Park Jung Min and Jeon Yeo Been are in discussion to star in the movie “Harbin”

Park Jung Min and Jeon Yeo Been are in talks to join Hyun Bin in the upcoming movie “Harbin.”

On April 12th reports shared that Park Jung Min and Jeon Yeo Been will be added to the cast of the action historical film, “Harbin.” According to reports, they will be joining the main lead Hyun Bin. 

Park Jung Min’s agency SEM Company shared their side. The company stated that the actor is positively considering starring in the film. Jeon Yeo Been’s agency Management mmm also responded to the reports and stated that the actress is also positively reviewing the offer. 

“Harbin” will tell the story of independence activists who risked their lives to regain their homeland. The film is set in Harbin China in the early 1900s. The upcoming movie will be directed by Woo Min Ho, the man behind the projects “The Man Standing Next,” “The Drug King,” “Inside Men: The Original,” and more. 

In November 2021, it was confirmed that Hyun Bin will lead the upcoming movie. This will be one of the films that the top actor will star on after his grand marriage. 

“Harbin” is slated to begin filming this year.

Park Jung Min has a long list of upcoming films. If he accepts the offer, “Harbin” will be his fifth upcoming movie. He will be part of the films “Life Is But a Dream,” “One Win,” “Parking Chance,” and “Smugglers.” He will also join the upcoming drama “Money Game.” He is also set to make a special appearance in the soon-to-air series “Sh**ting Stars.” 

Meanwhile, this will be Jeon Yeo Been’s second upcoming film if she confirms her casting. She will also join the upcoming movie “Cobweb.” The actress will also lead the upcoming drama “Glitch” and “A Time Called You.”


What are your thoughts on the possible casting of “Harbin”?

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