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Zhao Lu Si is commonly known for her natural cuteness in her dramas (oops, it’s not about this) a wide variety of dramas where she chooses to travel to another world herself, or ends up becoming a supporting character in her own novel or ends up mistakenly discovering a magical healing tribe in the 20th century, etc. Here we’ll be discovering all these dramas and choose to travel somewhere out there! So, let’s begin our expedition of discovering her unusual expeditions!! 

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the listed dramas

Where to go?

In most of her dramas, she travels to different places, maybe a different universe or the past? Here we’ll talk about “Where to go?” in that context.


A PARALLEL UNIVERSE  sounds good enough!!

Oh! My Emperor: Season One
as Luo Fei Fei
How does falling in love with your idol’s look-alike in a parallel world sound? Exciting, isn’t it? 
Luo Fei Fei, a doctor is like any normal fangirl who fantasizes about meeting her idol, Jia Cheng, and ends up in a parallel universe due to an astronomical occurrence the day she was going to his concert. In the parallel universe, everything’s related to the zodiacs of the people (What’s yours?). She finds out that the Ophiuchus is mistreated there and feels bad for them but is totally adamant about considering herself a Sagittarius while being the owner of the Ophiuchus. She tries her best to go back but is unable to and soon starts to fall for the Emperor of the nation and the owner of the Capricorn, Bei Tang Yi who looks just like Jia Cheng. Everything starts to go awry when people find out her real identity and she is forced to start a war with the other 12 zodiacs, leading the Ophiuchus.

Discover your power according to the power of the zodiacs in Oh! My Emperor

  1. Aries: Can run fast i.e. high speed
  2. Taurus: Mathematics or calculating outcomes
  3. Gemini: Ability to talk to animals
  4. Cancer: Invisibility
  5. Leo: Sonic kungfu, enables her to defeat the enemy with her high-pitched voice
  6. Virgo: Move things with mind power
  7. Libra: Ability to control people
  8. Scorpio: Ability to create an invisible barrier to stop anything approaching him/her
  9. Ophiuchus: Not letting other zodiacs’ powers work in their presence and special healing powers
  10. Sagittarius: Ability to control fire
  11. Capricorn: Temporarily paralyzing people
  12. Aquarius: Looking into the future
  13. Pisces: Replication of oneself
Oh! My Emperor: Season Two
as Luo Fei Fei
Should you come back or not? After falling in love with Emperor Bei Tang Yi and waging a war against her lover and then being imprisoned by him. Seriously wounded and tortured, Fei Fei is cured by people of her tribe while staying at Prince Chen’s mansion. Fei Fei doesn’t care about returning anymore. Isn’t it true love that matters? She’s accepted by everyone, is going to get married to Bei Tang Yi but who’s the evil person that can’t let things go happily for her? All the three couples who were getting married at the same time including Bei Tang Yi and Fei Fei get poisoned by the wine and die. The Ophiuchus save the life of everybody using their powers at the risk of their life. Fei Fei completely uses up her power and turns into a spirit and returns. So, that’s the way to return! But was all of this real? Will she ever be able to meet her lover? Is this your ideal ending?

Love Better Than Immortality
as Chun Hua
Do you want to experience true love or being a feelingless immortal is better for you? Chun Hua lives in where humans have developed enough technology to make them immortal but at a cost, their feelings. Chun Hua decides to experience true love instead of gaining immortality and travels to a parallel universe where she is supposed to be dead and is engaged to Xiao Bai. She is told that the first person she sees will end up being her true love but still ends up mistakening Xiao Bai for the first person she sees. Things take a turn for a worse when she discovers that Xiao Bai has no feelings for her but starts finding out who really her true love is, Qiu Yue. She starts falling for Qiu Yue. Qiu Yue is not exactly the nice person he was supposedly and Chun Hua feels dejected for this. Will you find a happy ending with the love of your life?


Not too favorable for me, but how about going inside my OWN SCRIPT and being a side character who is going to die soon?

The Romance of Tiger and Rose
as Chen Xiao Qian or Chen Qian Qian
How about falling in love with the look-alike of the lead actor you’ve chosen for your script, who’s actually the main character of your script while being a side character yourself? Chen Xiao Qian falls asleep while writing her drama script and enters her own script world and becomes the third princess Chen Qian Qian who is going to be killed soon. Determined to find her way back and save herself from being killed, she changes her own script by falling in love with Han Shuo, the main character, and disturbing the exact order of him marrying Chen Chu Chu, the second princess. Being in a woman-dominated country, she finds it hard to keep her identity intact. In the end, just as she predicted, she comes back to the world. Does Han Shuo exist here? Will you be able to stay with your script prince?


Too tired to travel? How about FALLING OFF A CLIFF in the Republican era and discovering a magical healing tribe beyond the normal world?

Prodigy Healer
as Ye Yun Shang
How about falling in love with a royal of a magical tribe with healing abilities, being from a family of doctors yourself? Ye Yun Shang being a medicine enthusiast goes to a mountain with her friend in order to collect some herbal flowers and medicinal specimens. Despite knowing it was dangerous, she attempted to take the flower and fell off the cliff. There she met Xing Chen, the prince of a magical tribe. He takes her back to the normal world and stays with Yun Shang. Their feelings for each other start to develop when they come across a place with a serious plague. They combine their mind and abilities to cure people. Will it be easy to find love in someone who is magical? Will there be a problem caused by Xing Chen’s tribe? Is there a way for him to escape his duties as the prince of his tribe and work for mankind?

The best of all?

Here’s a survey to decide which expedition of Rosy Zhao was your favorite, I’ll write an article on the No. 1 title decided here. 

Which drama would you like to be the protagonist of? What changes would you like to bring to Rosy Zhao’s character there? Is there a major decision you would like to change? What’s your zodiac power though? Don’t forget to express your opinions and answer all my questions in the comment section!!

~Xie Lalisa

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