Ryu Joon Yeol will reportedly join the upcoming original series “Connect”

Ryu Joon Yeol will reportedly lead the upcoming drama “Connect” with Jung Hae In

According to industry insiders on October 15th Ryu Joon Yeol will be added to the cast of the upcoming original series “Connect.” 

Japanese director Takashi Miike will be taking over the drama and this will be his first-ever Korean project. He’s the man behind the works “Bittomo x Senshi Kirameki Powers!,” “First Love,” “Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!,” “Laplace’s Witch,” “One Missed Call,” and more.

“Connect” will tell the story of a man who has been deprived of a body organ because of organ hunters and he will get connected to the person who has received his organ. 

Just like Ryu Joon Yeol, Jung Hae In who got the offer to star in the drama is also currently reviewing the drama. No other details yet on the characters that the two will portray.

“Connect” is currently in discussion to air on an OTT streaming platform. The drama will be produced y Studio Dragon and filming will reportedly star in November.

Ryu Joon Yeol is currently starring in the JTBC drama “Lost” with Jeon Do Yeon, Park Byung Eun, Kim Hyo Jin, Park Ji Young, and Park In Hwan. The actor will also join the upcoming movies “The Owl” and “Alien + People.”

If Ryu Joon Yeol accepts the casting offer for “Connect,” this will be his very first project for an OTT streaming platform.

The actor became more known after appearing in the drama “Reply 1988.” Ever since then, he became active in starring in movies and some dramas. 

He was part of the movies “The Battle: Roar to Victory,” “Money,” “Hit-and-Run Squad,” “Believer,” “A Taxi Driver,” “The King,” and more.


What are your thoughts on the possibility that Jung Hae In and Ryu Joon Yeol will be working together in one drama?

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