Netflix original series “Juvenile Justice” confirmed to premiere this February

The upcoming Netflix series “Juvenile Justice” starring Kim Hye Soo will be out next month!

On January 25th, Netflix released the first video teaser of the upcoming drama “Juvenile Justice.” Through the video, it was also revealed that the drama will premiere on February 25. It will exclusively air on Netflix. 

“Juvenile Justice” will be led by Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, Lee Jung Eun, Park Jong Hwan, and Park Ji Yun. The drama will tell the story of a judge who hates juvenile offenders and got appointed to the juvenile court of the Yeonhwa District. 

The upcoming series will be directed by Hong Jong Chan (“Her Private Life” and “Live Up to Your Name”). The script will be penned by Kim Min Sook (“Notebook from My Mother”). 

“Juvenile Justice” is one of the dramas that will first premiere on Netflix this year. Other Korean contents that will also air this February are “Love and Leashes,” “Thirty-Nine,” “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” “Forecasting Love and Weather,” and more. 

Kim Hye Soo will portray the role of Shim Eun Seok, the newly appointed judge at the Juvenile Criminal Justice Department. She despises juvenile offenders and doesn’t hide it. This will be the comeback drama of Kim Hye Soo after two years. She last starred in the 2020 series “Hyena.” 

Kim Moo Yeol will bring life to the role of Cha Tae Joo, a judge that works with Shim Eun Seok. Aside from “Juvenile Justice,” the actor will also join the upcoming drama “Grid.” 

Lee Sung Min and Lee Jung Eun will be playing the role of the senior judges. Lee Sung Min will be judge Kang Won Joong while Lee Jung Eun will be Na Geun Hee. 

Lee Sung Min will star in three dramas this year. First will be “Juvenile Justice” followed by “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate” and “Veteran Detective.” 

Lee Jung Eun will also be busy this year. She will also join the dramas “Beyond the Memory” and “Our Blues.” 

Watch the video teaser here:


Are you going to watch the premiere of “Juvenile Justice”?

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