Thai dramas portray it seems very romantic and whimsical to me. I recommend this drama to everyone!
Even though we have spent years waiting for a subbing team to miraculously pick this up — I think it’s not going to happen so might as well watch this RAW if you can digest RAW dramas, folks! I think the plot premise is very refreshing and for everyone who loves transmigration or world-hopping scenarios, you will love this.
Maneejan (Cupcake) finds out that she can travel to the past through a mirror she bought at an antique shop. That mirror brings her to the place of Khun Luang Akarathep (Om), a government official who lived over a hundred years ago. Her appearance causes him and everyone in the house a shock. But the more times she travels to the past, the more feeling she and Khun Luang develop for each other.
On the night of a full moon, two people from two different worlds that look alike switch places. 

From the past is Duangkaew (Namtarn), a conservative and quiet girl, whereas from the present is Opal (Namtarn), a girl who is tomboyish and outspoken. When these two switch places, what will happen to them and the people in each world?
[UPCOMING] Tankul (Mac), an astronomy teacher, finds a naked unconscious girl (Sirilak) and decides to protect her thinking that she’s been assaulted. After she wakes up, Tankul notices that there is something very stranger about her. Soon realises that the girl he has rescued is a macalee —having arrived here through a hole in time. Soon they fall in love. But how easy can this love story be?   
Just imagine hearing your soulmate lovingly call your name every night in your sleep. Just imagine one day being drawn to an old mirror that makes you travel 100 years back in time… a time where your soulmate is alive. How romantic ah!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
A very modern sort of Thai flavoured fairytale where two girls who were born in different eras, time travel through a painting once every bright full moon into each other’s era to find adventure and love! Can I say it again? How romantic!!! ♡ (˘▽˘)
This is an upcoming drama, but this is as fairytale as a modern fairytale can get! According to Apsara here on MDL, a Macalee or Nariphon is a magical tree in a legendary forest and it grows fruits in the shape of young female creatures.[2][3]
What are fairytales to you? 
To me, they are fantastical stories of magic, hope, and lands far far away. Of princesses and princes, witches with magic curses, and perhaps even someone who had once truly existed before. 
I think more than anything… it is an escape. Into a world where anything is possible and good always wins over evil. Or well… if you pick the right version 😉

I personally never thought fairytales were real, even as a kid… but there have been many moments as an adult where I have wished they were.  
Before we part and before you click on any of the titles, I would like to gently advise you to please look around for trigger warnings, and then venture into a title. Some of the titles are not advisable for  people who only enjoy healthy romance

After this, I may tackle a new country and bring to you another “Soju’s Fairytale” article. So please look forward to that! & if you would like to help/co-write, feel free to reach out to me! 

I hope you enjoyed the article, and let me know if you have any titles that remind you of certain fairytales in the comments section below! 

 bye bye ~ ٩(♡ε♡)۶

Edited by: devitto (1st editor)
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