Seohyun and Lee Jun Young’s Netflix movie is set to air this February!

Upcoming Netflix original film “Love and Leashes” to officially premiere on February 11!

On January 17th, Netflix released the official poster and video teaser of the upcoming movie “Love and Leashes” starring Girls Generation’s Seohyun and UKISS Lee Jun Young. 

“Love and Leashes” will be based on a webtoon of the same name by Winter. It will depict the unusual romance between Jung Ji Hoo and Jung Ji Woo. A man with unique taste and sexual fetish and a woman who happens to know his secret. 

The upcoming film will be directed by Park Hyun Jin who also directed “Like For Likes,” “Prominent Woman,” “6 Years in Love,” and more. 

Aside from Seohyun and Lee Jun Young, Kim Bo Ra will also be part of the movie. 

“Love and Leashes” will exclusively air on the global OTT platform, Netflix.

Lee Jun Young will play as Jung Ji Woo, the assistant manager of the team who got exposed for his unusual sexual fantasies. This movie will be Lee Jun Young’s debut on the big screen since its debut. Aside from “Love and Leashes,” he will also join the upcoming films “Brave Citizen” and “More Painful Than Sadness.” The idol-actor is currently starring in the drama “Let Me Be Your Knight.” He will also take part in the upcoming series “Na Rae, Kicking Out.” 

Seohyun will portray the role of Jung Ji Woo, a talented public relations employee who happened to receive the secret package that should be delivered to Ji Woo. The idol actress is also set to star in several upcoming projects. She will also join the upcoming movie “Holy Night: Demon Hunters” and the drama “The Jinx’s Lover.” 


Are you excited to see Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young in mature roles for the upcoming film “Love and Leashes”?

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