Na In Woo and Lee Moo Saeng are confirmed to join “Cleaning Up”

Na In Woo and Lee Moo Saeng will be joining Yeom Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa in the upcoming JTBC series “Cleaning Up.”

On March 22nd JTBC confirmed that Na In Woo and Lee Moo Saeng will be added to the cast lineup of the upcoming drama “Cleaning Up.” 

“Cleaning Up” will be included in the Saturday-Sunday drama of JTBC. It will be directed by Yoon Sung Sik and written by Choi Kyung Mi. The series will be produced by Drama House Studio Co., Ltd., and JTBC Studio.

The series will revolve around the three security cleaners who happened to hear insider trading information. With this, the three will enter the stock war to fulfill their desires and dreams.

Na In Woo will play the role of Doo Yeong. A Ph.D. student who became a tenant at Eo Yong Mi’s (Yeom Jung Ah’s character) house. He is a pure and nerdy type of person. Lee Moo Saeng on the other hand will play the role of Lee Young Shin, a mysterious man full of charms. He is considered the women’s dream with his romantic and sexy looks. 

“Cleaning Up” will air in the first half of 2022. It will be the drama that will replace “My Liberation Notes” timeslot after it ends.

“Cleaning Up” will be Na In Woo’s third drama for the year. He will also be part of the upcoming dramas “The Jinx’s Lover” with Girls Generation’s Seo Hyun, and “Today’s Webtoon” with Kim Se Jeong. The actor also recently joined the top variety program of KBS, “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4.” 

Meanwhile, Lee Moo Saeng is currently starring in the hit tvN drama “Thirty-Nine.” He will also join the upcoming movie “Citizen Deok Hee” with Ra Mi Ran, Gong Myung, Yeom Hye Ran, Jang Yoon Ju, Park Byung Eun, and Ahn Eun Jin. 


Are you excited about how Na In Woo and Lee Moo Saeng’s characters will affect the story of “Cleaning Up”?

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