Soju’s 35 Beginner-Friendly Thai Movies For Winter

H E L L O    E V E R Y O N E 
When the days are cold and the nights colder, sometimes a mug of hot cholate, warm sweaters,  and blanky is not enough to truly make our hearts warmer.

I personally believe that the cold seasons are the best times to do anything, especially watching movies that might make me cry since I’m a big crier.

This is not me saying that these movies are not recommended when it’s hot outside, after all, you can watch a good movie in any weather or season! 

In this article, I am sharing with you 35 of my top  Thai movies from various genres. 


Movies that made me laugh, cry, that taught me lessons or reminded me of a time when I was a young school girl. 
This list is also great for people who have never watched Thai movies before and want to begin!

Because the topic surrounds movies, I will attempt to not give too much away, so I will simply give a 1 – 2 liner description about each movie.  
Unlike my other articles, this one is short and simple so please enjoy it! I also hope that you find at least one title that interests you! <3
Nang Nak (1999)
The Cave (2019)
Oversize Cops (2017)
A wife’s love for her husband is boundless, existing even beyond the boundaries of life. 
Based on true events, it tells the thrilling story of the largest international rescue mission of 12 schoolboys and their teacher.
Competency should not be judged by the size of an individual but by the size of their merit. 
Fathers (2016)
Yes or No (2010)
Teacher’s Diary (2014) 
What a child needs from their parents are many things. But a specific gender combination is not one of them.
A homophobic girl gets assigned to share a dorm room with an open lesbian, and eventually finds herself falling for her new roommate.
An incredible love story of a man who begins teaching at a rural school, and how he falls in love with the previous teacher, through a diary she left behind. 
Classic Again (2020)
The Library (2013)
Midnight University (2016)
Two love stories run parallel to one another, but at different time periods and with different outcomes. 
A classic love story of one’s first love, and one’s first heartache. 
How do you woo a woman in a library where talking is frowned upon? 

You write her a love note in every book you borrow and hope she finds them. 

A story that teaches us that true friends are those that are there for you at your lowest, and education belongs to all 

— even ghosts. 

Chocolate (2008)
Suddenly Twenty (2016)
Chiang Khan Story (2014)
An action-packed movie showing us the extreme lengths a daughter would take for her mother. 
A woman (Davika) who spent her youth taking care of her son as a single mother, suddenly finds herself getting a second chance at her dreams 
— at the age of 70. 
In a time where the internet did not yet exist, and movies were the biggest way to pass on a message,

— he made a movie to tell her that he had loved her for a long long time. 

Brother of the Year (2018)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)
The Parallel (2014)
Sometimes we fight so much and even yell out the word “hate”,  but then when they get bullied or hurt,  don’t we fight for them too? 

 A sibling’s love is something like this..

A message from Soju to every young person who would like to watch this — please know that the colour of your skin does not determine your worth or beauty.  Melanin is good for you. It’s beautiful. 

A homage to the youthful innocence of a first love almost every one of us has at least  experienced once. 

A mother’s love for her child is one of the strongest emotions there is.
It can endure everything, it can do everything. 
Even defy death if it meant they could stay and protect their child. 
She Devil (2014)
Low Season (2020)
 Miss Happy (2015)
Although the cover may not look like it, the movie shows the selfless love of a husband for a wife who gets possessed for a few hours every night, and the lengths he goes to solve her problem. 

It’s a bad horror, but a sweet romance.
A sweet healing love story set in a jungle resort, between a girl with a  broken heart and sixth sense, and an author who wishes to write a horror story. 
This movie teaches us that even if you have 1 month to live, you can still find happiness in the remaining 30 days of your life— and who knows, a miracle may find you?
 The Memory (2006)
Tootsie and The Fake (2019)
Back to the ’90s (2015)
Watch a love story surrounding an amnesiac celebrity and a girl, in the beautiful jungles of Thailand.
If you could not remember the moments when you loved me, would you still … love me?
The movie follows four childhood friends and their chaotic lives as they try to survive and solve their problems while having fun!
We all need that one movie with crack-head energy.  
Would you go back in time to fix things if you had a chance? 
What if it was your parents’ future together? 
Timeline (2014)
Seasons Change (2006)
Ariya Jutanguarn (2019)
No matter how long or short our timeline is, we should fill it with happiness and remember the value of the things and people who love us.  
In a world where people chase white collared jobs  — this movie set in a beautiful music school reminds us that there is honour in every profession, and maybe we should take a chance. 
This biopic follows pro golfer Ariya Jutanugarn’s (Krissie) journey to the LPGA tour, from child prodigy to her number-one ranking in the world.

Love and Run (2019)
Love in the Rain (2013)
One Day (2016)
This movie is going to fill the “weird” quota. A romantic* comedy about a college dropout and his maybe/ maybe not nurse aunt. 
Is falling in love similar to rain? Rain falls without reason or season, but it touches all of us in many different ways.
Would you risk everything, no matter how impossible or whatever the outcome,  to be with someone you love just for one day?
Hello Stranger (2010)
The Con-Heartist (2020)
Friend Zone (2019)
You don’t need to know each other’s names to fall in love, you need to experience life’s adversities together. 
After being left in debt by her ex (Bank), Ina (Baifern) hires Tower
 (Nadech), a cunning con artist, to seek revenge against her ex-boyfriend by swindling him.
Watch a brother get out of the friendzone. That’s always heartwarming, right? 

He’s not her brother. He’s mine kek.

Me… Myself (2007)
Present Perfect (2014)
Love is limitless. 
That is all. 

Trust me, watch this.

Sometimes if you love someone, you do what is best for them and not what is best for you. 
Years into my drama-watching journey, I have realised I watch a lot more movies than dramas. 
Movies are short and simple, the entire message is expressed within 2 – 3 hours and that’s lovely for me. 

Fictional works such as dramas and movies aren’t obligated to teach us moral values or lessons, but I believe that there is always something positive to take away from every film. 
My motto is to always absorb the good and filter out the bad. Hopefully, if you did find something you like here, you will also absorb some good messages along the way. 

Hopefully, the above list of 35 movies is going to entertain you and keep you warm for the remainder of the winter season. 

Feel free to share with me any of your comfort movies. I would love to watch it!

Until the next one, friends!  ~ Soju 

Edited by: devitto (1st editor) & Jojo (2nd editor)

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