Park Hae Joon’s drama “I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will reportedly premiere on TVING this February!

Upcoming drama “I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will air on TVING this coming February.

On January 20th, it was reported that “I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will be released in February and it will be on the OTT platform, TVING. It was scheduled for a June premiere but got moved to February.

“I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will be directed by Im Tae Woo (“Sketch” and “Yoo Na’s Street”). The script will be penned by Park Eun Young and Park Hee Kwon (“The Third Charm”). 

The upcoming drama will be based on a Japanese cartoon titled “I’ve Not Done My Best.” It will be about a middle-aged man’s growth. It will be about a man in his 40s who is forced to do his best. The drama will be a comedy genre. 

“I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will be led by Park Hae Joon, Kim Do Wan, Kim Gab Soo, Park Ji Young, Park Jung Eon, and Do Ye Chan. 

The upcoming series has already finished filming. They began the production last year and are now complete. 

“I Haven’t Done My Best Yet” will be Park Hae Joon’s follow-up drama after the blockbuster 2020 drama “The World of the Married.” In 2021, he starred in the Netflix film “The 8th Night” with Lee Sung Min, Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, Kim Dong Young, and Lee Eol. 

Aside from the upcoming drama, Park Hae Joon will also star in several films “Emergency Declaration,” “Spring in Seoul,” “Mathematician in Wonderland,” and “Jung Family’s Farm.”

“The World of the Married” made him popular but he has already starred in dramas such as “My Mister,” “Misaeng: Incomplete Life,” “Doctor Stranger,” and more.


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