Seo Eun Soo is in discussion to join the series “Unlock the Boss”

Seo Eun Soo will reportedly be the female lead of the upcoming drama “Unlock The Boss.”

According to the  Korean media outlet OSEN on March 7th, Seo Eun Soo has been picked to work alongside actor
Chae Jong Hyeop in the upcoming KT Genie drama “Unlock The Boss.”

Seo Eun Soo’s agency hasn’t responded to the reports yet. 

“Unlock The Boss” will be based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Park Seong Hyun. The series will be directed by Lee Chul Ha who is known for  “Insane,” “The Haunted House Project,” “Story Of Wine,” and others. The script of the drama will be written by Kim Hyung Min, the co-author of the Netflix original series “Sweet Home.”

The upcoming series will tell the story of a 39-year-old CEO of a large corporation named Seon Ju and a 29-year-old job-seeker named In Seong. The CEO dies and somehow gets stuck in a smartphone, which is then picked up by In Seong. The two will work together to figure out the real killer. 

Chae Jong Hyeop will play the role of In Seong, the person who picked up the CEO-turned-smartphone. 

There is no specific date yet on the premiere of “Unlock The Boss.”

Seo Eun Soo recently starred in the film “Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election” with Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Sun Kyun, Yoo Jae Myung, Jo Woo Jin, Park In Hwan, and Bae Jong Ok. 

If Seo Eun Soo confirms her casting for “Unlock The Boss,” this will be her comeback drama since 2020. 

Seo Eun Soo made her acting debut in 2016. She is known for being part of the dramas “Jealousy Incarnate,” “Dr. Romantic,” “My Golden Life,” “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” and more. 


What are your thoughts on the possible partnership of Seo Eun Soo and Chae Jong Hyeop in the upcoming webtoon-based series “Unlock The Door”?

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