OST Singers You Should Know: Taiwanese Edition

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I actually don’t frequent Taiwanese dramaland much because of the lack of English subtitles. However, I listen to many Taiwanese singers, and a handful of them sing for Chinese dramas. These are some well-known OST singers that have impacted either my drama viewing habits or music playlists. Let’s see how many of these artists have affected yours as well! I’ll try to include as much Taiwanese-related content as possible and sprinkle some Chinese ones into the mix.

Before we dive into the list, here are two honorable mentions: artists that I enjoy and believe everyone should look out for or check out as well!
Ele Yan William Wei

Lala Hsu

Lala Hsu was roped into music at a young age when she first learned piano in elementary school. Growing up, she was inspired by many artists like Andy Lau, Mayday, and Aretha Franklin. She continued to make music a part of her life as she participated in numerous school-related clubs and competitions. Lala Hsu even worked as a nurse before her career began to soar off. What paved her way into her professional career was her win in the third season of One Million Stars. Lala Hsu’s victory in the 2008 singing competition allowed her first album release and was followed by several nominations and awards. Don’t miss out on this wonderful artist known for her unique composition and style that mixes in Taiwanese style opera and Hoikken into her songs. Find her lovely voice in some of these dramas and movies: 

Legend of Fu Yao (2018) Fall In Love At First Kiss (2019) Triad Princess (2019)

Della Wu

Della Wu or Ding Dang is a Chinese singer. Della has always been interested in music as she has competed and won many competitions since she was in junior high school. She left home at 18 years old to pursue the rough start of her singing career. Della followed where the music took her, leading her to work in cabarets and as a bar singer in Huangzhou.  When Della finally got recognized by Mayday’s agent and signed into Rock Records, internal personnel changes made her debut fall through. Della went back to singing at the bar until she officially signed with B’in Music, a Taiwan-based record company. This is where her career kickstarted and how she grew the bulk of her career in Taiwan and eventually China. It took 7 years for Della to finally get signed into a record label and debut. However, Della’s perseverance after leaving home paid off as she made her own mark in the industry. She has earned many titles in Taiwan, and one of them was OST Queen. Some of her most distinguished tracks are: 

Autumn’s Concerto (2009) Prince of Lan Ling (2013) HIStory3: Trapped (2019)

Eric Chou

Eric Chou is a singer-songwriter known for writing unrequited love songs and is dubbed the “king of the lovelorn people.” Eric Chou learned classical piano as a child, which led to his passion for music. He started composing in middle school when he lived in Boston and furthered his music career after returning to Taiwan. Eric’s talents expand further into the entertainment world as he has acted as the male lead in The Elfin’s Golden Castle (2018). Musical talent runs in the family as his older brother, Alex Chou, is also a singer-songwriter who has composed the popular We Best Love series and many more. Eric Chou is a favorite on this list and probably of all time, as my Spotify statistics can attest to that! Check out these dramas that features the vocals from the unrequited love king: 

The Way We Were (2014)
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd
More Than Blue (2021)

Hebe Tian

Hebe Tian made her television debut by playing the flute on a variety show. This dip in the waters allowed her to be recognized and invited to partake in HIM International Music’s televised competition to find new artists. Hebe signed into the company after the show and became one of the three members of S.H.E. Despite dabbling in acting in her earlier years, Hebe stayed consistent in her music career and made her solo debut in 2010. Hebe has had many feats in her career as a member of S.H.E. and as a soloist. Her sweet vocals can be heard in some of these dramas and movies: 

Bull Fighting (2007) Our Times (2015) A Touch of Green (2015)

Shi Shi

Shi Shi or Sun Sheng Xi is a Taiwanese-Korean singer-songwriter and music producer. Shi Shi was born and raised in South Korea. Growing up, Shi Shi could always be found singing or dancing as a child and soon after, learnt piano and guitar. She graduated from Yonsei University and eventually moved to Taiwan to expand her music career. Her participation in season two of Chinese Million Stars 2013 led her to be signed into Rolling Stones Records in the same year. Listen to some of her best official soundtracks in:

Behind Your Smile (2016) Someday or One Day (2019) Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard (2021)

MDL Artist-Soundtrack Lists

For a full compilation of opening, ending, or interlude songs from each of these individual artists, click the names below to find MDL lists that showcase all dramas or movies that these artists have sung in, with the associated soundtrack links. Special thanks to fellow MDL user Cho Na for allowing me to replicate her OST list format for these swoon-worthy OST singers.

As a great hip-hop artist once said, “and if you don’t know, now you know.
What are some of your favorite Taiwanese OST singers that everyone should know? 

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