Park Gyu Young, Lee Chung Ah, and SECRET’s Jeon Hyo Sung to work together for Netflix’s “Celebrity”

Park Gyu Young, Lee Chung Ah, and SECRET’s Jeon Hyo Sung are confirmed to work together for the upcoming Netflix original series “Celebrity.” 

On December 22nd media outlets reported that Park Gyu Young, Lee Chung Ah, and Jeon Hyo Sung will be the main leads for the upcoming thriller mystery drama “Celebrity.” They also stated that the production already began filming early this month. 

“Celebrity” will narrate the desires and mysteries that occurs when SNS stars and other aspirants live their life like celebrities. The drama will be directed by “Flower of Evil” PD, Kim Chul Gyu. The script will be written by Kim Yi Young who also penned “Splendid Politics.” 

Park Gyu Young will play the role of Seo Ah Ri. She came from a wealthy family. She has the looks and great educational background. After an incident that occurred while she was studying abroad 10 years ago, her life changed from best to worst. This will be Park Gyu Young’s second Netflix original series. She was part of the globally hit drama “Sweet Home.”  

Lee Chung Ah will play the role of Yoon Shi Hyun. She is also from a wealthy family and a child from the upper class. Although she’s rich, she is compassionate to those who are mistreated Whatever their social class is. This drama will be the comeback project of Lee Chung Ah. She last starred in the 2020 drama “Awaken.”

Jeon Hyo Sung will play the role of a lawyer and also an influencer on social networking sites. This will also be the comeback drama of the idol-actress since “Memorist.”

Aside from the three woman, CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk will also join the upcoming Netflix series. 

“Celebrity” will have a total of 12 episodes and it will exclusively air on Netflix. It is expected to premiere in the second half of 2022.  


Are you going to watch the upcoming drama that will revolve around SNS stars?

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