Premiere Diary: Moonshine (2021)

Premiere Diary: Moonshine (2021) 

Hello, dear MDL readers! 

This time, let’s get drunk together with laughter and love, during the Joseon era!

Huh?! Confused much? Read further and you’ll come to see what I mean!

Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, 

cast, and any other information already known to the public. 

Notice: This can be easily read in both light and dark mode!

Also known as: Flower Blooms, Moon Shines 

Airs On:  Monday & Tuesday | Country: South Korea | Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. 

Premieres this 20th December at 21:30! 

It will also be airing with English subtitles in high quality 

on Viki and ViuTVbut with regional restrictions.

Nam Young works as an officer for the government. One of his missions at the Saheonbu is to pursue and catch people who break the alcohol prohibition. Nam Young came to Hanyang (old name for Seoul) from his hometown to find success. He is physically attractive and is a man of principles. He meets Kang Ro-Seo and becomes confused by her. Ro-Seo is the daughter of a former noble family who is actually the breadwinner in her family. She doesn’t mind working hard and doing manual chores if it’s for a better income. To pay off a large debt she owes, she starts brewing alcohol during the strict alcohol prohibition period.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Lee Hye Ri as Kang Ro Seo

(Photo source: Hancinema)

“Kang Ro Seo was born to an aristocratic family, but her life hasn’t been that easy. When her father passed away, she ends up becoming the head of her household at a young age. As her older brother Kang Hae Soo is studying for the examination to become a royal official, Kang Ro Seo does everything she can in order to pay for the costs of his books. However, after a sudden downturn in their family fortune, even the slaves of other families look down on her for being poor. Despite all of that, Kang Ro Seo has a strong will combined with an unshakable spirit, so she eventually begins to brew alcohol in order to pay back her debts. 

Being the type of person who would say, “The place where I walk is the road.” she isn’t as elegant as a common noble lady, her eyes flare with unshakable determination, showing how she isn’t afraid to go against the norm.” (Source: Soompi)

Yoo Seung Ho as Nam Young

(Photo source: Soompi)

“Nam Young was born in a distant province but came to Hanyang (modern-day Seoul) in order to revive his family’s fortune. Although he is a studious man, as befitting of a government official, he is also skilled at the arts of war and archery. He is usually calm and collected, having a pair of keen eyes that sparkle with intelligence. He doesn’t cave in to the pressure of civil service exams, as he remains confident to the end. Nam Young is someone who isn’t discouraged in dire circumstances, strives forward with perseverance, and even though all the test takers are gone, he doesn’t hurry.” (Source: here)

Other amazing actors and crew members

 from this hilarious production can be found here: Cast

For a historical themed story, these posters are a breath of fresh air, 

since each one is even more hilarious than the last:

“The romance of a principled inspector 

and a woman who illegally brews alcohol.”  

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

Producers of this series mentioned, “As an inspector and an illegal alcohol maker,shouldn’t cross paths—but when they do, the suspenseful story that unfolds will both thrill viewers and make their hearts flutter.”

(Poster and quote source: Soompi)

The producers wanted to add a few details, “Nam Young and Ro Seo are characters who confront each other as an illegal alcohol inspector and illegal alcohol brewer, and the main poster and sub poster subtly capture the two youths’ risky relationship. Please greatly anticipate ‘When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon,’ which is full of an electrifying yet heart-fluttering story of the two figures.”

 (Photos source: Hancinema)

Meanwhile, this teaser trailer previews exciting suspense and action combined!

Here are 3 things you can look forward to according to Soompi.

Will you be watching the most awaited unconventional

historical tale of this winter, called Moonshine

 Tell me your thoughts about this in the comments! 

 Tired of too much Winter atmosphere, already? 

Then, you should watch Our Beloved Summer (2021) for a change.

(Poster source: SBS NOW on Twitter)

Airing on December 6th on SBS and Netflix!

The official trailer [4 minutes long] is available on SBS Catch on YouTube!

After 2 years, the most awaited suspenseful Chinese historical series, 

with an exceptional cast and cinematography is finally here: Luoyang (2021)

(Poster source: iQyi on Twitter)

Airing since the 1st of December on iQiyi

The entire setting looks like a corner from Paradise, sprinkled with Christmas magic!

(Official photos source: Weibo)

And lastly, a much-awaited Chinese thriller romance Lie to Love (2021)

(Poster source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

Airing on WeTV and iQiyi this November 30th!

Bonus: One amazing Holiday movie awaits you: Happy New Year (2021)

Coming soon, sometime this December on TVING! 

Read more information about this movie at Soompi!

Now, it’s time for me to say goodbye. See you next time!

Sources: MyDramaList, Twitter, here, here, here, AsianWiki, Hancinema, here, Soompi, here, here, here, here, here and here. Wallpapers used for banners are from here, here, and here. All the pictures were edited by Cryssy Anne with an online tool called Pixlr X.  Additional photos used are from Weibo and information about the last poster found at Soompi.

yoo seung ho
lee hye ri

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