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Hey! Chingu’s. I am back with another article, but this time with something different than what i mostly write about. As fellow fanatics of dramas, we all know that there are many aspects that make us fall in love with the drama and the characters, like story, twist and turns, second lead syndrome, second female lead hate, OSTs to name a few. So for this time I have chosen to write and compile the  list of my favorite Korean dramas OSTs for the year. 

Original score is common in most of Asian dramas whether it be Korean, Chinese or Japanese. They have their own set of soundtracks that keeps us engrossing to the drama. It makes us go humming along with it and also makes us feel the emotions of the characters of the drama. To put it simply, by listening to the original soundtrack of a drama it kind of gives us the feelings that the character is experiencing or going through. 

This year gave us many amazing and heart clenching dramas which also happened to have ear pleasing melodic OSTs.  Without further ado, let’s get into it right away.

Mr. Queen

This drama has become an household name because of its quirky character and amazing storyline. The plot follows a 21st century man who transcends time and gets trapped in the body of a to-be Queen of the Joseon Era. The story foretells the misadventures he/she faces as the story progresses.

The OST line up for the show has amazing singers come together.  Almost every OST is soothing to hear, but my personal choice from this drama would be “Puzzle” by Soyou and Park Woo Jin and “Like a Star” by Jang Han Byul.

“I’ve changed so much after I met you
Even time goes by so slowly these days
The feelings I’ve felt when we brushed past each other
I don’t know where this trembling feeling is taking me”

                                                         -A verse from Puzzle 

“Here I am” by Jo Hyun Ah is also amazing. The slow ballad soothes your heart, makes you understand how longing for someone to notice you makes you feel.

1. Puzzle by SoYou and Park Woojin (AB6IX)

2. Like A Star by Jang Han Byul

3.  Here I am  by Jo Hyun Ah

Run On

This drama had a feelgood vibe to it. The slow burn romance of the leads as well as the second leads were amazing. The story centers on a track field athlete and a subtitle translator and their complicated relationship as they grow close to each other. 

I personally found the OST of this drama to be well placed as all the songs had a feelgood vibe to them. The melodies of the songs were ear pleasing and the well written lyrics and composition are the cherry on the top. It is kind of hard to pick a favorite.

“The reason I could endure through long days
If you feel the same as me “

I’m sorry
There are so many happy moments
That I’m filled with you
To the point where I can’t handle it
I’m sorry but I need to love you right now

-Sorry by 2F                  

1. Sorry  by 2F
2. My Light by Baek Z Young (Baek Ji Young)
3. Falling by Yuju
4. Run To You by Lucy

5. I and You  by Im Si Wan

6. Ride Or Die  by Kei (LOVELYZ) and JooHeon (Joohoney MONSTA-X)

So I Married an Anti-Fan

This webtoon adaptation was a treat for the eyes. The chemistry of the leads was amazing as hell. 

The plot revolved around a superstar and his most sincere anti-fan. The story unfolds as these two opposite come together and chaos breaks loose. The drama was a lovely romcom that we all enjoyed.

The OST for the drama had amazing line of K-pop idols lending their voice as well as singers alike.

“Tell me when you’re on the road
can you stop on the way
if I’m only someone you just pass by
just remember
I’m looking for you
my love “

-It’s You by Moon Kim

1. It’s You  by Moon Kim

2. Starlight by E’Last Romin

3. Popstar  by Choi Young Jae

Doom At Your Service

The drama is headed by none other than our strong woman Park Bo Young and handsome oppa Seo In Guk. It revolves around Doom, the deity of destruction, and an online novel editor who is at the verge of death and has few months to live.

The drama OST is lined up by the likes of Ailee, Byun Baek Hyun to name a few.

1. Breaking Down  by Ailee

2. U  by Baekhyun

3. I Wanna Be With You  by Gummy

4. Love Sight  by TXT

Lovers of the Red Sky

The story of fated lovers whose destinies were intertwined with each other, in desperate hopes of saving the world. 

The historical drama had an amazing artist line up for its OST. The drama had a dark vibe to it but still the romance, the chemistry and the engrossing plot is what made us fall in love with it. The OSTs give us the vibes and feelings that the drama wants to convey to us.

1. Is It Me
 by Baekhyun

2. Always be with You 
by Solar (MAMAMOO)

3. When Your Tears Wet My Eyes
 by Ailee

4. Moon WIth Starry Night by Jeong Hyo Bean


Stay  by G.Soul
(Sisyphus The Myth)

I Believe  by An Da Eun
 (The King’s Affection)

Talk To Me  by Park Ji Hoon
 (At a Distance, Spring is Green)

One and Only  by LYn
 (The King’s Affection)

I’m Always by Your Side  by John Park

Stay  by Yuju
 (Police University)

Yours  by Jin

Did i miss any OST that you may like? Is there any OST that stood out for you the most? Tell me your favorite OSTs of the year in the comments below.

Sources: pictures are from MyDramaList or are linked to their source.
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Edited by : SumiTheCat (1st editor)
original soundtrack
run on
mr. queen
doom at your service
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